The 7 Best Bitcoin Baccarat Sites 2022

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Are you looking for the best Bitcoin Baccarat sites in 2022?

You will find the best Bitcoin Baccarat betting sites right here. You will also find out information about the best BTC bonuses, what to consider when choosing your favorite Bitcoin Baccarat site, and how to start playing with BTC.

The 7 Best Bitcoin Baccarat Sites

To make life easier for you, we’ve assembled the seven best Bitcoin baccarat sites we’ve reviewed. 

We rank these sites based on reputation, payment methods, available games, promotions and bonuses, and customer service. 

Note that the sites in this table will depend on which country you are playing from.

Best Sites



Casino Rating 8.63
Available in
Available in United States

BetOnline is an online casino with higher than average betting limits. It offers sports betting, poker, casino, esports, and lots of bonuses throughout the year.

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
Panama Gaming Commission


BetOnline does not offer anonymity. You must provide your country, postal code and phone number just to open an account. 


BetOnline has a fair reputation depending on who you ask. They offer a wide variety of betting options but there are also many complaints against them.

General Bonus: 
50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
Play on BetOnline

7Bit Casino

Casino Rating 8.45
Available in
Available in United States

7Bit Casino is an online casino that accepts various cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards. They offer a wide selection of over 6000 games.

General Information


7Bit Casino says they offer anonymous play. However, they also say they may require approved identification for withdrawals, so it is unclear if there is real anonymous play or not.


7Bit Casino has a very good reputation and they resolve all of their complaints quickly.

General Bonus: 
100% bonus up to $100 or 1.5 BTC, and 100 free spins

Pros and Cons

Play on 7Bit Casino

Wild Casino

Casino Rating 8.17
Available in
Available in United States

Wild Casino is a newer casino with fantastic promotions and weekly contests and tournaments, with prizes for first-time players and for more experienced gamblers. There’s always something to play for!

General Information


Wild Casino does not offer anonymous gambling, They require your name, country, and zip code.


Wild Casino has a questionable reputation, but its owners have been managing online cryptocurrency casinos for over two decades. There was a large number of complaints against them.

General Bonus: 
100% up to $5,000

Pros and Cons

Play on Wild Casino


Casino Rating 8.13
Available in
Available in United States

Rolletto Casino is a fast-paced and user-friendly online casino with a fully inclusive range of gaming options for those looking for excitement.

General Information


Players are not anonymous when gaming with Rolletto Casino and the online casino can ask for identity verification at any time.


Rolletto Casino has made favorable impressions across online betting communities. Consumer protection websites have constantly rated Rolletto Casino as having a good reputation. 

General Bonus: 
Rolletto offers several bonuses to new players. Check site for details.

Pros and Cons

Play on Rolletto


Casino Rating 8.10
Available in
Available in United States

TrustDice is a top-notch casino and sportsbook offering thousands of games, easy registration, and exciting bonuses.

General Information


TrustDice allows you to be anonymous. You only need an email address to register and you can play anonymously if you’re using crypto.


TrustDice has a very good reputation. To ensure this, they address all complaints as quickly and fairly as possible.

General Bonus: 
100% up to 1 BTC / 50ETH / 10,000USDT + 25 Bonus Spins

Pros and Cons

Play on TrustDice


Casino Rating 7.75
Available in
Available in United States

GTBets is a sports betting venue that also offers a nice selection of casino games for every taste.

General Information


There is no anonymous play at GTBets. KYC is required by your sixth deposit.


GTBets has a good reputation among players, but there is no information regarding ownership. That being said, with almost no complaints they appear to be a trustworthy site. 

General Bonus: 
150% Cash Sign-up Bonus

Pros and Cons

Play on GTBets


Casino Rating 7.45
Available in
Available in United States

This review of BetUS details everything any potential gamblers need to know. We cover everything from the reputation to the bonuses and promotions on the platform.

