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It’s time for us to reveal the efforts of our team by outlining the XRP gambling sites that impressed us the most in 2023.

The number of available gambling websites is proliferating, making it harder to find the best ones, but we feel that our guide will help you quickly narrow down the field.

Obviously, readers are eager to find out the top 10 XRP gambling websites for 2023.

Without wasting any more time, we’ll show you our list:

Best Sites



Final Rating 9.20
Available in
Available in United States
50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000

BetOnline is an online casino with higher than average betting limits. It offers sports betting, poker, casino, esports, and lots of bonuses throughout the year.

BetOnline Homepage

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin
Binance Coin
Panama Gaming Commission


BetOnline does not offer anonymity. You must provide your country, postal code and phone number just to open an account. 


BetOnline has a fair reputation depending on who you ask. They offer a wide variety of betting options but there are also many complaints against them.

Play on BetOnline

7Bit Casino

Final Rating 8.57
Available in
Available in United States
100% bonus up to $100 or 1.5 BTC, and 100 free spins

7Bit Casino is an online casino that accepts various cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards. They offer a wide selection of over 6000 games.

General Information


7Bit Casino says they offer anonymous play. However, they also say they may require approved identification for withdrawals, so it is unclear if there is real anonymous play or not.


7Bit Casino has a very good reputation and they resolve all of their complaints quickly. They also offer a wide variant of deposit options, making it one of the more rare casinos that accept Dogecoin

Pros and Cons

Play on 7Bit Casino

Vave Casino

Final Rating 8.44
Available in
Available in United States
100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS

Vave Casino is a brand-new platform for gambling. They have thousands of online games and a range of betting options in the sportsbook. Those who are looking for reliable brands will certainly stay on the site and use different crypto payment options. 

General Information

Play on Vave Casino

Why Should I Make the Switch to XRP on Gambling Platforms?

You’ve probably heard some hype about gambling sites that accept XRP and want to know if they are worth your while.

Despite plenty of media mentions, the cryptocurrency market remains a mysterious entity to many people.

However, we firmly believe that once you register with a reputable gambling site and play with XRP, you’ll never want to use a ‘conventional’ site again.

Below, we outline a multitude of reasons why this is the case.

Each year, the value of fiat dwindles

Fiat money is legal tender backed by the government that issues it.

It has no intrinsic value, and its worth is determined by economic supply and demand and interest rates, among other things.

Apart from the American Dollar, the Yen, Euro, and Swiss franc are internationally recognized fiat currencies.

Hyperinflation, a term that describes rapid, out-of-control price rises in an economy, is one of the biggest downsides of fiat.

When the Federal Bank of St. Louis recently investigated inflation, there was worrying news.

In 2021, the bank gave the dollar a value of 37; bad news compared to the value of 100 the same entity gave the currency in 1983.

In layman’s terms, the dollar’s purchasing power is just 37% of what it was in 1983

Even worse, wages haven’t risen anywhere near as quickly in the intervening period.

In fact, since the end of the 1970s, wages have increased by under 1% annually, a percentage that’s significantly below inflation.

Ultimately, holding on to fiat will only make you less wealthy in the long run.

Why is fiat still around?

Fiat currencies ensure governments retain control of their respective economies.

Banks also love fiat because they have immense power over its usage too.

We now know that only an elite few will ever benefit from fiat, so it is surely time to switch to XRP and get away from a currency that’s only dragging us down.

Cryptocurrency supporters will tell you that digital coins help protect your money from inflation, thus ensuring your purchasing power isn’t negatively affected.

Anonymous usage

Anyone who has ever tried putting money into a gambling website account knows it is often a struggle.

Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as using your debit or credit card or a bank transfer.

Financial institutions habitually punish people who use gambling sites.

Indeed, getting a loan is virtually impossible once a bank statement reveals activity on a gambling platform.

For instance, the bank will likely reject a mortgage application solely because you used a betting site once or twice.

It only takes occasional use of such sites for the above to happen.

XRP changes the game because it keeps banks in the dark.

The decentralized nature of digital assets means you can use them without the oversight of the financial industry.

In other words, when you deposit XRP on gambling sites, your bank will never know.

These transactions remain off your bank statement, and you can do whatever you like with your money.

