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Welcome to our exclusive guide outlining the best anonymous gambling sites available in 2023.

We believe this information will prove crucial to people seeking a reliable gambling website, particularly given the incredible number of sites out there.

Nonetheless, we know you probably want to quickly find out about the top 10 anonymous gambling sites for 2023.

Let’s get right into it with our list:

Best Sites



Final Rating 9.17
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC

Cloudbet is a sports-focused gambling site that also offers casino games. The site offers a wide selection of games and sports to bet on. 

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin
PAX Gold
Binance Coin
Binance USD
USDP Stablecoin


Cloudbet offers anonymous play. The site is also very secure with SSL and two-factor authentication.


Cloudbet has received some complaints about slow payouts and poor service. Most of the complaints they have received were quickly resolved. 

Pros and Cons

Anonymous play.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Register with just an email address
Provably fair games.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Games are RNG tested
Secure website.
Pros Description (Normal): 
SSL and two-factor authentication keep your account safe
Thousands of slots.
Pros Description (Normal): 
And over 50 live tables
Impressive sportsbook.
Pros Description (Normal): 
They offer low margins and a wide range of in-play markets
Exotic betting.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Bet on entertainment and politics
Fast withdrawals.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Many withdrawals take about 10 minutes
Cons Title (Bold): 
Sports betting odds.
Cons Description (Normal): 
Other sportsbooks offer better odds on major events
Cons Title (Bold): 
Limited contact information.
Cons Description (Normal): 
Restrictions, fees and payout details hard to find
Cons Title (Bold): 
VIP program by invitation.
Cons Description (Normal): 
You can’t just decide to join, but if you are selected that means you really are a VIP!
Cons Title (Bold): 
No exclusive games.
Cons Description (Normal): 
But with such a large assortment of casino games, you may not care
Cons Title (Bold): 
Possible handling fee.
Cons Description (Normal): 
They may charge a handling fee for deposits.
Not Available in United States


Final Rating 8.76
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
Win 1,000,000 USDT in the Million-Dollar Challenge!

Sportsbet offers a superb sportsbook as well as a nice assortment of casino games. Their three core principles are Fun, Fast, and Fair.

General Information


While you can register on Sportsbet with just an email address, they reserve the right to require KYC and will lock your account if you provide inaccurate information.


Sportsbet has an excellent reputation among gamblers. They respond quickly and fairly to complaints.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Final Rating 8.87
Available in
Available in United States
100% up to 600 EUR

Thunderpick is a very robust casino and sportsbook offering end-to-end crypto gambling. This review details everything you need to know about Thunderpick. 

General Information


Thunderpick does allow you to generate anonymous accounts. They only require you to sign up with an email and verify your age as being over 18 years old. You also have the option of signing up with your Google, Twitch, or Steam account.


The background of the management company, Paloma Media B.V., is unclear but there were also no credible complaints of the platform. This is often more important in online gambling than knowing the background of the management. 

Pros and Cons

Play on Thunderpick


Final Rating 8.68
Available in
Available in United States
100% up to 1 BTC / 50ETH / 10,000USDT + 25 Bonus Spins

TrustDice is a top-notch casino and sportsbook offering thousands of games, easy registration, and exciting bonuses.

General Information


TrustDice allows you to be anonymous. You only need an email address to register and you can play anonymously if you’re using crypto.


TrustDice has a very good reputation. To ensure this, they address all complaints as quickly and fairly as possible.

Pros and Cons

Play on TrustDice


Final Rating 7.90
Available in
Available in United States
Get a 100% bonus, up to $2000 on your first deposit!

An in-depth look at Looselines; an online casino and sportsbook. Is Looselines legit? This review will allow you to decide if Looselines is right for you.

General Information


Looselines allows you to create an anonymous account using just an email and a digital wallet. This feature is valuable as it allows you to retain your identity and limits the amount of data that can be compromised. 


Other than finding out that Looselines is a subsidiary of Jazz Sports, I was unable to find any information about the owners. This can be an issue but is often common practice amongst online casinos.

Pros and Cons

Play on Looselines


Final Rating 7.06
Available in
Available in United States
100% up to 1,000,000 μBTC plus 20 free spins on Fruit Zen

Bspin has gained popularity as one of the most trustable and transparent crypto casinos. It has a list of provably fair games and offers in-depth guides featuring winning strategies. It also has amazing welcome offers and loyalty program where players can claim unique benefits. Even though there is no sportsbook, Bspin is a go-to destination for fair play, strategic insight, and lucrative promotions.

General Information


Bspin Casino prioritises on anonymous play feature, that requires only a username and password for login. When you register with username and password, an email is not a requirement. Players must complete a captcha verification. And just like other online casinos, Bspin adheres to industry standards with SSL encryption, ensuring a secure gaming environment. 


Bspin has a safe and secure system, employing cutting edge software to safeguard player information and prevent fraud. Positioned as one of the best crypto gaming platforms, the operator is building a commendable reputable for its commitment to excellence. Notably, it is authorised and regulated by Curaçao.

