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The best bitcoin roulette sites compete for your attention in 2023.

New benefits, bonuses, and more are given to high rollers and new players alike. 

But with all this competition in bitcoin casino roulette -- which site is right for you right now?

Each bitcoin roulette website offers different rewards and bonuses. Let’s explore the top BTC roulette sites, general crypto roulette sites, and compare their pros and cons. 

We’ll also focus on sites which built up their trust and reliability -- as these are of paramount importance. And of course, for the new people among us, how they can take part in the action by buying a bit of bitcoin. 

In this article, I will explore:

  • The best online bitcoin roulette sites -- those that are the most trusted and reliable, and their pros and cons.
  • The advantages of playing online bitcoin roulette.
  • How you can get in the action by getting your first piece of bitcoin if you haven’t yet.

Disclaimer: This article does not seek to, in any way, encourage gambling - rather, this article like all articles by Cryptomaniaks, is an educational piece seeking to enlighten people on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies when associated with online roulette.

Best Sites



Casino Rating 9.49
Available in
Available in United States

BetOnline is an online casino with higher than average betting limits. It offers sports betting, poker, casino, esports, and lots of bonuses throughout the year.

BetOnline Homepage

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin
Binance Coin
Panama Gaming Commission


BetOnline does not offer anonymity. You must provide your country, postal code and phone number just to open an account. 


BetOnline has a fair reputation depending on who you ask. They offer a wide variety of betting options but there are also many complaints against them.

50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
Play on BetOnline


Casino Rating 9.32
Available in
Available in United States

BC.Game is an exceptionally designed casino with awesome promotions and 50 cryptocurrencies to deposit! From a chance to win 1 Bitcoin to a VIP system with exotic vacations, there’s always a promotion to play for!

General Information


You can remain anonymous to create an account and deposit crypto, but BC.Game may require KYC when you withdraw your funds.


BC.Game has a stellar reputation, with few complaints received. With a license from Malta Gaming Authority and many ways to contact the company, your crypto will be safe with them.

Pros and Cons

Various promotions available; see site for details.
Play on BC.Game

Vave Casino

Casino Rating 9.03
Available in
Available in United States

Vave Casino is a brand-new platform for gambling. They have thousands of online games and a range of betting options in the sportsbook. Those who are looking for reliable brands will certainly stay on the site and use different crypto payment options. 

General Information

100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS
Play on Vave Casino

7Bit Casino

Casino Rating 8.93
Available in
Available in United States

7Bit Casino is an online casino that accepts various cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards. They offer a wide selection of over 6000 games.

General Information


7Bit Casino says they offer anonymous play. However, they also say they may require approved identification for withdrawals, so it is unclear if there is real anonymous play or not.


7Bit Casino has a very good reputation and they resolve all of their complaints quickly. They also offer a wide variant of deposit options, making it one of the more rare casinos that accept Dogecoin

Pros and Cons

100% bonus up to 5 BTC plus 100 free spins
Play on 7Bit Casino


Casino Rating 8.77
Available in
Available in United States

- 100% Up To 1 Bitcoin On Your First Deposit
- Up to 60% of Rakeback 
- Instant Withdrawals, Fast Payouts, No Fees!
- Highest RTP Slots. Max return on all games

My stake casino

General Information

100% Up To 1 Bitcoin On Your First Deposit
Play on Metaspins


Casino Rating 8.71
Available in
Available in United States

FortuneJack is an outstanding casino and sportsbook with provably fair games and stellar customer service. 

General Information


FortuneJack does not offer anonymous gambling. A phone number is required for verification. They may collect personal information for KYC and AML regulatory requirements.


FortuneJack has a fantastic reputation with most complaints resolved through their customer support, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Discord.   

Pros and Cons

6 BTC + 350 free spins or unlimited 20% cashback
Play on FortuneJack

Overview of the Best Bitcoin Roulette Sites


Casino Welcome Bonus Our Rating Our Review
Stake Exclusive 10% Lifetime Rakeback using code MANIAKS 9.63 Stake Review
Cloudbet 100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC 9.10 Cloudbet Review 20% Cashback up to 10,000 USDT 8.93 Bitcasino Review
Thunderpick 100% up to 200 EUR 8.92 Thunderpick Review
7Bit Casino 100% bonus up to $100 or 1.5 BTC, and 100 free spins 8.92 7Bit Casino Review
Metaspins 100% Up To 1 Bitcoin On Your First Deposit 8.92 Coming Soon up to 1 BTC + 100 Free Spins 8.91 Review
Fairspin 450% Welcome Package up to 5 BTC + 140 Free Spins 8.82 Coming Soon
BitSpin Casino Up to 2,000 USD or 3 BTC Deposit Bonus + 200 Free Spins 8.81 Coming Soon
Vave Casino 100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS 8.81 Coming Soon


How Do You Get In On the BTC Roulette Action?