Crypto is capable of rapid price rises

Historically, XRP is subject to substantial peaks and dips, and its trajectory is often unpredictable.

Yet, there’s little question that holding on to a well-known digital asset could yield rich rewards in the long run.

Even though the market cap of all cryptocurrencies has burst through the $1 trillion mark, this figure represents only a tiny fraction of what it could achieve.

According to Forbes, the world’s combined wealth is well above $400 trillion, meaning XRP’s value has probably only started to swell.

Compare this to fiat, which seems as if it is on a death spiral.

Therefore, when you use XRP on gambling sites, the money in your account could increase even if you rarely use the site.

Financial freedom

XRP doesn’t just offer better growth potential than fiat; it also enables you to take control of your money.

Without the interference of financial institutions, things open up.

Crypto is widely adopted

In the early years of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin generated the lion’s share of attention.

Nowadays, the public is familiar with a wide variety of digital currencies.

Now that crypto is firmly in the mainstream, people realize its versatility and know it has many uses outside of online gambling.

Although most countries don’t consider cryptocurrency legal tender, a significant number allow its use.

One exception is El Salvador, which adopted Bitcoin as legal tender in September 2021.

This is likely only the beginning, with rumors suggesting Panama, Paraguay, Brazil, and others may eventually do the same.

Crypto enhances your financial freedom

Once you purchase XRP, it is easy to register with gambling sites, where you can deposit and withdraw with few difficulties.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case with fiat and gambling sites.

For instance, in Britain, a regulation introduced in April 2020 caused chaos because few people knew about it.

When people completed their first deposits on gambling companies, they didn’t realize that the bank would prevent them from accessing their accounts.

If that wasn’t bad enough, banks took their sweet time when it came to lifting these restrictions.

At this point, banks threatened customers with further action if they tried to make any further deposits of that nature.

With XRP, you don’t have to worry about this scenario when using a reputable XRP gambling website.

Avoid geo-restrictions

Several nations forbid gambling of any kind.

If you happen to live in such a location, you can forget about playing on a regular gambling site.

This is primarily because fiat makes it easy for the authorities to uncover your illegal actions.

Yet, if you intend to break the law, you can find a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to remain hidden when you use XRP gambling websites.

A VPN creates a protected network connection, thus disguising your online identity.

When you use XRP on gambling sites, you also enjoy a significant degree of anonymity.

This is a combination that enables you to gamble regardless of your country’s laws.

There are also end-to-end XRP gambling sites that willingly accept customers from countries where gambling with money is illegal.


In outlining the above, we’re merely highlighting a loophole that one can exploit.

We will never be proponents of illegal activity, and advise you to avoid breaking the law.

If you try to gamble illegally and get caught, you can expect grave consequences.

Suppose you live in the United Arab Emirates; if you’re found guilty of gambling illegally, you could spend up to 24 months in prison.

Also, let’s face it, any XRP gambling website that encourages illegal gambling is probably not the most trustworthy!

After all, what’s stopping the site from keeping your money and closing your account once they find out where you live?

Breaking the law is no laughing matter, and we take no responsibility or liability if you go ahead and suffer the penalties.

You have been warned!

Faster Payouts

Those who have used conventional gambling sites know all about the pain of waiting for a payout to go through.

This is because these sites interact with the banking system and deal with a huge amount of red tape.

With gambling websites with XRP, things aren’t the same because of far fewer regulations.

Don’t think this means a complete lack of regulation; bodies such as the Curaçao Gaming Authority do a fine job keeping things in order.

Even so, there are no bureaucratic holdups, which means you benefit from fast transactions.

Those who champion XRP point out that digital currencies are known for allowing super-quick payouts.

Superior limits on deposits and withdrawals

A common issue faced by conventional gambling website users is that of low deposit and withdrawal limits.

While you’re encouraged to deposit a fair sum of money, it’s a different story when the time comes to collect your winnings.

The main reason for this difficulty is that gambling platforms like to keep withdrawal limits as low as possible.

They may even ask you for additional information to make things as hard as possible.

Also, practically every traditional gambling platform will either suspend your account or restrict how much you can gamble if you happen to win too often.

At this stage, you’re lucky if you can make gambles worth more than a couple of bucks.

Gambling websites with XRP are in a position to allow significant withdrawals, however, due to less regulation.

