13 Best Crypto and Bitcoin Gambling Sites in 2020

Looking for the best Bitcoin gambling sites in 2020?

I got you covered.

Whether you’d like to use crypto to play casino games, poker games, to bet on sports or even on esports, you will find the best crypto gambling sites for each of those categories. 

You will also find the best crypto gambling bonuses, learn how to start gambling with bitcoin, and what are the benefits of those practices.

Read on.

July 15, 2020
Read time: 
7 minutes

13 Best Crypto and Bitcoin Gambling Sites in 2020

July 15, 2020
Read time: 
7 minutes

Looking for the best Bitcoin gambling sites in 2020?

I got you covered.

Whether you’d like to use crypto to play casino games, poker games, to bet on sports or even on esports, you will find the best crypto gambling sites for each of those categories. 

You will also find the best crypto gambling bonuses, learn how to start gambling with bitcoin, and what are the benefits of those practices.

Read on.

Looking for the best Bitcoin gambling sites in 2020?

I got you covered.

Whether you’d like to use crypto to play casino games, poker games, to bet on sports or even on esports, you will find the best crypto gambling sites for each of those categories. 

You will also find the best crypto gambling bonuses, learn how to start gambling with bitcoin, and what are the benefits of those practices.

Read on.

These days, you can play poker, casino games, and bet on your favorite sports/esports with crypto.

The Best Crypto gambling sites for the USA

I made this section separate specifically for US gamblers because it’s particularly difficult to gamble online from the US.

If you’re not residing in the US, feel free to skip this section.

There aren’t many online gambling sites accepting US players, not to mention crypto gambling sites accepting US players …

Your best option to gamble online with Bitcoin from the US is BetOnline

BetOnline has been in business for a very long time (since 2004). They have good offers for casino, sports betting, esports betting and online poker players. 

And of course, they accept Bitcoin and more cryptocurrencies.

  Recommended For Cryptos accepted Games available  
US BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, ETC, DASH, XRP Casino, Sports, eSport, poker Visit BetOnline

Read my full BetOnline review for more information.

Another option you can look at is Bovada. But my preference really goes to BetOnline.

Now, let’s have a look at the best crypto gambling sites available for people from everywhere else in the world. 


Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites For Casino Games

The best online bitcoin gambling sites to play casino games are Stake, TrustDice, TrueFlip, Bitstarz and mBit

  Casino Rating Cryptos accepted Restricted countries  
9.1 BTC, ETH, LTC and 5 more U.S., Australia, France, CZ Visit Stake
8.7 BTC, ETH, USDT U.S., France, The Netherlands Visit TrustDice
8.0 BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT, and 5 more U.S., China, France, Russia and more Visit TrueFlip
7.9 BTC, LTC, BCH, ETH, DOGE, USDT U.S. U.K. Italy, Spain Visit Bitstarz
7.0 BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT U.S., U.K. Visit mBit

Stake ranks at the top of the list for the best bitcoin gambling casinos partly because they offer:

  • Anonymous gambling.
  • A wide range of casino games.
  • A unique theme and player experience. 
  • A large community of players (through their chat and forum).
  • Almost instant payouts.

But, most importantly, even though they launched their platform in mid-2019, they have proved to be very trustworthy since then.

Even though Stake does not offer a welcome bonus, they make up for it with VIP perks and cashback to keep their loyal players and punters coming back for more great action. 

If you’re into casual bitcoin gambling, then be sure to visit Stake first, and then compare it to the rest of these well-rated bitcoin gambling sites. 

You’ll soon see why it’s at the top of this list and almost every other list out there which compares crypto gambling sites.

One note, though. All the other sites I mentioned are also trustworthy and may deserve your attention. 

My suggestion is: choose a handful of them, register an account on each, and find out which one is best for you!

To find out more details about each option I listed, check our full resource on the best crypto casinos.


Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites For Sports Betting

The best online crypto gambling sites to bet on sports are Stake, SportsBet, 1xBit, FortuneJack and Betcoin.

  Sportsbook Rating Cryptos accepted Restricted countries  
9.3 BTC, ETH, LTC and 5 more US, Australia, and the Czech Republic. Visit Stake
9.0 BTC, USD, CAD, EUR,  ETH, LTC and more USA Visit Sportsbet
8.9 BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and 20 more US and UK Visit 1xBit
8.2 BTC, BCH, LTC, ETH, and more US and UK Visit FortuneJack
8.1 BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XMR, XRP and more Available worldwide Visit Betcoin

Stake is at the top of my list again. 