General Information


You are unable to create an anonymous account. BetUS requires you to input your name, phone number, and even your address in order to place any bets. 


BetUS does not have a great reputation. They have a good track record of users being able to deposit & withdraw cryptocurrency easily but that is not the case with cash or bank deposits and withdrawals. 

General Bonus: 
200% crypto Bonus - JOIN200, 20% cash Bonus - 20CASH, 250% casino Bonus - CAS250, 100% Crypto Sports Bonus - SU100CRYPT

Pros and Cons

Play on BetUS

Bitcoin Baccarat vs. Traditional Online Baccarat

Bitcoin has revolutionized how we think about money, with an entire ecosystem of different cryptocurrencies created in its wake. 

Bitcoin has many use cases, with money being its primary use! Gambling with Bitcoin in baccarat has many advantages over traditional online baccarat, which I’ll go over in detail below.

Benefits of Bitcoin Baccarat

Playing baccarat with Bitcoin has many advantages, including financial privacy, better bonuses, the ability to play from anywhere, and using Bitcoin.

1. Financial privacy
Many are attracted to Bitcoin for its privacy and security. It’s realistically impossible to be hacked, and the transactions are only represented by a string of numbers and letters. 

You are safe from governments and financial institutions tracking you.

2. Bigger and better bonuses
Traditional online baccarat has more taxes, fees, and regulations than Bitcoin baccarat sites. 

Top Bitcoin baccarat sites will have welcome bonuses, a rewards leveling program, daily promotions, and a cashback program.

3. Gambling in Bitcoin
Bitcoin is the original blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s had the largest market cap in all of crypto since its creation and sees its value continue to rise. 

Winning more Bitcoin from baccarat is an excellent investment!

4. Play from anywhere
Bitcoin is designed to be decentralized and open to all. You can buy Bitcoin and play baccarat from almost every country. 

Many sites will allow you to buy Bitcoin through their site, eliminating the need to use an exchange. Just be sure you’re not from a restricted country for that site.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin Baccarat

Bitcoin is still a new technology, with widespread knowledge and adoption still underway. As such, there are still some drawbacks to using Bitcoin for baccarat.

1. No Chargebacks
Bitcoin is a decentralized system, so you cannot call Satoshi Nakamoto to dispute a transaction. 

Once you submit a transaction to the blockchain, it is finalized, and you cannot get your BTC back. 

Always double-check your wallet address and BTC amount before submitting any transaction.

2. Poor Regulation
Crypto, and BTC baccarat, are not highly regulated. This has its benefits but hurts consumers through scams and fraud. 

Non-licensed baccarat sites are not liable to a government or agency, so you have a higher risk of your BTC being stolen by them. Only play at licensed sites. 

3. Bitcoin Volatility
Bitcoin has been volatile since its creation, and daily price swings of 10% or more are still common for the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world. 

Due to this volatility, your winnings may be worth less than your initial deposit. Simply hold your BTC to ride out the volatility.

4. Slow Transactions
Bitcoin’s blockchain averages only five transactions per second. The average Bitcoin transaction takes about 10 minutes, but this can vary wildly with network congestion. 

You can wait up to 30 or 40 minutes for your transaction to be finalized on the blockchain during peak traffic. Keep this in mind when depositing and withdrawing BTC to your baccarat wallet.

Selecting Your Bitcoin Baccarat Site - 6 Factors To Consider 

Depending on your location, financial situation, and other factors, the best BTC Baccarat site might not be the best for you.

You might need particular conditions to make your experience enjoyable or even possible where you live and your financial situation. 

When determining what you’re looking for, first consider the factors below. Then consider each result in how it applies to you.

Which factor is more important to you, and why? 

Take time to plan and then register for your three best Bitcoin Baccarat websites. 

Experiment with them before settling on one or two so you can switch between the ones that are the most enjoyable or profitable.