Remarkably, some sites don’t bother imposing withdrawal limits.

You may also receive more freedom when it comes to being restricted for winning when you gamble.


Some fiat-accepting sites also allow you to use XRP.

Unfortunately, this does nothing to improve the general transaction speed, nor does it impact deposit/withdrawal limits that much.

You often deal with old-fashioned design, poor value bonuses, and dreadful customer service.

In contrast, XRP gambling sites are the future and provide most of the features a modern gamer is looking for.

These sites tick all the boxes with bonuses worth your while, a customer support team that cares, and an aesthetically pleasing design.

Selecting the Right XRP Gambling Site For Your Needs

Your criteria for picking the best XRP gambling site may not be the same as the next person’s.

Since one reader may have a different idea of what’s crucial to a good UX than another, we examine various details in every single one of our XRP gambling site reviews.

Below are some of the most relevant.

How good are the games?

When considering one of the gambling sites accepting XRP from our list, please focus on its game selection.

It is standard practice for sites to have several thousand games, but volume is only a starting point.

Regardless of the amount of games, you’ll quickly find that a steady stream of mediocre/poor games results in a tedious experience.

Focus on online gambling sites known for releasing exciting new games regularly.

Don’t forget about classics such as baccarat and blackjack, not to mention their variations.

Assuming you want to win money more often, we suggest finding out the return-to-player (RTP) percentage of each game you play.

A game’s RTP signifies its payout and is an indicator of the house edge.

Is it an end-to-end crypto Gambling Website?

Not every gambling site that allows you to use XRP is end-to-end, which makes a big difference.

Keep reading to learn why you could lose money by making the wrong choice.

Standard Gambling Companies

Don’t be misled into thinking a conventional gambling site that allows XRP use is good.

While you can deposit with XRP, things go against you from then on.

The site instantly converts it into fiat and turns it back into crypto when you withdraw.

Basically, the whole thing is a mirage because you can’t actually use the XRP on the site.

If that isn’t enough to put you off the process, you also pay deposit and withdrawal fees.

Consequently, end-to-end XRP gambling websites are your only option if you’re convinced that the price of XRP will increase.

Why choose end-to-end Gambling Sites That Accept XRP?

When you use end-to-end gambling sites accepting XRP, you conduct every type of transaction exclusively in digital currency.

Your account always has a crypto balance, so you benefit if the price rises and lose out if it falls!

In addition, the top-rated XRP gambling sites tend to allow the use of several digital assets.

Look for the following features if you plan to use end-to-end crypto sites:

  • A high degree of privacy

  • Rapid transactions

  • Little or no transaction restrictions

  • Not every XRP gambling site offers the above, so we advise you to read our reviews to find out the ones that do.

What kind of bonuses are on offer?

Regular users of gambling sites know that there is an array of different bonuses on offer.

To properly analyze bonuses, we have created three separate subsections.

Welcome bonus

Not every XRP gambling site offers a welcome bonus, but most do.

It is too easy to get lured into thinking you’re getting the better end of the deal.

One of the best examples is when the site matches your first deposit, effectively doubling your money.

Let’s say your first deposit is $200; the gambling site accepting XRP’s bonus of $200 seems very generous at first glance.

Sadly, it is inevitable that there’s a planet-sized catch involved!

Some gambling sites that accept XRP force you to gamble at least 30 times your deposit before you’re allowed to withdraw ANY money.

So, if you deposit $200, your money is trapped in the account until you gamble with the equivalent of $6,000.

As such, you’re going to lose that $200 unless you have a massive win, which is highly unlikely.

With this in mind, it makes sense to investigate a site’s promotions and VIP package instead.

VIP program

Traditional casinos often treat loyal customers to perks such as free dinners and luxury accommodation.

While XRP gambling websites can’t replicate the above, they can implement VIP programs to ensure players return for more.

The best sites offer innovative rewards programs to loyal players.

The points system, where players get redeemable points (usually 1 point per $1 spent), is among the best-known VIP bonuses.

Once you reach 1,000 points, you receive $10 cash back with no other strings attached.

Such packages aim to entice big spenders to return to the gambling site regularly.

Other examples of VIP programs include giving players a special customer service agent and bonuses on special occasions such as birthdays.