Pros and Cons

Play on BSpin


Final Rating 8.76
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
Up to 3.5 BTC ($180,000) + 400 Free Spins

WildCoins is an innovative provider of gambling content. Established in 2021, it accepts cryptocurrencies, and you can access the site from different devices.

General Information


WildCoins casino doesn’t accept anonymous gambling, and players must pass a verification process before withdrawals.


WildCoins casino has an average reputation in the market. Despite some complaints, the brand has a reliable license and owner.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Final Rating 7.75
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
100% bonus up to 1 BTC (or €200 / 12,000 ₽ / 3,000 ZAR / 600 AUD / 600 CAD / 1,860 NOK) and 40 free spins

BetChain is an online casino that has been in business since 2013. It is one of 40 casinos owned by Dama N.V.

General Information


BetChain allows anonymous play but KYC may be required for withdrawals. 


BetChain has a very good reputation in spite of numerous complaints. Player issues and complaints are resolved quickly and fairly.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States


Final Rating 8.82
Not Available in
Not Available in United States
20% Cashback up to 10,000 USDT

Bitcasino is an online casino and sportsbook platform. Founded in 2014, the brand stands out with innovative features and accepts crypto deposits. 

General Information


Bitcasino doesn't offer anonymous gambling, and players are required to input their age before registration.


Bitcasino has a good reputation in the market and players can find many positive comments on the site and its features.

Pros and Cons

Not Available in United States

Overview of the Best Anonymous Gambling Sites

Casino Welcome Bonus Our Rating Our Review
Cloudbet 100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC 9.17 Cloudbet Review
Sportsbet World Cup Exclusive: Win your share of 2 MILLION USDT 9.06 Sportsbet Review
Thunderpick 100% up to 200 EUR 8.95 Thunderpick Review Games Up to 25% Cashback 8.58 Games Review
TrustDice 100% up to 1 BTC / 50ETH / 10,000USDT + 25 Bonus Spins 8.45 TrustDice Review
Looselines Get a 100% bonus, up to $2000 on your first deposit! 7.90 Looselines Review
Jazz Sports 3 matching bonuses of $100 USD each, on top of your first 3 deposits of $100 7.51 Jazz Sports Review
BSpin 100% up to 1,000,000 μBTC plus 20 free spins on Fruit Zen 7.06 BSpin Review
WildCoins Up to 3.5 BTC ($180,000) + 400 Free Spins 8.76 WildCoins Review
BetChain 100% bonus up to 1 BTC (or €200 / 12,000 ₽ / 3,000 ZAR / 600 AUD / 600 CAD / 1,860 NOK) and 40 free spins 7.75 BetChain Review


Reasons Why You Should Swap Fiat for Anonymous Payment Method on Gambling Sites

You might want to try anonymous gambling websites but remain curious about whether you should register.

Despite plenty of media mentions, the cryptocurrency market remains a mysterious entity to many people.

In our experience, most people who play with anonymous currency on gambling platforms have no interest in returning to fiat websites.

Once you read the reasons for their change of heart, it becomes easy to understand why.


Gambling companies regularly make the process of depositing cash a real hassle.

Realistically, you can’t use your debit/credit card or deposit via a bank transfer.

Those who have an occasional bet on a gambling site quickly understand that banks often have a low tolerance for this process.

Suppose a gambling platform deposit appears on your bank statement; you’ve all but guaranteed you’ll never receive approval for a loan.

For instance, the bank will likely reject a mortgage application solely because you used a betting site once or twice.

This scenario will occur even if you rarely gamble.

However, when you use anonymous payment method, financial institutions can no longer make your life a misery because of your pastime.

The decentralized nature of digital assets means you can use them without the oversight of the financial industry.

Therefore, when you use gambling platforms and deposit anonymous currency, you effectively do so in secret.

These transactions remain off your bank statement, and you can do whatever you like with your money.

Avoid geo-restrictions

There are a few countries that prohibit any form of gambling.

If you happen to live in such a location, you can forget about playing on a regular gambling company.

This is primarily because fiat makes it easy for the authorities to uncover your illegal actions.

Yet, if you intend to break the law, you can find a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to remain hidden when you use anonymous gambling sites.

VPNs create a private network connection, ensuring users can browse online privately.

You can further shield your activities by using anonymous currency on gambling websites.

By doing the above, you can gamble on any site you like, irrespective of the laws in your country.

In some cases, end-to-end anonymous gambling websites even accept users from nations where gambling with fiat or digital currency is prohibited.


Please note that the information provided above is designed solely to outline a flaw in the system already known to many people.

We will never be proponents of illegal activity, and advise you to avoid breaking the law.

If you try to gamble illegally and get caught, you can expect grave consequences.

Suppose you live in the United Arab Emirates; if you’re found guilty of gambling illegally, you could spend up to 24 months in prison.

Also, let’s face it, any anonymous gambling site that encourages illegal gambling is probably not the most trustworthy!

There is nothing to prevent them from withholding your money and banning you if they discover where you live.

Ultimately, if you attempt to bypass gambling restrictions, you do so at your own risk, and we accept NO liability.

