Fast Money

A CNBC show on which cryptocurrencies are frequently discussed.  


Fear Uncertainty and Doubt. The emotional (rather than logical) belief that cryptocurrency prices will fall.


The idea that all units in a money supply are exactly equal. Fungibility is considered to be an essential aspect of effective currencies by many economists.

Founders’ Reward

A percentage of block reward that is paid to the founders of a cryptocurrency rather than to its miners. Zcash is a cryptocurrency with a Founders’ Reward.

Fork (Hard)

A change in a cryptocurrency’s software that makes it incompatible with the original version. For example, any block size increase in the Bitcoin protocol constitutes a hard fork.

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Fork (Soft)

A change in a cryptocurrency’s software that does not make it incompatible with the original version.


A change in the original code of a software.


A term used to describe the way that cryptocurrencies remove many of the inefficiencies and hassles inherent in alternative methods of transferring payment.

Forging Reward

An amount of coins paid to users for participating in PoS consensus.

Fundamental Analysis

The analysis of the economic and political factors that affect the intrinsic value of an asset


Financial technology (Fintech) is used to describe new technologies that seek to improve the use and delivery of financial services.


A website that sends users small amounts of cryptocurrency intermittently and make money by advertising other services.

Free Society

A hypothetical society in which no one is forced to do anything against their wishes and all actions are voluntary.


Paper money issued by governments as default currency. The US Dollar, Japenese Yen, Chinese Yuan, and Euro are all fiat currencies.


Fear of Missing Out. Investors with FOMO buy cryptocurrency (emotionally rather than logically) for fear of missing out on profits.