Last updated: 27 February, 2024

Who we are

We are CryptoManiaks!

Soon to be the #1 Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Education Platform.

Learning can be boring. This is why we educate through simplicity and entertainment.

We are a team of actual crypto maniacs, making simple, intuitive content from newbies to experts under one roof. Having valid, trustworthy information readily available in a community is a gift we would like to contribute. With 100s of pages of free content, there is something to learn for everyone.

Join our community of fun crypto brains and grow yours too!

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The Team

  • Mendel B.
    Co-Founder & CEO

    Entrepreneur, Cryptocurrency HODLer by heart. I believe Cryptocurrencies will play an important role soon, and I'm here to share the top expert knowledge with you! 

  • Georgi G.
    Crypto Analyst

    A data science enthusiast with a passion for Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies. Trying my best to extract knowledge from the numbers. 

  • Antonio A.
    Social Media Manager

    Excited about blockchain technology & cryptos; devoted to bridging the gap between cryptocurrency and the community.