Price-stable cryptocurrencies that achieve stability through pegging their value to another asset, like the US dollar.

A SmartCoin is one of the many cryptocurrencies available across the crypto market. SmartCoins are currently programmed to hold a value pegged to another asset. These other assets can be the US Dollar or gold or another stable coin. 

This means that SmartCoins can be stable coins if they’re pegged to the US dollar or they can fluctuate if they are pegged to gold or another asset class with limited supply.

One feature of SmartCoins is that they always have 100% or more of their value backed by the BitShares core currency. This means that if the smartcoin is pegged to something stable, they will also be a price stable cryptocurrency that does not rely on a central authority since it’s backed by the decentralized BitShares blockchain and currency.

If you’re thinking about using SmartCoins, you’ll be glad to know they are an open source P2P cryptocurrency that is fungible, divisible, and shares many more aspects of being a currency.

You can send payments using SmartCoins instantly to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

SmartCoins are also secure, since they rely on SHA-256 encryption which means you can safely store your SmartCoins on your hardware wallet or even print out your own paper wallet. Any transactions and account balances you have can be viewed in the public database. This means you won’t have any uncertainty about the status of payment transfers.