Consider this your only warning!

Full control over your money

Not only does anonymous payment method act as a hedge against inflation, but it also keeps control of your money firmly in your hands.

Without the interference of financial institutions, things open up.

Crypto is widely adopted

When the cryptocurrency market was developing, most people knew about Bitcoin and nothing else.

Nowadays, the public is familiar with a wide variety of digital currencies.

Although crypto is extremely useful in the online gambling sphere, its mainstream appeal means it has many other uses.

A growing number of countries are embracing crypto and permitting its use, even though it still isn’t classified as legal tender.

However, in September 2021, El Salvador broke the mold by officially declaring Bitcoin as legal tender.

Other nations are set to follow suit, most likely Panama, Guatemala, and Paraguay, with more sure to follow.

Crypto offers protection

With anonymous currency, you have the freedom to deposit and withdraw on gambling companies as you please.

Unfortunately, it is a very different situation when you try using fiat on gambling sites.

For instance, in Britain, a regulation introduced in April 2020 caused chaos because few people knew about it.

Certain individuals made initial deposits on gambling sites with credit cards, but to their horror, they discovered that the bank froze their accounts.

Furthermore, it took weeks for banks to remove the restrictions in some cases.

Ultimately, they warned customers not to make any more deposits or else they would issue further punishments.

With anonymous payment method, you don’t have to worry about this scenario when using a reputable anonymous gambling site.

Superior limits on deposits and withdrawals

The transaction limits imposed by traditional gambling sites are an issue if you’re a high roller.

While you can deposit huge sums on occasion, these sites are far less generous when it’s time for you to take your winnings.

Why? That’s simple. It’s common for gambling sites to limit withdrawals.

They may even ask you for additional information to make things as hard as possible.

Even worse, if you’re a regular winner, conventional gambling websites will restrict your gambles or ban you completely.

At this stage, you’re lucky if you can make gambles worth more than a couple of bucks.

With less red tape, anonymous gambling platforms are free to permit substantial withdrawal sums and quite often do.

Remarkably, some sites don’t bother imposing withdrawal limits.

Furthermore, if you tend to win while gambling, you might find that it takes longer to suffer restrictions and account suspensions.

Rapid payouts

If you’ve ever used a traditional gambling company, you’ll know that payout speed is best described as ‘torturously slow.’

This is because these sites interact with the banking system and deal with a huge amount of red tape.

With anonymous gambling sites, things aren’t the same because of far fewer regulations.

This doesn’t mean there are NO regulations; entities such as the Curaçao Gaming Authority oversee the industry.

Nonetheless, red tape is kept to a minimum, meaning lightning-quick transactions.

Anonymous currency itself also allows for quick-fire payouts.


Some fiat-accepting sites also allow you to use anonymous currency.

However, this is nothing but window dressing as issues such as slow transaction speed and low withdrawal limits plague such sites.

Once you factor in the poor design and low-quality customer support, it becomes clear that you can usually do better.

Anonymous gambling sites are designed with the modern gamer in mind and provide a vastly superior user experience.

If you want great design, genuinely helpful customer service, and worthwhile bonuses, it is time to give these crypto sites a try.

Choosing the Right Anonymous Gambling Site: Things to Consider

You likely have a few important considerations when picking the right anonymous gambling site for your needs.

We understand that every reader has a different opinion on what matters, so our team investigates various features of the anonymous gambling websites that we review.

The following are among the most applicable.

Casino games

When considering one of the anonymous gambling companies from our list, please focus on its game selection.

It is standard practice for sites to have several thousand games, but volume is only a starting point.

After all, if most of what’s available is old-fashioned or dull, you’ll quickly get bored.

Focus on online gambling sites known for releasing exciting new games regularly.

Even so, it is a mistake to disregard casino classics like keno, craps, blackjack, and video poker.

Assuming you want to win money more often, we suggest finding out the return-to-player (RTP) percentage of each game you play.

Once you know the RTP of a game, you’ll understand the size of the house edge.

Does the Gambling Site have end-to-end crypto capabilities?

Don’t assume that you’re on an end-to-end crypto gambling site just because it accepts anonymous currency.

Keep reading to learn why you could lose money by making the wrong choice.

Standard Gambling Companies

Don’t be misled into thinking a conventional gambling company that allows anonymous payment method use is good.

Anonymous currency might go into your account, but it certainly doesn’t stay there.

As soon as the crypto goes into the site, it becomes fiat and only reverts to its digital form upon withdrawal.

In other words, your account never actually contains anonymous payment method.

What’s worse is that you’re charged fees for both transactions.

If you think that anonymous currency has growth potential, it is a no-brainer to use end-to-end anonymous gambling websites instead.

Why choose end-to-end Anonymous Gambling Companies?

As the name suggests, end-to-end anonymous gambling sites enable you to deposit, withdraw, and conduct all transactions via digital currency.

Your account always has a crypto balance, so you benefit if the price rises and lose out if it falls!

In addition, the top-rated anonymous gambling sites tend to allow the use of several digital assets.