Unfortunately, certain XRP gambling websites fail to offer the value provided by a high-quality VIP program.

Ultimately, if VIP rewards are important to you, it is best to check out our XRP gambling site reviews to discover the top-ranked sites in this regard.

Quality of promotions

Rather than emphasize the volume of promotions, it is more helpful to focus on the standard.

Sites that provide a constant stream of promotions are often guilty of diluting the quality.

In fact, conventional gambling platforms usually have little interest in spending time and effort on worthwhile promotions.

They prefer to stick to the tried and trusted ‘bonuses with strings attached’ model.

XRP gambling companies are different insofar as they know the value of great promotions for customer retention.

The result of better rewards is a vastly improved user experience.

Payment options

No matter how many games, bonuses, or features gambling sites accepting XRP offer, they’re not worth your time without payment variety and reliability.

Apart from transaction speed and limits, our team’s reviews also look into the different digital assets one can use.

Withdrawal speed

In general, if you use XRP, you will benefit from incredible transaction speeds.

While some digital currencies can process a few transactions per second, others can perform tens of thousands.

Given the market’s competitive nature, gambling sites that accept XRP understand the need for speed, and some offer virtually instantaneous withdrawals.

The CryptoManiaks team tells you which sites excel regarding withdrawal time and which falter.

What are the withdrawal limits?

Traditional gambling platforms continue to annoy users by preventing them from withdrawing reasonable sums of money at once.

It is standard for such sites to keep withdrawal maximums to $10,000 per week, and this is the best-case scenario!

The above might seem okay until you hit a five-figure payout, only to discover that you can’t spend your money for weeks.

Fortunately, there are no such issues with the best gambling sites that accept XRP, as they offer generous withdrawal limits.

In fact, a growing number of companies are allowing unlimited withdrawals.

With this in mind, you know that a gigantic win can be transferred in moments.

Cryptocurrency choice

There are thousands of cryptos to choose from, with developers creating new ones at an astounding rate.

However, only a handful are worth consideration at present.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect XRP gambling sites to offer you the option to use dozens of digital assets.

Nonetheless, it should support Bitcoin and Ethereum at the very least, along with a few others that have serious potential.

Is it legal to Gamble in your country?

There are plenty of countries worldwide that prohibit gambling.

Unfortunately, we still have a situation where people register with gambling sites that accept XRP in countries where gambling with money is illegal.

The gambling sites with XRP on our top-rated list make sure they’re available to users where gambling is legal, giving them the option to gamble on casino games or sports.

When you try to register with such reputable sites from a prohibited country, they make it clear that it’s impossible to join.

In contrast, scam gambling sites with XRP don’t care about legality and allow you to join no matter where you live.

Such sites get away with it by pretending they weren’t aware that the registering party lives in a place where gambling is illegal.

Once you deposit money, however, they ask for verification details and ban you while withholding your money.

One workaround is to invest in a VPN to avoid geo-restrictions.

Legit XRP gambling sites will ban you if they find out, but at least you’ll get your money back.

Your biggest concern is ensuring that the authorities don’t know about your illegal actions!

Trustworthiness of the XRP Gambling Site

Once you make XRP transactions, there is no way to reverse them, a fact that’s a blessing and occasionally a curse.

All it takes is one minor error when sending crypto for you to lose it forever.

Register with a shady XRP gambling site, and you can similarly wave ‘adios’ to your digital coins.

XRP is decentralized, meaning there is no banking entity to listen to your complaints and act upon them.

Consequently, you should pay special attention to the reputation of XRP gambling websites.

While we encourage you to conduct research, we also invite you to read our reviews.

We spend hours on each XRP gambling site we review, noting our experience, and also get additional first-hand information from real users.

This thorough process ensures you get the full picture of a site’s reputation.

Customer service

Never underestimate the importance of a high-quality customer support team.

Gambling sites that accept XRP with poor or non-existent support hang players out to dry if there’s a problem.

A well-trained customer support operative can help you relax if there is an issue.

All of our reviews feature relevant information on a site’s attitude towards customer service.

This includes details of our interactions with several agents, emphasizing speed and helpfulness.

The Assortment of Gaming Alternatives on Offer at XRP Gambling Sites

The best XRP gambling websites offer you the opportunity to get your fill of sports, poker, or casino games.

