A feature of the ARK cryptocurrency which allows separate blockchains to connect with each other and communicate.

SmartBridge is a new type of technology proposal pushed by the cryptocurrency project called ARC.

Essentially, a smartbridge would enable blockchains to connect and communicate between each other.

A smartbridge would solve the question: Which coin will replace bitcoin? The answer would simply be… none of them, and all of them at the same time.

How can that be? By using a smartbridge, cryptocurrency users could integrate the best properties of all cryptocurrencies. 

ARK’s SmartBridge Technology would enable even bitcoin to gain the functionality of every altcoin by using the token called ARK.

By using a data section called Vendor Fields and Encoded Listener nodes, ARK is able to comb through data belonging to various blockchains and perform tasks requested by the user. 

Of course this requires ARK to become the intermediary between chains and each blockchain chain needs a small snippet of code implemented. Thankfully research has shown this process to be easy and secure for any blockchain, even if it already exists and is currently deployed. 

Once this tiny code is inserted into the core code of a blockchain that blockchain becomes connected to ARK and then able to trigger an event on a blockchain via a different blockchain through that SmartBridge connection.

These types of SmartBridge transactions on any compatible blockchain via the ark wallet are endless.

You can trigger an ETH smart contract while holding ARK just by sending the instructions through ark SmartBridge.

If you want to issue a record entry in Factom, you would go to your ARK wallet, enter the correct info via the SmartBridge tab and send it. 

These types of transactions are only the tip of iceberg when it comes to the potential of Ark’s smartbridge technology. As more use cases for cryptocurrencies pop up, the whole ecosystem can take advantage by using smartbridges.