If you’re considering an end-to-end crypto site, here are a few things you should look for:

  • Anonymous play

  • Quick deposits and withdrawals

  • A relative absence of transaction limits

  • Unfortunately, some anonymous gambling sites fail to provide the above, so we invite you to go through our reviews to find the ones that do.

Bonus standard

Regular users of gambling companies know that there is an array of different bonuses on offer.

To simplify matters, we’ve divided this section into three subcategories.

VIP program

Big players at casinos expect preferential treatment in the form of upgraded accommodation, sports tickets, and free meals.

While anonymous gambling sites can’t replicate the above, they can implement VIP programs to ensure players return for more.

The best sites offer innovative rewards programs to loyal players.

A common example is to offer a points system where you receive 1 point for every $1 you spend.

Once you reach 1,000 points, you receive $10 cash back with no other strings attached.

Such packages aim to entice big spenders to return to the gambling company regularly.

Other VIP program perks could include special gifts and access to unique games.

However, there are anonymous gambling sites that offer VIP programs in name only.

If the lack of a good program is a dealbreaker for you, read our anonymous gambling site reviews to learn whether sites offer VIP packages worthy of the name.

Welcome bonus

It is standard practice for anonymous gambling sites to provide a welcome bonus for new players.

Using slick marketing, these sites can easily convince you that you’re benefiting.

Especially if the site gives you a bonus worth the same as your first deposit.

Suppose you deposit $200, the anonymous gambling platform ‘rewards’ you with another $200.

Unfortunately, there is a very big stipulation in this instance.

Namely, the fact that you can’t withdraw a cent from the anonymous gambling website until you gamble with a minimum of 30 times your deposit.

Let’s say you deposit $200; there’s no possibility of a withdrawal unless you make $6,000+ worth of gambles.

Therefore, barring a lucky win, it is virtually certain that you’re waving goodbye to that money.

Given the restrictive nature of a welcome bonus, it is less relevant than the VIP program and promotions offered by a site.

Are the promotions worth your time?

Rather than emphasize the volume of promotions, it is more helpful to focus on the standard.

Daily promotions can seem like a good thing, but you’ll often find that they carry a ton of stipulations.

In fact, conventional gambling companies usually have little interest in spending time and effort on worthwhile promotions.

Such sites are more concerned with providing bonuses that are effectively useless to the player.

Anonymous gambling sites are different insofar as they know the value of great promotions for customer retention.

The result of better rewards is a vastly improved user experience.

Does your country allow Gambling with money?

There are plenty of countries worldwide that prohibit gambling.

Yet, individuals living in one of these locations register with anonymous gambling sites and gamble despite the ban.

The anonymous gambling sites on our top-rated list make sure they’re available to users where gambling is legal, giving them the option to gamble on casino games or sports.

Those who look to create an account from an illegal country cannot do so.

Alas, low-grade anonymous gambling sites seize upon this mistake and gratefully accept users from every country.

They do this because they can claim ignorance of the user’s location at first.

Upon your initial deposit, such companies seek account verification and keep your cash after shutting your account down.

You can try to use a VPN to conceal your location if you’re desperate to play.

Legit anonymous gambling sites will ban you if they find out, but at least you’ll get your money back.

Before you breathe a sigh of relief, remember that your actions could get you into legal trouble!

What payment methods are available?

No matter how many games, bonuses, or features anonymous gambling sites offer, they’re not worth your time without payment variety and reliability.

When reviewing these sites, we look into withdrawal speed and limits, along with the number of cryptocurrencies you can use.

How quick are withdrawals?

In general, if you use anonymous currency, you will benefit from incredible transaction speeds.

While some digital currencies can process a few transactions per second, others can perform tens of thousands.

Users of anonymous gambling websites expect fast access to their money, and the best sites comply with virtually immediate withdrawals.

You can rely on us to inform you of the sites with the best withdrawal times, as well as warning you of slow-acting sites.

Crypto variety

There are thousands of cryptos to choose from, with developers creating new ones at an astounding rate.

Sadly, the majority of these digital assets will fail.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect anonymous gambling sites to offer you the option to use dozens of digital assets.

Nonetheless, it should support Bitcoin and Ethereum at the very least, along with a few others that have serious potential.

What are the withdrawal limits?

Conventional gambling websites are notorious for implementing irritatingly low withdrawal limits.

In general, you’re lucky to get a maximum of $10,000 in a week, but some have even lower limits.

This is infuriating if you land a big win, only to discover it takes weeks or even months to withdraw it all.

Luckily, most reputable anonymous gambling platforms have no issue allowing you to take out potentially huge sums.

There are plenty of sites that offer limitless withdrawals.

Therefore, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your next huge win will be transferred in seconds!

Trustworthiness of the Anonymous Gambling Site

Once you make anonymous currency transactions, there is no way to reverse them, a fact that’s a blessing and occasionally a curse.

Without putting pressure on you, a slight mistake during a transaction is enough to lose everything you send.

This is also the case if you register with a dubious anonymous gambling site that steals your cash.

Anonymous currency is decentralized, meaning there is no banking entity to listen to your complaints and act upon them.

