A feature of Komodo that offers its users private payments. Jumblr works by exchanging the cryptocurrency being used for payment and mixing it among other cryptos prior to the making an anonymous transaction.

SuperNet is the company that created Jumblr, which is a decentralized coin shuffling service. 

Coin shuffling is the process of mixing funds around and therefore making it difficult for trackers to see when funds move, who moves them, and where funds are moving to and from. 

For example, if you wanted to shuffle your Bitcoin using Jumblr, your Bitcoins would be converted into Komodo coins (which transactions are protected via Zero-Knowledge proof technology so no one can spy on what happens in that blockchain), then they are shuffled and are converted back into Bitcoins which go to your destination address.

Jumblr also makes use of atomic cross-blockchain swaps to switch between BTC and Komodo. That’s why this service costs 0.3% of the transaction, which is a very small price to pay for guaranteed confidentiality. 

If you want to take advantage of this service, then note that Jumblr is built in the Agama wallet. This helps Jumblr takes advantage of SuperNet, which developed a new method in which users can keep coin shuffling transactions and identity confidential. SuperNet adds a new service in that it combines zero-knowledge proof technology on top of the Jumblr service. This service creates two layers of confidentially for the user.

Jumblr combines all these traits to use zk-SNARKS privacy technology to anonymize Bitcoins or Komodo. 

Another advantage of Jumblr is that it’s decentralized. Most other shuffling services are centralized and have steep fees. Since it’s decentralized, you don’t have to release control of your coins to anybody else, you’re in control.