By mixing legendary games with the latest hits, these sites won’t leave you feeling bored.

Apart from checking out the variety and standard of games on XRP gambling sites, our team outlines how to maximize your bankroll when gambling with useful tips.

XRP Gambling Site range of games

We’re acutely aware that quantity does NOT always equal quality when it comes to XRP gambling site games.

The best sites manage to combine the two, which is something we focus on in our reviews.

Number of games available

Of course, having a massive number of games to choose from is often a plus point when they are fun options.

Even when XRP gambling sites provide high-quality games, you’ll ultimately get bored with what is available if there aren’t enough options.

During our reviews, we’ve found that the best XRP gambling sites have several thousand games in dozens of genres!

It could take some time to search everything such sites have to offer, but it’s worth it when you uncover yet another classic.

This is why our reviews continue to emphasize the importance of game quantity on XRP gambling sites.

Game standard

Nonetheless, if XRP gambling sites are flooded with dull, lifeless games, you’ll soon want to stop playing no matter how many games there are.

Our reviews determine whether sites continually improve their game selections or allow things to stagnate.

Sites that perform this ‘maintenance’ enable users to play the latest releases.

Gambling sites accepting XRP with dozens of new releases weekly or monthly are virtually guaranteed to retain your interest.

Overall, we spend hours analyzing gambling sites and playing as many of their games as possible.

Once we have concluded this process, we can tell you whether the site is captivating or best avoided.

Classic casino games

One of the many advantages of XRP gambling sites is their capacity to bring the casino experience to your screens.

Although it is nice to wear your best clothes and visit a land-based casino, this isn’t convenient for most people.

No matter the gambling site with XRP, one must emphasize the variety of games on offer, especially these famous five classics.


Likely developed in France in the 1700s, blackjack’s popularity as a casino card game has endured.

The aim of the game is to beat the dealer’s score, but there’s a catch; your total can’t go beyond 21.

You and other players at the table receive two cards face up, whereas the dealer has one card face up and a second face down.

The dealer and players can take additional cards in a bid to get the winning score.

While cards with values of 2 to 10 remain unchanged, Aces are worth 1 or 11 points, and Jacks, Queens, and Kings all have a value of 10.

Achieve a score of exactly 21, and most XRP gambling sites will reward you with a 50% bonus.

Online casinos use random number generators (RNGs) to continually ‘shuffle’ the 52-card deck.

As a result, there’s a less than 5% chance of hitting a score of 21, otherwise known as a blackjack.

If you believe it is possible to card count and win, the casino’s RNG makes this tactic impossible.

Ultimately, the best way to decrease the house advantage is by learning how to play blackjack competently.

Video poker

In the 1970s, William Redd dreamed up the concept of video poker.

The games you see on gambling sites accepting XRP are generally based on five-card draw poker.

Not every video poker game has the same rules, so it is wise to check the paytables to determine the different potential wins.

The game begins with you receiving five cards and deciding which to retain.

Then you receive replacement cards if you request them.

While there are different versions of poker, most games insist that a pair of Jacks is the lowest value winning hand.

In general, the highly coveted royal flush offers the biggest win and is traditionally the best hand one can attain in video poker.

The return-to-player (RTP) percentage varies from one machine to the next, but it’s possible to have the edge over the game in rare cases.

In simple terms, outstanding players are capable of earning a long-term profit.


The slot machine was invented towards the end of the19th century.

Despite many improvements on the original slot games, the classic 3-reel machine remains widely available.

However, a greater number of people gravitate towards multi-reel games in the hope of landing a greater payday.

With slots, there’s no learning curve; set your stake and press ‘play’ to begin.

Don’t start any slots game without first looking at its paytable to determine the payouts and winning combinations.

In addition, pay heed to machines with progressive jackpots, as they can occasionally pay huge sums of money.

Overall, though, remember that success in slots is incidental because the game is based entirely on luck.

Finally, the higher the return-to-player (RTP) percentage of a slots game, the better, as it means a lower house advantage.


The French likely invented roulette in the 18th century, and its popularity has grown to the point where many people believe it is synonymous with casinos.

It involves spinning a ball on a wheel with 37 numbers (European) or 38 numbers (American).

The difference between the wheels is that the European version has a single zero, while the U.S. option has two zeroes.

