Should I Buy Ethereum? 5 Reasons Why Ethereum is a Good Investment in 2020

I’ve been where you are. 

Back in time, I heard of Ethereum almost as much as I heard of Bitcoin. And I wondered: should I buy Ethereum? Is Ethereum a good investment? 

I heard from many reputable sources that lots of innovations and cryptocurrencies were built on Ethereum. But I was still wondering whether or not I should invest in Ethereum. 

In this article, I’ll cover why Ethereum is valuable, whether or not Ethereum is worth buying in 2020, what is the best time to buy Ethereum, whether you should invest Ethereum now or if it is too late, and more. 

Your all-in guide to help you make the best decision.

Let’s dive in!

  • What is Ethereum? A Short Intro

    Simply put, Ethereum is a smart computer.

    Perhaps you’re saying to yourself: aren’t all computers smart? 

    Well yes. But you know how we had phones, and then we had smartphones? This is like that. Ethereum allows computer programs to run “smart contracts.”

    Smart contracts are computer protocols that digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the performance of their code. With a smart contract, you don’t need a third party to perform credible transactions. And because these smart contracts live on blockchain technology, they are trackable and irreversible.

    A new era of computer programming, digital ownership, and other innovations are being introduced thanks to the smart contract capabilities of Ethereum.

    You understand -- Ethereum is the future. But is Ethereum a good investment only because it innovates? Not necessarily. 

    So here they are, the reasons why Ethereum a good investment for the future.

  • 5 Reasons Why Ethereum Is a Good Investment

    Do you know what an ‘early adopter’ is? 

    It’s the term for someone who adopts a new technology while the technology is still fresh and new. It may have bugs, but for an early adopter, the chance to experiment and use new technology is worth the hassle.

    Ethereum is new. It came out in 2016. It has bugs here and there, sure. But for people who are willing to be involved and try this new technology --- it can prove quite profitable. 

    So, should you buy Ethereum? Here are 5 reasons to take action and become an early adopter and investor.

    #1 Ethereum could be a world computer

    The reason Ethereum gained such massive popularity and almost flipped places with Bitcoin in June 2017 is due to its ability to run smart contracts

    Ethereum is poised to usher in a new era of applications -- decentralized applications (dApps). These dApps could run and secure code that will help businesses perform better around the world. These dApps will run on Ethereum -- so it’s not too late to buy Ethereum and participate.

    Take, as an example, assets: homes, artwork, luxury cars, etc. Ethereum’s smart contracts can secure ownership of these items. Foreign investors and people around the world won’t need to run through the bureaucracy of foreign nations system in order to own a home or artwork in another country. They can use a smart contract built on Ethereum. And they can pay with Ethereum too.

    Power grids as well. Take Europe as an example. If a wind farm located at the border of Germany has extra power -- they can use the Ethereum blockchain and its smart contracts to sell power to neighboring Czech Republic. 

    The world may be interconnected thanks to the internet, but Ethereum is showing new and improved levels of interconnection for businesses and private individuals around the world

    With this in mind, the answer to the question ‘is Ethereum a good investment’ starts to look like a no-brainer.

    #2 Ethereum will give us Tokenization

    The World Economic Forum (WEF), in their surveys and research, projected that “up to 10% of the global Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will be stored and transacted with the help of blockchain technology by 2025–27.

    Keep in mind what they are saying: each country worldwide will use blockchain technology up to 10% of its GDP.

    The WEF further projects “a tokenized asset market of ~$24 trillion of financial assets only in 2027. This does not include currently not measured (or not existing) asset classes or unidentified tokenization use cases of intangible assets (e.g., patents, usage rights), where we expect significant innovation and growth.

    What will tokenization look like? Here are a few examples:

    1. Tokenization of artworks. You will be able to own digital art as well as pieces of famous art with tokenization.
    2. Tokenization of Mortgages. You’ll be able to own pieces of the Penthouse Suite of a hot new condo complex in Tokyo -- and earn from its rental.
    3. Birth certificates, health care records, drivers licenses, and other important documents. These can be stored and secured on the Ethereum blockchain using tokenization. You’ll be able to prove your identity -- not by showing these pieces of paper -- but by showing they belong to you via the Ethereum blockchain.
    4. Trade agreements, energy sharing, and other types of P2P transactions. Person-to-person business transactions will be more secure, efficient and official using the Ethereum blockchain.
    5. Voting. No more “hanging chads” or other types of voting errors. Each person will have one vote on a blockchain -- and that’s it.

    A few years ago, as I was wondering whether or not I should invest in Ethereum, the concept of tokenization and all its use cases for Ethereum made my mind clear like water: Ethereum is the future, and there are myriad reasons why Ethereum is valuable. 

