Smart Media Token

A digital asset on the Steem blockchain that can be launched by any user for the purpose of monetizing online content and encouraging positive user participation.

Smart media tokens were first introduced by Steemit -- the blockchain and platform which allows people to create and publish posts and be paid for it when Steemit readers like and upvote the posts.

Smart media tokens also allow anyone to create their own cryptocurrency with 3-second fee-less transfers. If you want to create your own cryptocurrency using a Smart media token, you don’t even need to write a single line of code. 

Once you create the traits of your token, including how the token will function, you then hand over the controls to the Steem blockchain which launches the airdrop.

That means that if you are a publisher, creator, or entrepreneur you can launch your own custom token and monetize your digital content. You’ll be able to reward consumers who engage with your content by paying out your custom tokens for their likes, votes, views, shares, and comments.

The benefits of launching your own smart media token are:

  1. Three-second block times
  2. Zero fees
  3. 'Proof-of-Brain' algorithm, which autonomously distributes tokens to the most valuable members of a community. 
  4. Easily integrate into any established website, app, or platform.

If you’re already using Steemit, then you’re well on your way. If you haven’t used Steemit before, check it out. It’s a great and growing community of people who are interested in free press. They share topics of interest in the crypto space and beyond. You can even publish your own content and earn Steem from doing so.

Smart media tokens also seem like the future of media in general. If you’d be given the option of supporting your favorite authors either by watching advertisements or simply by upvoting their content, then I’m sure the choice would be clear.