Realistically, there’s no reason to use the American roulette wheel unless you like giving the house a bigger edge!

Check out the betting table beside the wheel to see the different gambles you can make.

You reduce the risk of losing by choosing outside bets such as red or black, although the payout is also relatively low.

Alternatively, you can take a bigger risk for a higher payout on inside bets such as straight-up (pick a single number) or a corner bet.


Perhaps invented in the 15th century, though certainly played by the 19th century, baccarat is a casino staple.

It involves choosing between the player and banker and achieving the higher score.

Both sides receive two cards at first, with a third card sometimes required depending on the game state.

The maximum baccarat score is 9, and you can’t go bust because the second digit in scores of 10+ becomes the new total.

For instance, if your total is 13, your baccarat score is 3.

Aces are worth a single point; Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Tens add nothing to your score, whereas every other card retains its original value.

In baccarat, siding with the banker cuts the house edge, but some gambling sites that accept XRP bump up the commission to keep their advantage intact.

If you back the player or banker and win, you double your money but lose up to 5% commission.

Backing the tie pays out at odds of 8/1 or 9/1, but it is the worst value gamble you can make.

Although Punto Banco is the #1 variation, some gambling platforms that accept XRP also offer Chemin de Fer and Baccarat Banque.

Other Innovative Games

Gambling sites that accept XRP also have the latest crypto games as well as featuring the classics.

You can enjoy Plinko, Dice, Crash, Mines, Aviator, Limbo, and HiLo.

Continue reading to find out more about their rules.

Game of Plinko

Plinko is a brand-new game on XRP gambling sites, following the famous American series The Price is Right.

Because of its simple rules, you can gamble without a strategy.

Start gambling by setting the amount of your gamble in line with casino limits.

Next, you drop the chip on the pegs and watch it landing on one of the slots.

You won’t know your chances to win Plinko due to pegs.

You can end up with small wins even if the chip arrives in the middle position.

The game is based on luck and there are really no useful tips.

However, you can take some basic steps to enhance your odds.

Some of them are good bankroll management, putting the chip in the center, or dropping it three of four positions from the center.

Game of Mines

Mines is an impressive arcade game featured on XRP gambling sites.

The game is based on the rules of Minesweeper, a classic experience from the 90s.

With the latest version of Mines, you can manage the settings of the game and win significant prizes.

You can enjoy the game across a 5×5 set.

Start by setting the gamble and choose the number of mines in a game.

You can select anything from 1 to 24 mines.

Press the bet button and start revealing every square by clicking on a tile.

It is required to reveal all tiles free of a mine.

If you discover a mine, you will lose.

Dice Game

Dice is a simple game available on gambling platforms that accept XRP.

It is one of the provably fair titles with comprehensive rules.

Just pick one of the numbers between 1-100 and predict whether the dice roll will end in a lower of higher value.

Winning chances are identical whether you gamble on a number over 25 or under 75.

Almost all gambling sites with XRP have dice with a 1% house edge.

To enhance winning odds on Dice, just follow the previous rounds and observe patterns.

Dice is available in different forms such as craps, live dice, Scratch Dice, and Sic Bo.


Crash is an ideal game for patrons ready for an exhilarating gambling experience.

You will notice a line moving up and showing the multipliers it’s going to pay.

Your job is to end the round before the line falls and take an award.

If the line falls before the end of the game, you will lose.

Everything happens in real-time; just prepare for an exciting action!

Crash is another provably fair game and you can check its randomness.

Before you place the first gamble, just try the game in free mode and get ready for real gameplay.

Game of Limbo

Limbo is an innovative crypto game accessible on XRP gambling websites.

Its visuals and terminology differ depending on the XRP gambling sites you choose.

Your task is to predict what number will pop up on the screen, hoping that it will be a lower one.

Limbo is a random experience and you don’t need strategies.

Commence the game by selecting the bet amount.

Continue by selecting your target or the number you need to hit or below it.

If you are lucky enough, you will get the sum shown on the screen.

Game of Aviator

Aviator is a social, and multiplayer game based on chance.

It is created by Spribe and you can reveal it on XRP gambling sites.

You are free to decide when to cash out and get your money.

Commence the game by placing a bet before the plane leaves the ground.

As soon as you start the round, a multiplier will start climbing.

