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Are you interested in betting on American football using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin? Look no further! On this page, we will introduce you to the best crypto and Bitcoin American football betting sites in 2024. 

Whether you're an experienced Bitcoin sports bettor or new to crypto betting, these sites offer a safe and exciting experience. From college football to professional leagues, you can enjoy many options and competitive odds. Get ready to enjoy the excitement of American football betting while using crypto.

Without further ado, let’s see the list of the best Crypto & Bitcoin American betting sites for 2024.

Best Sites


Sports Rating 8.69
Available in
Available in United States
Use bonus code MANIAKS150 and choose between 150% First Deposit Bonus and Risk-Free Bet up to $50.
Description: Casino is a pioneer 100% anonymous crypto gaming platform. It prioritises decentralised gambling, a large sports betting market, and a secure gaming experience. With Bitcoin, Tether, and other cryptocurrencies accepted via EOS account, players enjoy uncompromised privacy. Players enjoy seamless transactions and anonymous gaming, making it a cutting-edge platform for crypto enthusiasts. 

General Information

Year founded: 
Simplified Chinese
Comoros Gambling License Authority

Anonymity Casino outshines other platforms with its commitment to anonymity. It has an easy registration process with a streamlined process, as there’s no cumbersome procedure. Logging in is simplified via Google or social media networks. The anonymity at the casino allows 99% of prospective players to swiftly access and enjoy casino services. 


Sportbet boasts a stellar reputation, providing numerous sports betting markets, secure platform, and generous bonuses. With its commitment to player security and anonymous registration, it has accommodated diverse players. 

Pros and Cons

Decentralized Gambling
Pros Description (Normal): is a fully decentralized crypto casino site on EOS.
Excellent sports betting experience
Pros Description (Normal): 
Numerous sports betting markets with live betting and streaming options.
Great selection of games
Pros Description (Normal): 
Excellent choice of crypto casino tittles, including provably fair games.
Instant payouts
Pros Description (Normal): 
Fast payouts via cryptocurrencies.
Anonymous Registration
Pros Description (Normal): 
Players can sign-up either through google or social media.
Unique interface
Pros Description (Normal): 
A clean and easy-to-use interface that loads instantly.
Cons Title (Bold): 
No dedicated mobile app
Cons Description (Normal): lacks Android or iOS app.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Few bonuses and promotions
Cons Description (Normal): 
Other casinos have more bonuses and promos
Cons Title (Bold): 
Limited casino games
Cons Description (Normal): Casino focuses more on sports betting.
Cons Title (Bold): 
No phone support
Cons Description (Normal): 
Most players prefer phone call support
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Vave Casino

Sports Rating 9.26
Available in
Available in United States
100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS

Vave is a licensed and highly reputable online crypto gaming site where you can bet on hundreds of top sports events and play more than 5,000 online casino games. The site is neat, easy to navigate and fast-loading on your desktop and mobile devices. Vave is highly popular with gamers due to its generous cashback bonus offer, numerous promotions and impressive VIP program. 

General Information


You can easily create your account at Vave, thanks to the simple sign up process. To register your account and make a deposit, you are only required to provide a unique username, your email address and password. You must also be at least 18 years old to join the site. In most cases, your gaming activities will remain anonymous, unless in special cases where the casino may request you to complete an account verification procedure. The KYC verification procedure may entail providing a selfie and identificaton document.    


You can enable two-factor authentication on your account as an extra measure to protect your account against unauthorised access.  Coupled with the SSL encryption software that the casino utilizes, you are assured that your gaming activity and funds are secure when you play at Vave.

Pros and Cons

Play on Vave Casino


Sports Rating 8.92
Available in
Available in United States
Up to 1000 EUR Welcome Package

Mystake is a highly rated online casino and sports betting platform. The gaming site outshines its competitors due to its generous welcome bonus offer and its many casino and sports promotions. Its extensive casino games list featuring more than 7,000 games and dozens of sports markets also make it a worthwhile gaming site.    