If you missed my previous explanation, Stake stands above the competition because they offer several important things.

Anonymous gambling, a unique player experience, a very active community (chat and forum), almost instant payouts, great VIP perks, and cashback. What more could you ask for?

Plus, when it comes to bitcoin sports gambling, Stake provides a wide range of sports and betting lines. You’ll never get bored!

And most important of all -- They have a solid reputation.

If you’re in a country that doesn’t restrict access, be sure to try Stake first. 

You’ll soon see why it’s at the top of so many of my lists. 

To be fair, Sportsbet is another excellent sports gambling site that boasts a great reputation and plenty of bonuses and VIP stunts. 

I strongly recommend Sportsbet as well; I simply prefer Stake as far as bitcoin gambling sites go.

To find out more details about each option I listed, check our full resource on the best crypto sportsbooks.


Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites For eSports Betting

The best online bitcoin gambling sites to bet on esports (as opposed to regular sports betting) are Stake, Thunderpick, SportsBet, and 1xBit.

  eSports Rating​ Suits Best For​​ Supported Currencies  
9.3 Worldwide (except US and AUS) BTC, ETH, LTC and 5 more Visit Stake
8.9 Worldwide (except US and UK) BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, USDT, BCH Visit Thunderpick
Code: CryptoManiaks
8.7 EU, Asia, South America, and more BTC, USD, CAD, EUR,  ETH, LTC and more Visit SportsBet
8.4 Worldwide (except UK and US) BTC, ETH, LTC, USDT and 20 more Visit 1xBit
Code: 1xb_13206

Stake is once again at the top of my list (last time, I promise) for esports gambling sites. 


Stake stands out for its solid reputation, exciting perks and unique player experience.

To be fair, Thunderpick has a wider range of eSports games and betting lines available.

In fact, Thunderpick probably offers more eSports betting options than any other online sportsbook, while Stake has a pretty standard eSports betting offer.

Nevertheless, whenever my friends ask, I first recommend betting on Stake for casual esports betting, and then I recommend Thunderpick if they want to access a wider choice of games and betting lines. 

Once again, Sportsbet is also a very decent option for esports betting that you should consider.

To find out more details about each option I listed, check our full resource on the best crypto esports betting sites.


Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites For Online Poker

The best online crypto gambling sites to play poker are BetOnline, Ignition, and Nitrogen.

  Poker Room Rating Cryptos accepted Restricted countries  
8.6 BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH, ETC Almost none. It’s pretty much worldwide. Visit BetOnline
8.1 BTC Only open to US and AU players Visit Ignition
7.9 BTC Worldwide Visit Nitrogen

Founded in 2004, BetOnline started as a sportsbook. 

Since then, they extended their offering to include casino games and poker -- all of which are available to play through cryptocurrencies. 

Today, Betonline is a great place for poker players to gamble while using bitcoin.

BetOnline has a significant user base of gamblers ranging from casino players, punters, and more. 

This is one of the reasons why their poker games are softer than games on bigger sites like Pokerstars. 

Plus, considering their user base, you should expect their poker room to be fairly active and offer decent tournament guarantees.

BetOnline has been a big supporter of cryptocurrencies for a long time. As a result, they now accept deposits with BTC and many of the major cryptocurrencies which you can purchase on major exchanges.

Ignition is another good crypto gambling site to play poker which you may want to consider. 

Although they share the same poker network with BetOnline (which means you’ll find the same games and players), they offer different bonuses and benefits that you might find useful or fun.

Nitrogen, unfortunately, doesn’t have a large user base of poker players. You might actually struggle to find games that aren’t in the micro stake category.

However, Nitrogen is well known to offer anonymous games, which I’m sure some of you will appreciate since financial privacy is a hot topic these days.

To find out more details about each option I listed, check our full resource on the best bitcoin poker sites.


How Do I Get In On the Action?

Overall, playing on the best crypto gambling sites has lots of benefits for casual players and experienced players too. 

To get started, you’ll need some Bitcoin. Here are the best options to buy Bitcoin today.

  Suits Best For Benefit  
Worldwide Deposit $100, Get $10 Free Go To Coinbase
U.S., U.K. and E.U. Great customer service Go to Kraken

For more information about each of these options, visit this page.