You have to withdraw earnings before the plane tumbles.

A multiplier will increase faster if a plane goes further and you decide the distance.

Be aware that Aviator is a very risky game if you decide to target a higher multiplier.

Game of HiLo

HiLo is one of the simplest games available on gambling companies accepting XRP.

It doesn’t require any strategy or skills.

Your job is to predict whether the next card will be higher or lower.

Start the game by setting a bet between $0.10 to $300.

Now you can see the area with face down cards.

Predict the value of the following card based on the displayed one.

If you are right, gather your winnings or move on with the following round.


A Persian game called As-Nas played in the 1600s, is believed to be one of the first inspirations for the game of poker.

In the modern era, the most popular poker variations include five-card draw and Texas hold’em.

Do you want to test your poker skills? If so, sign up with a high-quality gambling website with XRP to see if you can beat your fellow poker stars.

When playing against people, you can win without the best hand by bluffing, which video poker doesn’t allow you to do.

Let’s find out more about the five-card draw and Texas hold ’em games available on XRP gambling sites.

Five-card draw (rules)

Occasionally referred to as ‘Cantrell Draw,’ five-card draw is the poker variant that video poker is based on.

One player places a bet called a blind, and each person receives five cards face down.

Now, everyone can make a bet, and if there are two or more players left, the draw part of the game happens.

The second part of the game involves each player deciding how many cards to get rid of; they receive new cards in this instance.

These cards comprise your final hand, and players must now begin the final round of betting.

It isn’t necessary to have the best hand to earn XRP in five-card draw.

This happens if no one else matches your bet, but if someone does, it becomes a case of ‘best hand wins.’

Texas hold’em (how to play)

Texas hold’em is a relatively new form of poker created in Robstown, Texas, and was only introduced to Las Vegas in 1963.

These days, it is significantly more popular than five-card draw, with major tournaments often televised.

The game begins with one player making a gamble called a big blind with another adding a small blind.

Each player receives two cards face down, and everyone is invited to bet XRP based on the strength of their hand.

At this point, the dealer adds an extra three cards face-up on the table.

All players can use these cards to create the best five-card hand.

After the players bet, the dealer adds a fourth face-up card, leading to further bets.

The final card, also known as the ‘river,’ is placed face-up if at least two players are left in the game.

Overall, you win if your hand is the strongest from the seven available cards (your two and the five community cards).

However, if you’re feeling brave and make a big gamble that frightens everyone into folding, you win irrespective of your hand.

Gambling Site Accepting XRP Sports & Betting Markets

Sports lovers will be delighted to know that the best XRP gambling sites cater to almost all their needs.

Apart from checking out the sports and betting lines, our XRP gambling site reviews ensure that the site’s odds are worthwhile.

After all, if you fail to get the best value prices, you significantly reduce your chances of profiting in the long term.

Now, let’s look into five sports that captivate crypto site users and their best-known markets.

Golf & its markets

The thing about golf betting is that you’ll rarely win, but when you do, it usually results in a big profit.

Typically, most players are available at double-digit odds to win a tournament.

This is due to the fierce competition and general difficulties involved in winning a four-day event.

Consequently, golfers winning tournaments at odds of 50/1+ is a relatively common ccurrence.

Alas, trying to find a tournament winner from dozens of possible contenders is akin to finding a needle in a haystack.

If picking an overall winner seems too daunting, there are markets that offer a slightly easier way to win:

  • Head-to-head

  • Group winner

  • Leader after rounds 1, 2, and 3

  • Top 10 finish

  • Top 20 finish

  • Futures


Hundreds of millions of people watch soccer, also called association football, making it the world’s most popular spectator sport.

It also offers among the largest number of markets.

It is standard for games to occur in over 100 countries on the same day.

In soccer, the aim is to outscore the opposition, something that hasn’t changed in over 150 years.

It is a low-scoring sport, with 8-9% of games ending with no goals after 90 minutes on average.

The win/draw market is still the #1 option, but you can also bet on the following:

  • Match goals

  • Half time goals

  • Team goals

  • Half-time/full-time winner

  • The spread

  • Number of corners

  • Individual markets

Tennis & its markets

With millions of fans, tennis continues to captivate audiences as ultra-fit athletes engage in extraordinary feats of skill and endurance.