    #3 Ethereum can run uncensorable apps

    Censorship is a real issue in the modern world. 

    Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, all of these companies reserve the right to delete, modify, or hide content. They often do. 

    Sometimes from specific countries upon receiving a request from a government official; sometimes from a company; sometimes even from their own management. 

    Perhaps you’re not worried about censorship. It’s a problem for other people, right?

    Source: GOOD Magazine YouTube Channel

    But think about Julian Assange and Wikileaks. By now, these two should be household names. Perhaps you’ve heard of them. Do you know much about them? Julian Assange set up Wikileaks in 2015.

    WikiLeaks published internet censorship lists, leaks, and classified media from anonymous sources, including revelations about drone strikes in Yemen, corruption across the Arab world, extrajudicial executions by Kenyan police, 2008 Tibetan unrest in China, the "Petrogate" oil scandal in Peru

    Julian Assange exposed the corruption in world governments. His website and information were targeted numerous times. They were all censorable -- and governments took steps to censor them.

    Think about all the information you don’t know -- that could change your outlook about your politicians, companies, and other leading figures. 

    Ethereum can help keep the free world remain informed because it is decentralized

    The information stored on the Ethereum blockchain (data, smart contracts, dApps) can’t be shut down by a government or agency and will remain alive and uncensorable for as long as Ethereum is alive -- which could be for a long, long time. 

    Keeping the people capable of making educated decisions is one of the many reasons why Ethereum is valuable. And now is the best time to buy Ethereum and prepare for the end of censorship.

    #4 Ethereum is a host for innovation.

    Ethereum lost 84% of its price value after the so-called 2017 ‘crypto bubble popped’ -- but Ethereum did not die. Just like the internet -- which didn’t die after the 90’s ‘internet bubble’ -- Ethereum has gained strength and momentum.

    Fascinating new projects are being built on Ethereum: microgrids, charging stations for electric vehicles, crypto collectibles, home mortgages, health care records, and many more.

    As an example, there exists a project called the Brooklyn microgrid. They’ve finished a three-month trial run of P2P energy trading between community members -- using Ethereum.


    A Sciencedirect article states that “prosumers can sell their energy surplus directly to their neighbors by use of Ethereum-based smart contracts [...] The first trial included 5 prosumers and 5 neighboring consumers and resulted in the first ever energy transaction recorded in blockchains worldwide.” A small but resounding success.

    This microgrid in Brooklyn was and is run on Ethereum. The exchange of power is governed by Ethereum. But residents also use ETH -- Ethereum’s cryptocurrency -- to make and receive payments. 

    So, should you buy Ethereum now? Well, if:

    • Microgrids and innovation fascinate you
    • You believe we need sustainable energy production and management
    • You want to be ahead of the curve

    Then why not?

    #5 Diversification. Bitcoin isn’t everything. 

    Ethereum’s technology and purpose are different than Bitcoin. 

    We know why Bitcoin is a good investment -- but why is Ethereum a good investment?

    Bitcoin was initially meant to be a cryptocurrency -- emphasis on ‘currency.’ Ethereum is different and is intended to be a platform for smart contracts

    With Bitcoin, you can store value and pay for things. With Ethereum, you can program smart contracts, tokenize assets, and more.

    Both can succeed. That’s why we diversify. 

    Stock brokers, traditional investors -- they all diversify. There’s no sense in buying only stock in Starbucks when Apple is just as fascinating. Both are very different. Both might be great investments.

    Likewise, Bitcoin is great at being a store of value and a way to make payments across borders. But there’s no good way to create smart contracts on Bitcoin. 

    Ethereum is great at using smart contracts. It’s okay at being a payment system too, but it does not have the brand awareness and immutability of Bitcoin -- plus Bitcoin is truly scarce since it’s capped at 21 million coins -- while Ethereum is uncapped.

    Buying both is good, solid diversification. This is why Ethereum is a good investment if you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies beyond Bitcoin.

  • 3 Reasons Why NOT to Buy Ethereum

    There are two sides to every coin. It is unfair to only look at one side. 

    So let’s peak at a few reasons you should consider not to buy Ethereum. This will give you a more balanced perspective. 

    After all, when people say “I’m not a financial advisor -- do your own research” -- this is what they mean. Look at both sides of the coin. Then decide if you want to buy it or not.

    #1 Ethereum Killers, a real threat?

