Someone who uses Bitcoin regularly or is heavily involved in its technology.

A Bitcoiner is simply someone who understands, trades, and is a fan of Bitcoin. It’s a self proclaimed title, so anyone can be a Bitcoiner.

If you feel you enjoy reading about Bitcoin, discussing it, and generally keep up with it then you too may be a Bitcoiner.

A Bitcoiner is different from a Bitcoin Maximalist. A Bitcoin Maximalist is someone who believes Bitcoin is not only the king of all cryptocurrencies, but also that all other cryptocurrencies no matter how popular or well used they may be -- will all go to zero eventually.

A Bitcoin Maximalist keeps a closed mind. Bitcoin is everything, all else is nothing, end of story.

A Bitcoiner is someone who enjoys all the wonderful properties of Bitcoin but also recognizes that it has certain limitations (for better and for worse) that other cryptocurrencies can address.

Bitcoin limitations can include: no smart contracts, no privacy by default, relatively slow transactions, Proof of Work, and more.

These limitations actually help Bitcoinin some ways. No smart contracts, for instance, keeps Bitcoin from being bloated by other code. Instead, Bitcoin remains true to its name: a coin.

Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work mechanism may be slower than other coins and require significant energy and other costs, but at the same time it’s also the strongest form of securing digital currency. 

Bitcoin may not offer privacy by default, but that’s because it’s ledger is public -- which helps give it full transparency -- something that privacy coins may lack. 

Keep learning to become a better Bitcoiner!