Trading Pair

A feature of cryptocurrency exchanges that makes it easy for individuals to buy one cryptocurrency with a different cryptocurrency. For example, a BTC/DASH trading pair allows an individual to buy DASH with BTC or vice versa.

A trading pair is a term used throughout the world for traditional stock markets, equity markets, cryptocurrency markets, and anywhere that two items are being traded against each other. 

You’ll see trading pairs like: Gold/USD, USD/EURO, and more. 

In the cryptocurrency space, a trading pair refers to any two coins that trade against each other. The most common trading pairs are usually Bitcoin/USDT, Bitcoin/ETH, and Bitcoin versus any other cryptocurrency. 

Those are the most common trading pairs because Bitcoin is widely regarded as the king of crypto. Everyone wants Bitcoin, therefore they trade other cryptocurrencies against it. 

You can find trading pairs across the spectrum when you trade. Many will also be traded against USDT (Tether) and similar stablecoins. These stablecoins help traders enter and exit positions with a set amount of money, instead of making gains only to later find that Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency they traded into has fallen. 

As you begin your journey into trading cryptocurrencies, pay attention to which trading pairs are best for you. Trading pairs that trade against stablecoin will help you retain the value of your funds. Other trading pairs between two different altcoins will require you to pay closer attention to the price movement of both coins.