1. Restricted Countries

The most crucial factor in crypto betting is if you can even use it for Bitcoin baccarat betting from where you’re located. 

VPN users have an increased risk of their funds being confiscated once they try to withdraw their winnings. It’s best to use sites that legally operate in your country.

To help with this, use our Country Chooser at the top right to find the best BTC baccarat sites for your country. Select the flag representing your location, and you’ll see which sites are available to you.

2. Reputation and Trust

Once you’ve found sites for your country, you need to narrow down your list to only trustworthy baccarat sites. 

Shady sites may confiscate your winnings or have unfair terms and conditions. Reputable sites are licensed and usually have been operating for many years.

Newer sites won’t necessarily scam you, but they have yet to earn the community’s trust. Be sure to check reviews and complaints against any site before depositing crypto.

3. Available Games

Now for the fun part. Playing baccarat! 

Play through many of each site’s baccarat games to get a feel for the wagers, game providers, animations, and types of baccarat available. 

You should rotate between various sites to take advantage of the hottest ongoing promotions and bonuses.

4. Payout and Withdrawal Speed

Payout and withdrawal speed will vary wildly from baccarat site to baccarat site. Some sites review each transaction individually, taking a couple of business days. Others claim faster transactions, only limited by the transaction speed of the Bitcoin network. 

Depending on network congestion, a Bitcoin transaction will take 15 to 30 minutes on average. Layer 2 solutions, like the Lightning Network, are working on improving Bitcoin transaction speed but have yet to see widespread adoption.

5. Bonuses and VIP Programs

The best BTC Baccarat sites will have welcome bonuses, a VIP leveling program, frequent promotions, and occasional tournaments. All of these will earn you more Bitcoin to HODL or play more baccarat. 

A leveling program is necessary for high rollers as you will progress through the levels the most and earn huge rewards.

6. Provably Fair Games

Provably fair games add another level of trust for the site by using cryptography to prevent anyone from seeing or changing the game’s outcome. 

Provably fair games are a guarantee the site isn’t scamming you. Ideally, the best BTC baccarat sites will be licensed and offer provably fair baccarat games.

How To Play Baccarat with Bitcoin

To start betting with Bitcoin, follow these four steps. 

  1. Find some trustworthy baccarat sites that accept Bitcoin.
  2. Find a reputable and gambling-friendly cryptocurrency exchange (list below). 
  3. Buy some BTC and send it over to your best favorite baccarat site. 
  4. Enjoy, and play with Bitcoin!

Some BTC baccarat sites allow you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies directly from their platforms. 

That’s the case with Stake, for instance.

If your favorite Bitcoin baccarat site does not have this option, the best options to buy crypto today are here. 

We recommend these exchanges for Bitcoin betting because they have no policy against the use of their website for gambling purposes, as opposed to most crypto exchanges out there.


What’s Your Best Bitcoin Baccarat Site? 

That’s it! Those are my deeply researched and vetted Bitcoin baccarat sites.

All major countries should be covered, as well as risk tolerances, options (such as anonymity), reputations, and other factors that will affect your safety and enjoyment of Bitcoin baccarat. 

Check out our site reviews to find out which are the best Bitcoin baccarat sites in your country. 

Bitcoin is seeing widespread adoption among the public, financial institutions, and even governments. Now is a great time to win Bitcoin playing baccarat!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bitcoin baccarat legal?

As long as the baccarat site can operate in your country, yes.

How do you use Bitcoin for baccarat?

Purchase Bitcoin from an exchange or through a service like Moonpay on the baccarat site.

Where can you play Bitcoin baccarat?

Any crypto baccarat site will likely accept Bitcoin.

Are there any bonuses when playing baccarat with Bitcoin?

Yes! BTC baccarat sites will offer welcome bonuses, promotions, a leveling system, and more!

Why should you use BTC for baccarat?

Bitcoin is an excellent investment, and any way for you to earn more BTC is a great idea!

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