General Information


You are assured of maintaining your privacy when you join and play at Mystake Casino. For instance, to create and deposit funds into your gaming account, you only have to provide a little basic information. This includes your name, email address, country and choice of currency. You should also provide a unique username and password, which will become your Mystake login details. For a smooth gameplay and payout process, you should verify your account and complete your user profile. You can complete it by providing proof of residential address and date of birth details to confirm that you have attained the legal gambling age.    


Mystake has earned numerous positive reviews accross the internet, with many players being satisfied with the gaming options and services at the site.  It has also acquired a high safety rating due to its fast speed in resolving customer complaints.     

Pros and Cons

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Sports Rating 7.30
Available in
Available in United States
Get a 100% bonus, up to $2000 on your first deposit!

An in-depth look at Looselines; an online casino and sportsbook. Is Looselines legit? This review will allow you to decide if Looselines is right for you.

General Information


Looselines allows you to create an anonymous account using just an email and a digital wallet. This feature is valuable as it allows you to retain your identity and limits the amount of data that can be compromised. 


Other than finding out that Looselines is a subsidiary of Jazz Sports, I was unable to find any information about the owners. This can be an issue but is often common practice amongst online casinos.

Pros and Cons

Play on Looselines


Sports Rating 5.53
Available in
Available in United States
Casobet welcome bonus is 120% up to 2500 euros

Casobet is an online casino, sports betting, and cryptocurrency gaming platform. You can play against the house or other players.

General Information


Casobet does not offer anonymous gambling.


Casobet does not have the best reputation.

Pros and Cons

Play on Casobet

Benefits Of Crypto American Football Betting Sites 

Crypto American football betting sites have revolutionized the sports betting industry. They stand out with many benefits that make them highly recommended, as we’re about to see.

Fiat currencies are worthless

Inflation rates and currency devaluation create issues. This means that it is necessary to seek alternatives to fiat currencies. Crypto American football betting sites offer a safer option for your money. Whether you like Bitcoin or its alternatives such as ETH and LTC, you are good to go.

Better privacy 

Crypto American Football Betting Sites use blockchain technology. As a result, they provide an anonymous and private experience. You can bet on your favorite teams without worrying about personal information leaks. This is incomparable to traditional sports betting sites that use outdated features.

Modern experience

Crypto American Football Betting Sites are modern and user-friendly and give users a convenient and hassle-free experience. Once you find yourself on crypto betting sites, you will be amazed by their advanced functionalities. On top of this, you can expect a comprehensive interface and simple gameplay.

Fewer geographical restrictions

Crypto American Football Betting Sites allow anyone to place bets. Regardless of your location, you are welcome on the most reputable platforms. Before registering for any platform, make sure it accepts players from your country.

You don't want to bother with registration if you are not allowed to play there. Many players use VPN to access US crypto betting sites despite the ban. While this is a popular practice among customers, we don't recommend using it.

Let your money work for you

Cryptocurrencies allow you to earn interest on your money. You can invest and earn high yields over time. This makes crypto American Football Betting Sites a smart investment choice.

If you stick with traditional sports betting sites, your money will keep the same value over time. There’s no way you get more from the existing holdings. That's where the cryptocurrencies come into play by ensuring better returns.

Fast payouts and higher limits

Crypto transactions are faster than traditional payment methods. Additionally, these sites have higher limits, allowing users to place large bets.

Fast and efficient transactions are especially important for those who prefer fast betting. This allows them to deposit/withdraw quicker and come back for more rounds. In addition, players appreciate higher limits without restrictions on money management.

Financial independence

Crypto betting sites allow users to control their funds. They can manage their funds safely, without intermediaries, and withdraw funds any time. This offers financial independence and flexibility to users.

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the sports betting world by removing bank intervention. You can now buy, sell, trade, or stake crypto without the involvement of a central authority.

Best Exchange For Crypto American Football Betting Sites In 2024

Unfortunately, there are policies against crypto American football betting sites on many exchanges.

If they discover that you have been depositing funds into Bitcoin American football betting websites, they will keep your money and close your account.

They can easily obtain this information. Need to know how? Let's investigate.

We have received notifications from a few of these exchanges. They use forensics software to track transactions, looking to ban players who’ve used their services improperly.

So, for those who want to wager on Bitcoin American football betting sites, which is the best exchange?

