A new version of the Bitcoin Protocol developed using the Javascript programming language.

The actual coins on the Bitcoin network are governed by open-source software. BitcoinJS is something like a reimplementation of original Bitcoin but using Node.js and web technologies.

BitcoinJS uses the basics of the Bitcoin protocol to send and receive transactions via the Webcoin frontend. All official BitcoinJS components are released under the MIT license

If you’re a developer looking to use BitcoinJS, can you trust this code?

Remember the old crypto adage: Don't trust. Verify.

The best thing is, if you plan to use this library and the BitcoinJS ecosystem, then go ahead and audit and verify any underlying code for its validity and suitability. This might need you to start reviewing any and all of your project's dependencies.

After all, mistakes and bugs happen. So if you happen to find something, your help in resolving and reporting issues makes this open-source software even better.

And don’t worry. BitcoinJS is:

  1. Easy to audit and verify,
  2. Tested, with test coverage >95%,
  3. Advanced and feature-rich,
  4. Standardized, using prettier and Node Buffer's throughout, and
  5. Friendly, with a strong and helpful community, ready to answer questions.

Plus, it’s being used by a solid group of projects including: 

  • Hive Wallet 
  • Dark Wallet
  • BitAddress
  • GreenAddress
  • Skyhook ATM 
  • Dogechain Wallet
  • Justcoin Exchange 
  • Brainwallet
  • Coinpunk 

Go ahead and get your coding skills cracking!