Selecting Your Bitcoin Gambling Site - 8 Factors To Consider

A great BTC gambling site may not necessarily be the best for you and your specific location, financial situation, and other specific reasons.

You might need specific factors to make your experience enjoyable or even possible.

Consider these factors below to determine what you’re looking for. Write down your answers and weight each result. 

Which factor is more important to you, and why? Take time to plan and then register for your top three sites. Experiment with them before settling on one or two.

1. Restricted Countries

The first and most important factor when considering a Bitcoin gambling site is if you can even use it to gamble. 

If you’re a U.S. based customer, then you’ve seen why your best option is BetOnline.

Of course, players from around the world can experience BetOnline’s wide selection of Bitcoin gambling fun: from sports betting to esports betting to poker to casino games.

But U.S. residents will be particularly pleased to log in to Betonline and play the numerous games and betting options it gives.  

Other casinos accepting Bitcoin gambling options, like Stake, are better for residents of the U.K. or E.U. or other worldwide countries where Stake has legal rights to operate. 

So be sure to check that first, and then go have fun!

2. Reputation and Trust

After you’ve found the best Btc gambling site that is legal for you to play in your area, you should follow up by considering the site's reputation.

mBit and BitStarz, for example, are fully licensed under the laws and regulations of Curacao.

In fact, that’s the case for most Bitcoin gambling sites. 

Therefore, since they are all legally similar, it is very important to consider their reputation and customer care, since that’s where they may be different.  

When looking into their reputation, ask yourself how they resolve public disputes, how they communicate on public forums, and what people say and write about them.

 Source: trustpilot

Of course, I already researched the reputation of each crypto gambling site I listed -- so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Also, take into account how long each site has been operating. 

Bitcoin gambling sites that have been around for longer show that they have a good enough reputation to keep people coming back and that they care for their customers. 

Betonline, for example, has been around since 2004. That’s two decades of reputation building.

The other Btc gambling sites on my list have only been around since 2014 or later. 

They’re younger, but they make up for it with strong customer service and great promotions as they try to win customers.

3. Provably fair [Casino]

BitStarz, Trustdice and Trueflip also take their reputation a step further by inspiring trust. 


They keep many of their casino games provably fair.

Source: provably.com

They show how they use a cryptographic method that ensures that neither the casino nor the player can know the outcome of the game until the moment it starts. 

Then, after the game is over, you can verify that it was all fair. 

Provably fair games are a very important aspect in making sure you are not being cheated out of your money. 

Remember the old crypto saying: don’t trust...verify. 

4. Games available [Casino]

Until now, we’ve discussed the practical factors that go into choosing the right site to gamble with Bitcoin. 

But let’s not forget about the fun factors too!

If you’re a casino purest who wants to focus on the classics, then you can’t go wrong with Stake.

They offer all the basic games as well as 16 exclusive games of their own. The games are quite fun and fair, so you can relax and play!

If you prefer variety, then BitStarz is the way to go since they have over 2,200 games! You’ll never get bored!

5. Sports, Lines, and Odds Available [Sports]

While most crypto sports gambling sites offer similar sports, some of them offer exclusive sports to bet on. 

But, to be fair, it’s rare to find exclusive sports available for betting on any sportsbook, these days, since bitcoin gambling sites know which sports people want to bet on. 

(Exception made to Thunderpick, which offers exclusive esports to bet on.)

Source: Thunderpick

However, not all crypto gambling sportsbooks offer the same depth of lines and odds competitiveness for each event.

Stake and Sportsbet both have a clear advantage compared to other bitcoin sports gambling sites because they offer depth of lines, competitive odds, and a great variety of sports. 

6. Pool of Players and Difficulty [Poker]

Major poker rooms like Pokerstars and Partypoker do not accept crypto deposits. 

Unless, of course, you are ready to use one of the intermediaries they work with to convert your crypto into fiat (and pay high fees doing so).

Therefore, if you want to play poker with crypto, you need to seek poker rooms who accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies directly. 

You won’t have many choices and so, for most people, BetOnline and Ignition are the best way to go. 

These poker rooms manage to have decent pools of players and guaranteed tournaments. 

Plus, the level of games is ridiculously easy compared to major poker sites.

Nitrogen is also an option if you like to play anonymously. 

However, you’ll not have much fun if you like to play middle-stakes or high-stakes games because you may not find any opponent.