Also, few other sports can point towards gender equality regarding prize money.

Depending on the tournament, tennis games can be best of three sets or best of five sets.

Tennis bettors love that they’re allowed risk money every few seconds as a new point begins!

There are arguably even more daily games than soccer, so it’s a question of picking and choosing the best games to bet on.

While the match winner market remains the most popular, XRP gambling sites keep you interested with the following options:

  • Tournament winner

  • Next point/game/set

  • Total games in the match

  • Total sets in the match

  • Handicap markets

  • Number of aces

What are the available basketball markets?

When you say ‘basketball’ to most people, they immediately think of the NBA in America.

Therefore, most bettors focus on this particular league, ignoring events in European and Asian leagues.

However, this may prove a mistake because gambling platforms that accept XRP know a lot about the NBA but potentially have a gap in their knowledge regarding other leagues.

Basketball is an incredibly fast-moving sport with over 200 points scored in many games.

Consequently, if you’re a basketball expert, you could earn money by focusing on the following markets:

  • Match winner

  • Handicap line

  • Game points

  • Points per half/quarter

  • Individual markets

The best eSports markets

The electronic sports market has attained legitimacy amongst the public.

Indeed, eSports attracts an audience of several hundred million fans, making it incredibly lucrative for top performers.

There are dozens of organized leagues featuring the world’s best video game players in eSports.

Popular games include Rainbow Six, Call of Duty, and FIFA.

You can treat eSports as you would their traditional counterpart in betting terms with the following markets available:

  • Match winner

  • Tournament winner

  • Handicap

  • First to

  • Number of maps

Before you decide to gamble on esports, remember that information is power, so find as much relevant data as possible.

This is why we have included a quick overview of five great games available on XRP gambling sites.

Pros and Cons of Using Ripple on Gambling Sites

Gambling with Ripple can be tricky, especially if you are new on gambling sites.

If you are ready to utilize Ripple for gambling, read more about the option below.

More info on Ripple

Ripple is a well-known crypto and payment network.

Ripple was presented in 2012 by Jed McCaleb and Chris Larsen.

The token utilized for the crypto transfers is premined and has an XRP symbol.

Ripple (XRP) is among the most valuable blockchain tokens by market capitalization.

And it uses a consensus mechanism to verify transfers.

Pros of using XRP

Take a look at some XRP pros when using it for gambling.

XRP is a reliable payment option

If you want to use XRP on gambling companies, you can rest assured about a safe experience.

XRP was initially created for banking, which was not the case with the BTC or ETH.

Today you can see many banks accepting XRP which ensures a convenient experience on gambling sites.

XRP transfers are prompt

XRP gambling transactions usually take between three and five seconds.

This is particularly important if you register on gambling sites for the first time.

XRP is not as volatile as other cryptos

XRP is a more preferred method for gambling than BTC and ETH.

Lower volatility appears as a result of its centralized nature.

Downsides of XRP

Be sure to see the cons of XRP gambling.

XRP is not a fully approved crypto

It may be challenging to reveal XRP-friendly gambling gambling sites.

This may be a reason to look for other cryptos gambling options.

There aren’t many XRP offers

If you decide to sign up for XRP gambling company, you won’t find many bonuses.

Gambling websites are still not ready to offer good deals for users.

This is a hassle for potential users and a reason to opt for BTC or ETH gambling.

XRP could cause some privacy concerns

XRP is a centralized option, which could be tricky if you utilize it for gambling.

You may want to know how much control the company has over your XRP gambling funds.

Reviewing the Best XRP Gambling Sites: Conclusion

Cryptocurrency is arguably the most exciting thing ever to happen for bettors.

The process of gambling with digital assets means you get to enjoy your pastime privately.

While plenty of XRP gambling websites are available, the gap between the best and worst is significant.

Given that it is a nascent industry with lax oversight, there are sadly lots of shady operators.

As a result, we take a long time to examine what each XRP gambling site has to offer.

The ensuing reviews look into a site’s reputation, payment methods, withdrawal speed, and betting options, among other things.

In our humble opinion, crypto is the currency of the present and future, with a wide range of benefits when used on gambling websites.

In conclusion, we suggest that you read our XRP gambling website reviews to find the best site for your specific needs.

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