With this in mind, discovering everything you can about the reputation of anonymous gambling sites is crucial.

Apart from doing your own research, read our reviews to see if you can trust the sites you’re interested in using.

As well as delving into every anonymous gambling company as players, we find out everything we can from actual site users.

The result is a review that highlights a site’s trustworthiness and any red flags.

Customer service standard

Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality customer support team.

Without one, you’re completely lost if anything untoward happens on the anonymous gambling site.

A well-trained customer support operative can help you relax if there is an issue.

Our team investigates the general standard of customer service on every site we review.

CryptoManiaks reviewers get in touch with the site’s customer service team, noting how quickly an agent responds and whether they were helpful.

Does the Anonymous Gambling Site Provide Entertaining Gaming Options?

Whether you want casino games, poker, or sports, the top-rated anonymous gambling websites have everything you need.

By mixing legendary games with the latest hits, these sites won’t leave you feeling bored.

Our reviews dig into the quality and quantity of games on anonymous gambling platforms while also providing tips on how to gamble.

Anonymous Gambling Platform game selection

Anonymous gambling websites with a huge quantity of games are not automatically the best choice; these games must also be of the requisite quality.

We know that a balance of the two is key, and that’s what our reviews focus on.

Volume of games

Of course, having a massive number of games to choose from is often a plus point when they are fun options.

Even when anonymous gambling sites provide high-quality games, you’ll ultimately get bored with what is available if there aren’t enough options.

During our reviews, we’ve found that the best anonymous gambling websites have several thousand games in dozens of genres!

It could take some time to search everything such sites have to offer, but it’s worth it when you uncover yet another classic.

This is why our reviews continue to emphasize the importance of game quantity on anonymous gambling companies.

Caliber of games

Yet, even anonymous gambling websites with 5,000 games can grow stale if you discover that they’re variations of a handful of themes.

Our reviews analyze how often sites upgrade their titles.

Sites that perform this ‘maintenance’ enable users to play the latest releases.

Anonymous gambling sites that offer the newest games as they come out will probably retain your attention in the long run.

The CryptoManiaks team takes its time on gambling sites to properly analyze their games.

By the end of our time on the site, we know if it is likely to stand the test of time.

What classic casino games can you play?

If you want to enjoy casinos games without leaving the house, all you have to do is register with anonymous gambling platforms.

Although it is nice to wear your best clothes and visit a land-based casino, this isn’t convenient for most people.

With anonymous gambling websites, there’s no lengthy trip, and you can play a variety of great games, including these five all-time favorites.


Even though it was first played in France over 200 years ago, blackjack remains one of the most-loved casino card games.

Rather than competing against fellow players, the goal of the game is to beat the dealer’s score while achieving a maximum total of 21.

Each person receives two cards face up at first, while the dealer has one of their two cards facing down.

If anyone is unhappy with their initial total, they have the option of requesting extra cards.

Aces are worth 1 or 11 points, face cards (Jacks, Queens, and Kings) are worth 10 points, whereas number cards keep their usual value.

Achieve a score of exactly 21, and most anonymous gambling companies will reward you with a 50% bonus.

The casino’s random number generator (RNG) means you always play from a 52-card deck when playing blackjack online.

Therefore, your chance of hitting a blackjack (a score of 21) is around 4.83%.

If you believe it is possible to card count and win, the casino’s RNG makes this tactic impossible.

However, investing the time and effort into becoming proficient at blackjack reduces the house edge.

Video poker

In the 1970s, William Redd dreamed up the concept of video poker.

The version of the game you see on anonymous gambling companies is typically five-card draw.

It is best to view the paytable of the video poker game you choose to see what constitutes a winning hand.

The game begins with you receiving five cards and deciding which to retain.

Then you receive replacement cards if you request them.

While there are different versions of poker, most games insist that a pair of Jacks is the lowest value winning hand.

In most video poker machines; a royal flush is the best possible hand and provides the biggest win.

Although the return-to-player (RTP) percentage is different with each machine, certain video poker games offer a positive percentage.

In other words, with expert play, you could win money in the long run.


We can trace the roots of the slot machine as we know it today back to the 1880s or 1890s.

Despite many improvements on the original slot games, the classic 3-reel machine remains widely available.

However, a greater number of people gravitate towards multi-reel games in the hope of landing a greater payday.

One noteworthy feature of slots is their ease of use; playing involves little more than choosing how much you want to risk and pressing the start button.

Make sure you analyze the paytables before learning more about winning combinations and payouts.

In addition, pay heed to machines with progressive jackpots, as they can occasionally pay huge sums of money.

The randomized nature of slots means that success is purely down to luck.

You might also want to learn the return-to-player (RTP) percentage because it guides how much you’re likely to win.


Perhaps invented in the 15th century, though certainly played by the 19th century, baccarat is a casino staple.

In baccarat, the aim is to achieve the highest score, and you can bet on the banker or the player.

After both player and banker get two cards apiece, additional cards can be dealt depending on the initial scores.