Without a doubt, it’s Binance.

Binance is the world's largest exchange. It has never, at any time, had any strategy against crypto American football betting sites. It also has a lot more features than other exchanges, including low fees, fast withdrawals, excellent security, and many currency pairs.

If you create an account on Binance, it will be simple to deposit funds and wager on any reputable crypto American football betting site.

Types Of American Football Markets

Crypto American football has revolutionized the way fans interact with the sport. You can explore diverse markets, from spreads to match winners, scores to team and player props. Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of crypto American football betting.

Football betting markets

  • Spread

In the spread market, you can bet on the point difference between two teams. For example, if the spread is -3.5 for Team A, they need to win by at least 4 points for the bet to win. If you bet on Team B with a +3.5 spread, they can either win the game or lose by less than 4 points for the bet to win.

  • Match winner

This market focuses on predicting the outright winner of the game. You can choose which team you think will win, regardless of the point difference. If your chosen team emerges victorious, your bet will be successful.

  • Score

The score market involves predicting the total number of points scored in a game. You can bet on whether the total points will be over or under a specific number set by the sportsbook. For example, if the set total is 45.5 points, you can bet on whether the actual combined score will be higher or lower than that.

  • Team and player props

In this market, you can bet on specific outcomes related to teams or players. Team props include wagers on things like which team will score first, the total number of touchdowns, or the team with the highest number of sacks. Player props involve individual player performances, such as the number of passing yards, rushing touchdowns, or interceptions thrown by a quarterback.

Getting Started with Crypto American Football Betting

Ready to venture into the world of crypto American football betting? Getting started on dedicated betting sites is quick and easy. Follow a few simple steps to create an account, deposit funds, and unlock a plethora of betting markets. 

Prepare to immerse yourself in the excitement of wagering on your favorite teams and players. Let's dive into the essential guide for starting your crypto American football betting journey.

1. Choose a brand from our list

Start your journey by selecting a Crypto American football betting site from our list. Next, complete the registration process. You should go to the site, provide the necessary information, and create your account to begin.

2. Get cryptocurrency

If you don't already have cryptocurrency, you’ll need to get hold of some. This step is optional, but it allows you to fully embrace the benefits of crypto betting. You can buy cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin through several exchanges or platforms.

3. Get a crypto wallet

Once you have your Bitcoins or other chosen cryptocurrencies, make sure they are available in your digital wallet. This wallet acts as your secure storage for your crypto funds, ensuring easy access when you're ready to bet.

4. Locate your deposit address on the chosen betting site

This unique address serves as your destination to transfer your crypto from your wallet to the betting platform. It's essential to double-check the address to avoid any errors in the transfer process.

5. Deposit and wager on your preferred Crypto American Football Betting Site

Transfer the desired amount of cryptocurrency from your wallet to the deposit address. Once the transaction is ready, you can explore the betting markets, place your wagers, and enjoy the world of US football betting.

What Games I Can Find at Crypto American Football Betting Sites?

At crypto American football betting sites, you'll find a diverse range of games to explore and enjoy. Let’s check the available options:

  • Sports

On crypto American football betting sites, you can enjoy a wide range of sports games. Bet on real American football matches, both live and upcoming. Predict the winner, the total score, or even individual player performances. Experience the thrill of watching the games while having a stake in the outcome. Stay updated with live scores and statistics to make informed betting decisions.

  • Esports

Dive into the world of virtual American football matches. Watch professional gamers compete against each other in intense esports tournaments. You’ll be able to bet on virtual games where skilled players strategize and showcase their abilities. Explore different betting markets, such as match winners, total points scored, or player stats. Immerse yourself in the excitement of esports and enjoy the fast-paced action from your screen.

  • Virtual Sports

Engage in computer-generated American football matches that provide instant entertainment. Bet on virtual games that replicate the thrill of real matches. Feel as if you’re in the actual stadium and experience the adrenaline rush as you wager on virtual teams. You can also predict the outcomes of touchdowns, interceptions, or field goals. Enjoy quick results and a variety of betting options, alongside a dynamic experience.