We start from the basics. BTC roulette has many benefits -- but what if you don’t own any bitcoin? Well, BTC prices seem to be rising, perhaps it’s better to get in on the action soon.

Here are the best options to buy Bitcoin today. The reason why we recommend these exchanges for bitcoin roulette is because they have no policy against the use of their website for gambling purposes, as opposed to most crypto exchanges out there.


For more information about your options, visit this page.

Once you have Bitcoin, you need to become comfortable with the basics of Bitcoin, namely the storing, sending, and receiving of your Bitcoin. 

This is essential. I can’t stress this enough. You’ve heard stories about people getting hacked, their BTC stolen, and other financial tragedies. These can all be avoided. Learn to store, send, and receive your Bitcoin properly -- and you’ll be ahead of the game. 

Keep in mind that using cryptocurrency is not that complicated. It really isn’t. Perhaps the media might make you think it’s tough, and the amount of education may seem overwhelming, but give it a weekend afternoon and you’ll be off to the races in no time. 


Reasons to Play Online Cryptocurrency Roulette

As with everything in life, especially gambling, playing online Bitcoin roulette isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. The main disadvantage of playing cryptocurrency roulette is the fluctuating price of the cryptocurrencies themselves. You could win big but if the prices of crypto go down -- so do your winnings. Then again, you could win small and the price goes up! It’s all up to fate.

Speaking of pros and cons, here’s a little list of them.

1. Accessibility

Roulette, much like gambling itself, is part of a regulatory industry with tough laws. Laws are strict and punishments can be harsh. Unfortunately, since gambling deals with finance, roulette players often experience negative side effects when new regulations are released that impact their favorite crypto roulette sites (or traditional ones as well). The hardest hit are often U.S. customers -- since the U.S. seems to have very prudish laws about everything (except guns).

During the early days of Bitcoin, crypto roulette players could avoid local gambling laws. Since governments didn’t know or didn’t care about “fake internet money” -- bitcoin roulette sites were able to get away with weak know-your-customer (KYC) requirements. However, the golden days ended. 

These days, if you do enough digging, you can learn to be fully anonymous on bitcoin casino roulette sites like NitrogenSports and others. 

Takeaway: if you use a good VPN service -- the bitcoin gambling roulette world can open up a lot more.

2. Anonymity

Privacy is something that everyone can appreciate -- especially when it comes to financial privacy. Thankfully, online bitcoin roulette can provide that. Some of the best bitcoin gambling sites, such as NitrogenSports, prioritize anonymity over other qualities and offer this to customers. This gives them an edge.

Such anonymity is highly prized by undercover gamblers. The ability to earn money on casino games without being required to list and verify your name and address is a big plus for many people.

John Twelve Hawks quote

KYC regulations in the casino sphere that are loose will inspire players to stick to online bitcoin roulette sites that know how to offer a higher level of privacy. Many traditional fiat-only gamblers have become interested in BTC roulette for exactly the reason of privacy -- which has proved profitable and fun for them.

3. Lower Fees

Cryptocurrencies started off trying to be decentralized digital cash. Digital cash is the keystone helping bitcoin casino roulette players to bet, win, and transfer value in a fast and somewhat discrete manner. Since no middle man -- like a bank or fiat transfer service -- needs to take his cut -- the fees for playing bitcoin casino roulette are lower. Win-win.

cryptocurrency average transaction fees

Transferring Bitcoin to the best bitcoin roulette sites -- such as those mentioned above -- will only involve paying the cryptocurrency specific mining fees -- which can be quite minimal depending on the currency. If fees aren’t low -- look to see if the bitcoin roulette site is charging you a fee and keeping it for themselves.

4. Provably Fair

Trusting the cryptocurrency roulette sites you use is crucial. You want to be sure that your funds are secure, the bitcoin roulette website is legally compliant (and doesn’t get raided and shut down by the government), and most of all - ensure that the odds are fair when playing all their games. 

provably fair definition

There is a term in the crypto industry called provably fair. It’s quite fascinating and, in a nutshell, it shows the algorithm used for generating odds in a mathematical way -- and thus helping you or anyone verify fairness. 

Making online bitcoin gambling roulette provably fair is possible because of blockchain technology. Almost all cryptocurrencies use blockchain technology -- thus helping bring trust to the idea of digital cash. The best crypto roulette sites make sure to integrate the ‘provably fair’ feature throughout their games. This not only reassures players -- it also shows that the bitcoin roulette site is undoubtedly fair.  

Types of Bitcoin Roulette Games

Bitcoin roulette games come in various shapes and forms depending on the provider. Different crypto roulette sites tend to offer different variations of games.