    Ethereum may have been the first blockchain to run smart contracts -- but now it is not the only one. Let’s look at a few:

    1. Cardano offers a layered architecture. Different dApps are built on different layers. This gives Cardano better scalability and security. Ethereum’s solution is off-chain scaling (building apps outside of Ethereum and only processing vital transactions on the Ethereum chain) -- but Cardano offers this from the start.
    2. Cosmos proposes to kill Ethereum by using an architecture connecting several independent blockchains. These independent blockchains are called “Zones” and they are attached to a central blockchain labeled the “Hub.” Cosmos is trying to unite every good blockchain into one central all powerful blockchain.
    3. EOS, for example, brags about industrial-scale applications through the elimination of transaction fees and an ability to support millions of transactions per second. “EOS developers expect that the platform will at least handle 1000 transactions per second upon launch. In contrast, Ethereum can currently handle around 15 transactions per second.” 

    If EOS and other so-called “Ethereum killers” can become faster, better, and stronger than Ethereum -- ETH could be in trouble.

    #2 Keeping your ETH secure still requires work

    Cryptocurrency hackers are still a threat. Keeping your Ethers secure -- and keeping any cryptocurrency secure -- still requires work. 

    This point applies to all cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies aren’t like gold -- which you can lock up in a safe, forget the key and have someone open it for you. If you lose your Ethereum private keys, you lose your Ethereum forever.

    This is covered in-depth in our Ultimate Guide to Cryptocurrencies. But the basics can be listed as follows:

    1. 2 Factor Authentication. 2FA is a security feature offered by most cryptocurrency brokers and exchanges. With 2FA enabled, a hacker needs access to your passwords AND your phone or USB key to gain access. Enabling 2FA generally requires you to download an app on your phone such as Google Authenticator, or to use a physical USB key such as the Yobico. 
    2. Offline storage. If you’re the type of person to buy and hold -- then consider using an offline method of storing your Ethereum instead of keeping them on your crypto exchange. A Ledger hardware wallet or a paper wallet makes sense. With these items, a theft would need to physically access your sensitive information to steal your Ethers.
    3. Buy, sell, trade on reputable platforms. Most hacks happen when a cryptocurrency exchange is drained from its holdings. Make sure you are trading on trusted, reliable exchanges. 

    Remember: You should buy Ethereum now only if you’re prepared to keep your ETH safe!

    #3 ICOs running on funding in ETH may still be cashing out

    From a pure price perspective, supply and demand are essential. 

    A majority of ICOs in 2017 and 2018 were funded with ETH. In 2017 over $6 billion was raised by ICOs. in 2018, they raised nearly $8 billion. A survey in December 2018 showed that “Blockchain projects that raised at least approximately $25 million in their ICOs have moved more than 250,000 ETH over the course of the last 30 days.

     That is a lot of money to move in a short amount of time. 

    These blockchain projects using ICOs to fund their business control a fair chunk of the supply. But not all of them cashed out everything -- Some are still holding onto some of the “war chests.” As the price goes up, they will be tempted to cash out their holdings to pay their bills.

    This could put selling pressure on Ethereum, which will lead to a very slow price rise. 

    Consider this when deciding whether or not you should invest in Ethereum and what is the best time to buy Ethereum.

  • Is Now the Best Time to Buy Ethereum?

    It could very well be. 

    The so-called 2017 ‘bubble’ has popped. Now the price is better reflecting the value and use of Ethereum. Plus with Ethereum 2.0 on the way -- right now the price could be a bargain.

    Ethereum 2.0 is on the horizon.

    Ethereum has faced many criticisms: slow network, power hungry mining, scalability. All these negatives are true. But Ethereum 2.0 is in the works.

    Vitalik Buterin, the founder and CEO of Ethereum, announced they will release Ethereum 2.0 -- saying the future launch of Ethereum 2.0 will be “1,000x more scalable” and “cut energy costs by 99%”.

    It’s set to be released in phases, starting from December 2019. Of course, if Vitalik manages to release these updates on time, the value and price of Ethereum will increase significantly.

    The promise of a 99% reduction in electricity, faster transactions, and vastly increased scalability is an ambitious goal

    But is it achievable? 

    Ethereum has more developers than any other “Ethereum Killer”

    Ethereum’s competitors, like EOS, claim their blockchain can perform leagues better than Ethereum. 

    But proving it is another thing. So far, none of the so-called “Ethereum killers” have been capable of demonstrating their prowess. Is it because they don’t have enough developers to work on it? 

    Blockchain development is a skill in demand. It has grown 6000% in 2018 and is the fastest growing skill on freelancing websites. How many of these developers are focused on Ethereum? 

    ConsenSys showed how disproportionately in favor of Ethereum blockchain developers are. They estimate:

    • There are 250,000 Ethereum developers. 
    • 14,000 repositories and 220,000 commits on Github related to Ethereum.
    • MetaMask now has over 1 million users. 
    • Ethereum has 30 times more devs than the next blockchain community.