  • Casino Games

Take a break from the sports action and try your luck in the crypto casino games section. Explore a wide array of options, including slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and more. You certainly won’t get bored as you’re given the chance to spin the reels, challenge the dealer, or test your poker face. Above all, enjoy the vibrant graphics, captivating sound, and the thrill of potential winnings.

How To Discover The Best Crypto American Football Betting Site

To discover the best crypto American football betting site, consider the following factors:

1. Check if your country is on the prohibited list of the betting site

Some platforms have restrictions based on geographical locations. Ensure that your country is eligible to access and use the site's services.

2. Research the reputation of the crypto American football betting site

Look for user reviews, ratings, and feedback from trusted sources. Consider factors such as reliability, fairness, and the user experience on the site

3. Check the speed of transactions on the betting site

A reputable platform should offer fast and secure deposit and withdrawal processes. Consider transaction fees, processing times, and the availability of different cryptocurrencies for transactions.

4. Determine whether fiat currency is available on the crypto American football betting site

Some platforms are crypto-only, while others may accept both crypto and fiat currencies. Choose a site that matches your preferred method of transaction.

5. Consider the bonuses, promotions, and VIP programs offered by the betting site

Look for platforms that provide attractive incentives for new users, regular promotions, and exclusive perks for VIP members. These can improve your betting experience and potentially increase your winnings.

6. Assess the help and support options available on the betting site

Look for sites with responsive support via live chat, email, or phone support. Consider the availability of FAQs, tutorials, and other resources that can assist you in navigating the site. 

Should I Bet On American Football Betting Sites?

Bitcoin is a digital coin that operates on a decentralized network, blockchain. It was created in 2009 by an anonymous individual or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin transactions are conducted directly between users without the need for intermediaries like banks or governments.

It offers advantages such as anonymity, fast transactions, and enhanced security through cryptography. Bitcoin's value can be highly volatile, with its price fluctuating in response to market demand and investor sentiment. 

Despite its volatility, Bitcoin has gained widespread acceptance as a form of payment and investment, with numerous businesses and online platforms, including American football betting sites, allowing users to transact using Bitcoin. 

As a decentralized currency, Bitcoin provides individuals with greater financial autonomy and the potential for financial growth in the evolving landscape of digital currencies.

Bitcoin is a popular choice at crypto American football betting sites. It offers both advantages and disadvantages in the realm of online sports betting.

Pros of betting on american football betting sites

Betting on american football betting sites comes with these advantages: 

  • Anonymity: Bitcoin transactions provide a certain level of privacy. This allows users to bet on American football games without revealing personal information. Just choose anonymous sportsbooks and enjoy the opportunity. 
  • Speed and Efficiency: Bitcoin transactions are faster compared to traditional payment methods. You can enjoy swift deposits and withdrawals without delays.
  • Security: Bitcoin transactions are secure with advanced cryptography. This reduces the possibility of fraud or identity theft.
  • Lower Transaction Fees: Bitcoin transactions often involve lower fees compared to traditional methods. As a result, you save on transaction costs.
  • Global Accessibility: Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network. Therefore, users around the globe can access sites with less restrictions.


Cons of betting on american football betting sites

Betting on american football betting sites has these three drawbacks: 

  • Volatility: Bitcoin's value can be highly volatile. The amount of Bitcoin you deposit could fluctuate in relation to fiat currencies. This volatility can affect the value of your betting funds.
  • Learning Curve: Utilizing Bitcoin requires a basic understanding of cryptocurrency and its features. You should know to set up your wallet and manage private keys. This learning curve may be a barrier for those unfamiliar with digital currencies.
  • Limited Acceptance: Not all American football betting sites support crypto. Ensure that your chosen platform accepts Bitcoin before using it for betting.


Tips for Betting on Crypto American Football Betting Sites 

When betting on crypto American football betting sites, you should use some tips. This could improve your chances of success:

  • Research and Analysis

Before placing your bets, conduct thorough research and analysis. Study the teams, their performance, key players, and any relevant statistics. Consider elements like recent injuries, form, and head-to-head records. This information will help you make informed betting decisions.