7. Payout and Withdraw Speeds & Terms

Once you’ve selected a platform you trust to gamble with Bitcoin, make sure it has the payout speeds and terms you need. 

Stake and mBit offer super quick withdrawals. This way, if you win big, you can cash out your profits right then and there. 

This helps if crypto is fluctuating, so you can cash out to fiat or stable coins without risking to lose value.

Keep in mind, though, that some bitcoin gambling sites may put a cap on your maximum weekly withdrawal.

If that happens, and if the site you chose is trustworthy, you can relax and withdraw the maximum amount allowed each week until all your winnings are withdrawn.

Do keep in mind that crypto values fluctuate. 

So if you win big and are restricted to one withdrawal a week, by the time you withdraw everything, crypto may have made it worth less (or more) than it was at the time of you winning big.  

8. VIP programs and Bonuses

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a good time at a Bitcoin gambling site, then an important factor for you is to select one with a great VIP program and lots of entertaining promotions.

Stake’s VIP program is excellent. You can check for yourself how amazing their VIP program is.

Source: Stake

BitStarz also keeps things fresh and exciting by offering new contests and bonuses for their VIP customers on a regular basis.

They’ve been running contests to win a Tesla model 3, a trip to Tokyo and the Olympics there. 

Every Wednesday, they also offer free spins to their loyal players.  

If you’re a newcomer to Bitcoin gambling who just wants to test the waters, then BetOnline offers some of the best welcome bonuses:

They offer a 100% Casino Welcome Bonus where you get your first THREE Casino deposits matched 100% from $25 all the way up to $1,000. 

So if you deposit a total of $3,000 over three separate deposits -- they will match that with an additional $3,000!


Crypto Gambling vs Regular Gambling, Who Wins?

We’re living in a digital age with quite a decent number of crypto gambling options. 

These days, Bitcoin gambling sites have more to offer than a traditional online casino. But there are a few drawbacks you should know about.

Let’s examine their pros and cons quickly.

Benefits of Bitcoin gambling sites

  1. Financial privacy. No KYC for some of these sites and minimal KYC for others.
  2. Low fees. Cryptocurrency helps save on fees.
  3. Fast payouts. Crypto payments are often faster than fiat payments.
  4. Bigger bonuses. This is thanks to low fees and a higher speed of crypto payments.

Drawbacks of Bitcoin gambling sites

  1. Lack of regulation. Crypto is so new that there is little regulation that surrounds it.
  2. No chargebacks. You can’t get your money back if the casino you choose decides not to pay.
  3. Crypto price volatility. You might make winning bets, but if Bitcoin’s price drops, your win might become a loss.

In the end, it’s up to you to decide if the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. 


Wrap Up

I enjoy gambling with bitcoin. 

Maybe it’s the same adrenaline I get from trading cryptocurrencies on exchanges. 

Either way, the need to find a reputable, good bitcoin gambling site has been on my list for a while. 

And now, I’m glad to have finally put in all the hours of research and testing to make these lists. 

I hope they serve you well!

That’s the end of my comparison of the 13 Best bitcoin and crypto gambling sites in 2020. 

I hope you enjoyed digesting it as much as I did putting it all together.

Have you ever used a crypto gambling site? Is there any missing on my list? 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section!

More Awesome Resources: 


Frequently Asked Questions

Is bitcoin gambling legal?

Bitcoin gambling legality has nothing to do with using Bitcoin or not. Bitcoin is simply another means of exchange.

The legality of online gambling with Bitcoin depends on your country and which game you play. 

Some countries ban gambling (with Bitcoin, fiat, and anything else) on certain games. 

Source: slotegrator.pro

In some countries, the legality of gambling Bitcoin is a question of what you’re betting on. 

Sports betting may not be legal, but esports betting might be. 

The best indicator is if the site accepts players from your country of residence. 

If they do, then chances are they’ve done the legal research to offer the right, legal games to you.

What is the best wallet for online gambling with Bitcoin?

The best bitcoin wallet for online gambling is a secure hot wallet that you have full control over, or a USB wallet that you can easily hook up to your PC and that you can trust. 

A hot wallet such as one on your phone or computer can help you easily deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies. 

A secure cold wallet such as a USB can become a hot wallet when you connect it to your PC. 

We have an article about this very topic! If you’re interested, head on over there now so you can be prepared with the best wallet to gamble Bitcoin online. 

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