When you choose a Bitcoin roulette game, you should consider your preferences. Some players prefer games developed by regulated software providers like Playtech and Evolution. Others enjoy the transparency and fairness provided by provably fair blockchain-based roulette games. Aside from this, you have those who seek an authentic casino experience with live roulette dealers. Players should check whether their preferred roulette variation is available on the site before creating an account.

American Roulette

Bitcoin American roulette is a popular version of the classic casino game. It has a wheel with 38 pockets, including a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). The double zero adds some extra challenge, making it more exciting for players. Although it can be harder to win because of the higher house edge, many people enjoy the fast-paced and thrilling experience of Bitcoin American roulette.

In this game, players can make different types of bets. They can choose specific numbers or groups of numbers (inside bets) or go for broader categories like red or black, odd or even (outside bets). With Bitcoin as a payment method, players can enjoy the convenience, security, and privacy that the cryptocurrency offers while playing American roulette online. Bitcoin American roulette gives you an exciting and potentially rewarding gambling experience for both experienced players and beginners.

European Roulette

Bitcoin European roulette is a popular version of the classic casino game. It has a wheel with 37 pockets, including a single zero (0) pocket. Unlike American roulette, it doesn't have a double zero. This makes the game more balanced, giving players a slightly higher chance of winning. Many people enjoy the strategic gameplay of Bitcoin European roulette.

In this game, players can make different types of bets. They can choose specific numbers or groups of numbers (inside bets) or go for broader categories like red or black, odd or even (outside bets). With Bitcoin as a payment method, players can enjoy fast, secure, and anonymous transactions while playing European roulette online. Bitcoin European roulette offers an enjoyable and potentially rewarding gambling experience for players who prefer a more calculated approach to the game.

French Roulette

French Bitcoin Roulette is a unique version of the popular casino game. It has the same wheel as European Roulette, with 37 pockets and a single zero (0). But it also has special rules like La Partage and En Prison. La Partage lets players get back half of their even-money bets if the ball lands on zero, reducing losses. En Prison gives you a second chance on your even-money bets if the ball lands on zero, either getting the bet back or keeping it for the next spin. These extra rules give players more options to manage their bets and improve their chances of winning.

In French Bitcoin Roulette, players can make inside bets on specific numbers or groups of numbers, or outside bets on broader categories like red or black, odd or even, or high or low numbers. With Bitcoin as a payment method, you can enjoy secure and anonymous transactions while playing French Bitcoin Roulette online. It's an exciting and potentially rewarding gambling experience, especially for those who like the extra rules and strategic elements of the game.

Provably Fair Roulette

Provably Fair Roulette is an online roulette concept that focuses on fairness and transparency. It uses blockchain technology to ensure that the game outcomes are random and not manipulated. With Provably Fair Roulette, players can check and confirm that the game is fair and unbiased.

In this type of roulette, the game's algorithm is open-source, allowing you to see how the numbers are generated. You can verify the randomness of the results using cryptographic methods. Provably Fair Roulette gives players a higher level of trust and security, making it a great choice for those who want a fair gambling experience they can rely on.


Summary - Which Bitcoin Roulette Site is Right For You?

So, now that you have all this information and comparisons between the best bitcoin roulette sites, here’s my final takeaway:

  • Set some time aside and register on all the crypto roulette sites I mentioned. Even if they don’t seem to be available in your country -- try anyway -- you might be surprised.
  • Everyone has different tastes when it comes to gambling and playing crypto roulette.  Your experience is the only one that matters!

I hope you enjoyed my top 3 bitcoin roulette sites. For more gambling resources, check out:

Top Games:



Frequently Asked Questions

Are roulette sites that accept crypto legal?

Yes. Sites that accept crypto treat it as simply another form of payment. Therefore if it’s legal for you to play on a roulette site using fiat funds, it will be legal to play roulette using cryptocurrencies. Be sure to find out if your citizenship and location is one that allows playing bitcoin roulette online in the first place.

How to place bets with crypto on roulette sites?

Easy. Find out if you are legally allowed to play there based on your citizenship. Then, sign up at a site you enjoy. Deposit bitcoin or the crypto of your choice. Place bets according to the site (which will often convert your crypto into fiat). Then withdraw your winnings to the crypto address of your choice.

What’s the best bitcoin roulette site in your opinion?

The best bitcoin roulette site is always the one that allows you to play legally. After that, the best site is one that fits your other needs: type of crypto accepted, withdrawal limits, bonuses, and VIP packages. All those factors come into play when deciding which site is the safest and most fun to play.

Why do gamblers love bitcoin roulette?

Bitcoin roulette has the most advantage over fiat roulette because your deposits and withdrawals will be faster and will often cost less than those with fiat funds. These advantages also help roulette sites offer bigger bonuses and better VIP programs for their loyal players.

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Dylan B

Dylan is a writer based in California. He became interested in cryptocurrency upon discovering it in 2014 and soon started investing and writing about it. When he is not producing content, he is typically working on self-development or making music.

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