  • Understand Betting Markets

Familiarize yourself with the different betting markets. Learn how odds work, such as decimal, fractional, or American formats. Understand the various types of bets, match winners, point spreads, and over/under totals. Having a good grasp of betting options enhances your ability to choose wisely.

  • Manage Your Emotions

Emotions can influence betting decisions, often leading to impulsive and irrational choices. Stay calm and rational when you wager online. Don’t chase losses or become excited during winning sessions. Make decisions on logical reasoning rather than emotions. This will lead to more successful outcomes.

  • Understand the Odds

Educate yourself about the odds and probabilities associated with different bets and games. Recognize that gambling is based on chance, and outcomes are not guaranteed. Above all, avoid placing unrealistic expectations on winning and be prepared to accept losses as part of the gambling experience.

  • Take Advantage of Promotions

Crypto American football betting sites offer bonuses, promotions, and special offers. Take advantage of these opportunities to boost your bankroll. Added to this, make sure you understand the terms and conditions of the promotions to make the most of them.

Responsible Gambling on Crypto & Bitcoin American Football Betting Sites

When you gamble on crypto American betting sites, it's crucial to always keep responsible gambling practices in mind. Here are five tips to help you gamble responsibly and maintain a healthy approach.

  • Set Limits

Establish both time and financial limits for your betting activities. Decide on a budget that you can comfortably afford to lose and stick to it. It’s also important for you to set a time limit for your playing sessions to avoid excessive or prolonged play.

  • Self-Assessment

You should assess your gambling habits and understand the dangers of addiction. Monitor your emotions and reactions to losses or wins. If you find that you’re exhibiting problematic behavior, such as chasing losses or neglecting other important aspects of your life, seek help and support.

  • Take Breaks

It's important to take regular breaks from betting to maintain balance in your life. Engage in other activities you enjoy, such as hobbies, spending time with loved ones, or pursuing personal goals. This helps prevent gambling from becoming the sole focus of your attention.

  • Seek Support

If you're concerned about your gambling habits or need assistance, reach out for support. There are various resources available, such as helplines, support groups, and counseling services. Don't hesitate to seek professional help to address any gambling-related issues you may be facing.

Crypto American Football Betting Sites: Final Word 

Hopefully you have read all the steps, details and guidelines features above. All you have to do now is to pick one of the best crypto American football betting sites featured here and create an account. All of these operators are fair, safe and popular among users. Always play for fun and play responsibly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are crypto American football betting sites legal?

The legality of crypto American football betting sites varies depending on the jurisdiction. In some countries, crypto betting is regulated and legal. However, in other regions, online gambling may be prohibited by specific regulations. 

It is important to understand the online gambling laws in your country. Make sure to comply with the laws of your country. Only engage in gambling activities on crypto American football betting sites that are legal in your country. 

Can I bet completely anonymously with crypto?

Yes, you can bet anonymously without revealing your information. Crypto addresses are completely private and no one will know where your Bitcoin is. The best way to stay private is to use a new address for every payment you receive. You should also use different wallets for different purposes.

How long do deposits take on crypto American football betting sites?

The time it takes for deposits on crypto American football betting sites can vary. In general, cryptocurrency deposits are usually processed quickly. The transaction speed depends on the specific cryptocurrency you are using and the network congestion at the time. Typically, deposits can be completed within minutes to a few hours. However, it's important to note that occasional delays may occur due to network issues or additional verification requirements by the betting site.

How long do Crypto withdrawals take?

The time for withdrawals on crypto American football betting sites varies. Generally, crypto withdrawals are processed quickly. The withdrawal speed depends on cryptocurrency type, network congestion, and verification requirements. Withdrawals can usually take within minutes to a few hours. However, occasional delays may occur due to external factors or security protocols on the betting site.

What coins should I consider for online betting or gambling?

You can use different cryptocurrencies on American football betting sites. While the most common option is Bitcoin, you can also opt for its alternatives. Some of them are Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Tron, among others.

What are the best sports and competitions on betting sites?

You can experience the thrills of different sports on US crypto betting sites. Apart from football, the list includes basketball, tennis, hockey, baseball, and many more. As for the competitions, you’ll find a range of options such as NFL, NHL, MBA, and FIFA World Cup.

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