In baccarat, the maximum total is nine because once the score hits 10+, the second digit acts as your new score.

For example, if your score is 17, in baccarat, it becomes 7.

Tens, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 0 points, Aces add one point to your total, and cards numbered 2 through 9 keep their value.

For the record, choosing the banker reduces the house edge, although some anonymous gambling platforms may negate this advantage with higher fees.

Although a win means you double your money, the site subtracts a commission, sometimes up to 5%, to guarantee profit.

Some people like to risk the tie at odds of up to 9/1, but this gamble gives the casino the biggest statistical advantage.

Punto Banco is the main variation of the game on anonymous gambling sites, but you might also find Baccarat Banque and Chemin de Fer.


The French likely invented roulette in the 18th century, and its popularity has grown to the point where many people believe it is synonymous with casinos.

It involves spinning a ball on a wheel with 37 numbers (European) or 38 numbers (American).

The difference between the wheels is that the European version has a single zero, while the U.S. option has two zeroes.

You should stick with the European roulette wheel because it offers half the house edge compared to its American counterpart.

The gambling table is beside the wheel; view it to see the various gambles available.

Outside bets such as red or black, high or low, and odd or even provide the lowest payouts but the best chance to win.

Inside bets such as selecting a single number or three horizontal numbers offer high payouts but a low chance of success.

Other Newer Games

In addition to casino classics, anonymous gambling companies feature the latest crypto games.

You can enjoy Plinko, Dice, Crash, Mines, Aviator, Limbo, and HiLo.

Continue reading to find out more about their rules.


Plinko is a brand-new game on anonymous gambling sites, following the famous American series The Price is Right.

Its rules are simple, and there’s no need for any strategies.

You start the game by setting your gamble, depending on the casino limits.

Move on by dropping the chip on the pegs and watch it arriving on one of the slots.

The chances of winning Plinko are unforeseeable because of the pegs.

You can end up with small wins even if the chip arrives in the middle position.

Everything is based on chance and tips are worthless.

Still, you can take some steps to improve your chances.

Some of them are good bankroll management, putting the chip in the center, or dropping it three of four positions from the center.

Game of Mines

Mines is one of the arcade games available on reputable anonymous gambling platforms.

The game is based on the rules of Minesweeper, a classic experience from the 90s.

With the latest version of Mines, you can manage the settings of the game and win significant prizes.

The game is available across a 5×5 grid.

Commence the gameplay by determining the size of gamble and the number of mines.

You can select anything from 1 to 24 mines.

Press the bet button and start revealing every square by clicking on a tile.

You need to uncover all tiles without a mine.

If you see a mine, you lose the game.


Dice is a straightforward game available on anonymous gambling companies.

It is one of the provably fair titles with comprehensive rules.

Your task is to pick a number from 1 to 100 and predict if the dice roll will result in a lower or higher number.

Your chances to win are the same whether you choose a digit over 25 or under 75.

Most anonymous gambling sites feature dice with a 1% house advantage.

To increase winning chances on Dice, you should follow the previous rounds and detect patterns.

You can access multiple versions of dice such as live dice, craps, Scratch Dice, and Sic Bo.

Crash Game

Crash is an ideal game for patrons ready for an exhilarating gambling experience.

You see a line climbing and showing the multipliers it will pay.

You aim to finish the round before the line falls and grab an award.

You lose if the line drops before the end of the game.

The action takes place in real-time and you can enjoy hasty gameplay.

Crash is another provably fair game and you can check its randomness.

Before you place the first gamble, just try the game in free mode and get ready for real gameplay.


Aviator is a multiplayer and social game based on luck.

It is developed by Spribe and you can find it on anonymous gambling websites.

You can decide to cash out anytime and claim your winnings.

Commence the game by placing a bet before the plane leaves the ground.

Once you commence the round, a multiplier will start growing.

You have to cash out earnings before the plane falls.

You will see a multiplier rising faster if a plane flies further, but everything is in your hands.

You will risk more if you decide to go for a higher multiplier.


Limbo is an original crypto experience available on anonymous gambling sites.

Its graphics and terminology differ depending on the anonymous gambling sites you gamble with.

Your task is to predict what number will pop up on the screen, hoping that it will be a lower one.

Limbo is a random adventure and strategies are not required.

Get started with the game by choosing the bet amount.

Proceed by selecting the target or the digit you wish to hit or below it.

You need to be a lucky one to get the sum displayed on the screen.


HiLo is among the easier games you can find on anonymous gambling sites.

You don’t need to use any systems to win.

Your job is to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower.

Get started by placing a wager between $0.10 to $300.

You will see an area covered with face down cards.

Predict the value of the following card based on the displayed one.

If you are right, gather your winnings or move on with the following round.

What poker games are available?

A Persian game called As-Nas played in the 1600s, is believed to be one of the first inspirations for the game of poker.

Today, five-card draw and Texas hold’em rank among the best-loved poker variants.

If you want to challenge yourself to a game against real players, register at one of the top-rated anonymous gambling sites.

While the best hand wins in video poker, it is possible to win with an inferior hand when playing against humans.

