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We are CryptoManiaks!

Soon to be the #1 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Education Platform.

Learning can be boring. This is why we educate through simplicity and entertainment.

We are a team of actual crypto maniacs, making simple, intuitive content from newbies to experts under one roof. Having valid, trustworthy information readily available in a community is a gift we would like to contribute. With 100s of pages of free content, there is something to learn for everyone.

Join our community of fun crypto brains and grow yours too!

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The Team

  • Mendel B.
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency HODLer by heart. I believe Cryptocurrencies will play an important role soon, and I'm here to share the top expert knowledge with you! 

  • Benjamin A.
    Co-Founder & Advisor

    I heard of Cryptocurrencies in 2012 but missed the train at the time. Today, the whole world is taking cryptocurrencies seriously - I want to add my contribution to make them mainstream.

  • Stephen W.
    Chief Marketing Officer

    MBA with over a decade of experience developing and executing complex digital marketing strategies across a myriad of sectors. 


    Likes pineapple on pizza. 

  • Andrei Popescu, Crytpocurrency Analyst
    Andrei P.
    Director of Content

    University graduate in Computer Sciences combined with my passion for cryptos and 10+ years in management has provided a solid foundation to lead our crypto analysts & content teams.

  • Shayne G.

    Longtime educator turned cryptocurrency investor since 2013. The combination of these two passions provides the ideal background to teach others about cryptocurrencies.

  • Sonny
    Sonny A.
    UI Designer

    A university graduate, now an experienced designer with a demonstrated history of working in the design industry specializing in digital design.

  • Georgi G.
    Crypto Analyst

    A data science enthusiast with a passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies. Trying my best to extract knowledge from the numbers. 

  • Natasha T.
    UX Designer

    Experienced in user experience, sketching, data analysis and optimizing web content.

    Passionate about blockchain and its potential.

  • Michael R.
    Crypto Analyst

    Mike is an entrepreneur who has been deeply involved in the cryptocurrency industry since early 2014. He joined Cryptymaniaks as a crypto analyst, helping to create accurate and digestible content.

  • Joel S.
    Crypto Analyst

    I believe in cryptocurrency for its privacy aspects and for the autonomy it gives individuals from centralized banks. Cryptocurrency is also fun and exciting: there is always something new to learn.

  • Kyle Fournier
    Kyle F.
    Crypto Analyst

    Fascinated by cryptocurrencies and their potential. Dedicated to making complex crypto concepts simple and easy for everyone.

  • Horace Bates
    Crypto Analyst

    Writer and entrepreneur with an on-going interest in developing technologies. Horace has run operations of multi-million dollar online companies and has worked with cryptocurrencies for 4 years.