Let’s find out more about the five-card draw and Texas hold ’em games available on anonymous gambling companies.

Five-card draw (rules)

Also called ‘Cantrell Draw,’ five-card draw is considered the classic form of poker.

The game begins with a player making a ‘blind’ bet before the dealer gives everyone five cards face down.

At this point, players are invited to place their bets, and if more than one player remains, the draw phase occurs.

Players outline how many cards they want to discard and receive replacement cards.

Once you have your final hand, the excitement of the final round of wagers begins.

It isn’t necessary to have the best hand to earn anonymous payment method in five-card draw.

You can ‘bluff’ and hope no one matches your bet, but you need to have a better hand than them if they do.

Texas hold’em (rules)

Texas hold’em is a relatively new form of poker created in Robstown, Texas, and was only introduced to Las Vegas in 1963.

Its popularity has outstripped that of five-draw poker, and you can watch big tournaments on TV.

Initially, two gambles are made, the big blind and the small blind.

The dealer gives everyone two cards face down, and players can then bet anonymous payment method depending on their confidence level.

Now, the dealer puts three face-up cards on the table.

All players can use these cards to create the best five-card hand.

After another betting round, a fourth community card is added, followed by more betting.

If more than one player remains, the fifth and final community card, called the ‘river,’ is placed face up.

Overall, you win if your hand is the strongest from the seven available cards (your two and the five community cards).

Yet, if you make a huge gamble that causes everyone else to fold, you win no matter what!

Anonymous Gambling Site Sports & Betting Markets

Sports lovers will be delighted to know that the best anonymous gambling sites cater to almost all their needs.

When reviewing anonymous gambling sites, we investigate the different sports and markets available, not to mention the available odds.

Betting experts know that they can forget about making a profit without the right pricing in a sports market.

Now, let’s look into five sports that captivate crypto site users and their best-known markets.

Golf & its markets

Golf bettors know it pays to keep going despite their low winning percentage because wins are often lucrative.

Even the favorites for tournaments are sometimes available at odds of over 10/1.

The long odds are primarily due to the standard of competition, not to mention the high possibility of mistakes occurring across four days.

Consequently, golfers winning tournaments at odds of 50/1+ is a relatively common ccurrence.

Alas, trying to find a tournament winner from dozens of possible contenders is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

If picking an overall winner seems too daunting, there are markets that offer a slightly easier way to win:

  • One-on-one (choose one golfer to beat another)

  • Group

  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd round leader

  • Finish in the top 10?

  • Finish in the top 20?

  • Ante-post betting


Known as association football in most countries, soccer remains the world’s most viewed sport.

It also offers among the largest number of markets.

Often, hundreds, if not thousands, of fixtures are fulfilled daily, particularly on the weekend.

While there have been plenty of rule changes, the object of soccer remains the same, with teams trying to score more goals than the other.

It is a low-scoring sport, with 8-9% of games ending with no goals after 90 minutes on average.

The home/draw/away market is still the most popular, but it is only one of many:

  • Match goals

  • Half time goals

  • Team goals

  • Half-time/full-time winner

  • The spread

  • Number of corners

  • Individual markets

Tennis & its markets

The game of tennis is an exhilarating watch for its fans, with remarkable athletes pushing the boundaries of their endurance.

Also, few other sports can point towards gender equality regarding prize money.

Depending on the tournament, tennis games can be best of three sets or best of five sets.

Each tennis point lasts a matter of seconds, and bettors have the freedom to wager on the outcome of each one!

The biggest issue you’ll face is knowing which matches to focus on, as there are so many to choose from.

Apart from selecting the winner of any given game, you can expect the following markets on anonymous gambling websites:

  • Tournament winner

  • Next point/game/set

  • Total games in the match

  • Total sets in the match

  • Handicap markets

  • Number of aces

Noteworthy basketball markets

According to many basketball fans, there is no better league than the NBA in the United States.

As a result, it is the league of choice for most punters, with other global leagues all but ignored.

Yet, you could give yourself a vital edge by looking into lesser-known leagues as anonymous gambling sites might know less about them than the NBA.

In basketball, it is typical for a game to have 200+ points at a rate of several points a minute.

Specialists in this sport can make a profit by careful examination of the following markets:

  • Game winner

  • Asian handicap

  • Number of points in the match

  • Points per quarter/points per half

  • Player props


There is no question that electronic sports have captured the public’s imagination.

These days, eSports are so popular that the world’s best players can earn a good living.

eSports consists of world-class video gamers testing their skills in specific leagues.

Games of note include Call of Duty, Dota 2, and Rainbow Six.

You can treat eSports as you would their traditional counterpart in betting terms with the following markets available:

  • Match lines

  • Event winner

  • Match handicap

  • First kill

  • Map totals

Gambling on esports without conducting detailed research will likely prove a costly mistake.

This is why we have included a quick overview of five great games available on anonymous gambling sites.

Anonymous Gambling Sites: Your Key to Private Play

One of the main tenets of digital currency is the capacity to operate anonymously.

Now that anonymous payment method is in the mainstream, even legitimate companies relish the privacy this new form of money affords.

Such organizations include anonymous gambling websites, which give players the chance to gamble without anyone knowing.

How does Anonymous Currency keep my pastime private?

All digital currency transactions are recorded on decentralized ledger systems, also known as blockchains.

The decentralized nature of blockchains means you can buy and sell goods using digital currency without the bank’s interference.

If you open a new bank account, the bank will request information that it records on its Know Your Customer (KYC) file.

In banking, KYC is the compulsory process of verifying your identity.

KYC involves face and ID card verification, and it also requires you to submit documentation.

However, none of this is necessary with anonymous gambling sites as they typically ask for minimal personal information.

A crypto address is used to identify senders and receivers of anonymous payment method on the blockchain network.

This address is comprised of many alphanumeric characters (26-35 in a BTC address, for example) and doesn’t reveal anyone’s name.

You can open hundreds of addresses and use them to transfer money between different accounts.

This process makes it extremely difficult for anyone to discover how you’re using your anonymous currency.

Does using crypto guarantee a 100% anonymous experience?

No. Although there is plenty of anonymity associated with digital currencies, there are ways to track users.

You can hold a crypto address and reveal nothing about your identity.

Even if you have multiple addresses, linking them together is extremely challenging.

However, it is recommended that you use a new address for every transaction to ensure your expenditures are not linked to a single owner.

Crypto is also transparent

You might be shocked at just how transparent crypto usage is.

Suppose one or more of your crypto addresses are visible online; there’s nothing to prevent people from seeing your balance.

The blockchain stores all transactions with a crypto address, so by connecting your identity to the address, it becomes possible for anyone to link you with the transactions.

Indeed, there are numerous ways to connect a crypto address to a person.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges’ anti-money laundering (AML) and KYC policies are prime examples.

Consequently, crypto doesn’t help one become anonymous, although it does enable you to be pseudonymous.

Still, registering with any reputable anonymous gambling site and using digital currency offers a high degree of privacy.

Reasons why players should use Anonymous Gambling Sites

Not everyone is fully aware of the upsides of anonymous play, so we outline them below.

You submit limited personal information

Fiat-accepting gambling platforms are legally required to engage in KYC protocols.

As a result, these sites require your name, address, date of birth, and more.

In contrast, anonymous gambling sites request as little personal data as possible, keeping you ‘off the grid,’ so to speak.

Most companies only ask for your username, age, nation of residence, and a valid email address.

Certain sites don’t require registration, which is the definition of anonymous play!

However, we can’t recommend such providers since most, if not all, operate illegally.

In any case, there are plenty of sites that don’t have the most robust verification procedures, so you don’t have to provide accurate information!

No bank interference

Anytime you use a debit/credit card or bank transfer to deposit on a gambling platform, the bank becomes aware that you’re gambling.

The bank will likely reject your application if you ever apply for a loan because of your betting.

Fortunately, you can spend digital currency on anonymous gambling websites, and the bank will never know.

As a result, you can enjoy your pastime with no consequences for a loan application, though gambling responsibly should always remain your goal.

Cons of using Anonymous Gambling Sites

Of course, as these downsides outline, anonymous gambling sites aren’t the perfect solution.

Scams are rife; buyer beware!

Sadly, there is no regulation involved in the anonymous payment method industry, which makes it the ideal breeding ground for scammers.

Shady gambling companies appear regularly, with their sole goal being to make money from anonymous gambling company users.

You must be especially wary of ‘no registration’ sites as they can effortlessly steal your money by suddenly closing your account.

Remember, the crypto market has no centralized authority, so if your money is taken, it is almost certainly gone forever.

Those familiar with anonymous currency have probably heard of the ‘rug pull’ scam.

It is a con that revolves around hyping up a new project, hustling investors out of money, and disappearing without a trace.

Consider yourself as the investor and the anonymous gambling site as the exciting new development.

You’ll more easily understand how gambling companies can easily perform the rug pull trick by doing the above.

Few sites have a performance history

As the anonymous gambling site industry is in its infancy, few brands have proven themselves trustworthy.

As a result, there’s an element of risk involved in depositing anonymous payment method.

Thankfully, the CryptoManiaks team has reviewed plenty of anonymous gambling sites and created comprehensive reviews.

Our team gambles on these sites using real money and outlines any red flags it uncovers.

Reviewing the Best Anonymous Gambling Sites: Conclusion

If you love betting, you should be thrilled that it’s possible to do so using digital currency.

When you use digital coins to gamble, the bank has no idea what you’re doing.

While plenty of anonymous gambling platforms are available, the gap between the best and worst is significant.

Unfortunately, it is a fledgling industry with minimal oversight, so there are plenty of scammers.

Therefore, we aren’t satisfied until we uncover everything there is to know about each anonymous gambling company we visit.

Our reviews include vital information on a site’s bonuses, trustworthiness, customer service, and more.

We believe that crypto isn’t just the future of gambling sites; it is the future of finance.

Therefore, we invite you to read our reviews and determine which anonymous gambling websites meet your criteria.

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