    The growth of the Ethereum development community is impressive. It makes sense that, according to cryptocurrency researcher Kevin Rooke, “94 out of the top 100 blockchain projects were launched on the Ethereum network.

    History shows that those with the most and best developers win. As a result, we can assume that Ethereum will compete with EOS and other competitors without much trouble. It’s looking more and more like Ethereum is the future -- even more than its competitors.

  • My Opinion and Story

    I traveled around the world for 1 year on 1 Bitcoin. And to be honest, I sometimes had to convert my BTC into ETH before I could use it. 

    This was due to several factors: ETH was faster and cheaper (lower mining fees) to pay with. Also, some hostels only accepted payments in ETH. 

    During my travels, I had the chance to meet Vitalik Buterin -- the founder and current CEO of Ethereum. Meeting him motivated me to hodl ETH, and even buy more. 

    Why? Because he is a leader unlike any other. Instead of being focused on the price, he is focused on making Ethereum the best smart contract platform. He reminded me a great deal of Bill Gates. He doesn’t care if the price goes up, down, or sideways -- he will keep making Ethereum better. 

    This means that Ethereum is in good hands. If the price goes down -- the CEO won’t quit or lay off a bunch of people to please the stockholders. Instead, he will work on fixing the flaws and improving Ethereum -- which often leads not only to increased price, but also to a sustained higher price.

  • Is It Safe to Buy Ethereum?

    The biggest security threat to Ethereum happened in May 2016. 

    At the time, an Ethereum smart contract existed... It was called the DAO: Decentralized Autonomous Organization. Users deposited money into the DAO in order to receive returns from the DAO, based on the money the DAO made. 

    The DAO raised $150M in ETH by spring 2016. But the code wasn’t secure. One day, someone wrote code that affected the DAO smart contract, and the DAO lost $70 million in ETH to this “hack.”


    To repair the hack and refund people their stolen money, a hard fork took place. Not everyone agreed with the proposed changes, so the Ethereum blockchain split into Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum Classic kept the old blockchain -- along with the hacked funds. The new Ethereum blockchain reversed the hack and refunded everyone their money.

    It’s important to note, however, that this hack did not corrupt Ethereum’s blockchain itself. Rather, it was the DAO smart contract that was hacked. 

    Since then, Ethereum has improved its smart contract code and worked on security - and this is why no security issue happened ever since. 

    These days, the safety of buying, selling, and storing Ethereum falls on the user. It can be a tough burden -- but certainly manageable. 

    We at Cryptomaniaks have had our fair share of challenges and mistakes. So we compiled all our knowledge into a handy Ultimate Guide For Beginners, and it covers security 100%. 

    Here’s a list of the essentials:

    1. Buy Ether only from reputable exchanges (check our list here).
    2. Use 2 Factor Security and use strong passwords.
    3. Don’t leave your crypto assets on exchange platforms. 
    4. Buy and use one of the best hardware wallets available.

    Remember: with great power comes great responsibility, and you should you invest in Ethereum only if you’re ready to secure your holdings properly.

  • Who is Buying Ethereum?

    Surveys have begun to crop up about cryptocurrency ownership. They only focus on either Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as a whole -- but wow, they are fascinating. 

    One survey shows gender disparities in Western countries versus Eastern countries. A gender disparity -- or gender gap -- is when something favors one gender over another. This survey pointed out that “When it comes to knowledge of cryptocurrency, Western countries (US, UK, DE) have a gender gap of 19% while all Asian countries are in the single digits. Additionally, there is little gender gap in China and India in cryptocurrency ownership (4%), whereas it is quite high in the US (13%).” This means that more men know about cryptocurrencies and how they work --- versus women.

    Furthermore, people “with a higher level of education are also associated with higher levels of cryptocurrency ownership (12% high education vs. 4% low education), with similarly large differences for buying intention and overall knowledge (67% high vs. 33% low) of cryptocurrencies.

    The surveys go on to show that cryptocurrency knowledge and ownership -- of which Bitcoin and Ethereum are a part -- are still largely in the hands of educated males. However, the survey also points out that this is slowly changing.

    The bottom line is: more men know and buy cryptocurrencies than women -- but this is slowly balancing.

  • Where Can I Buy Ethereum?

    Here at CryptoManiaks, we are staffed with people who have all worked, studied, and generally kept up to date on cryptocurrencies.

    Over the years, we’ve experienced countless issues. One of them is the trouble of buying Ethereum.

    But as we’ve made mistakes buying and selling Ethereum, we’ve also learned. Since this info will benefit everyone who reads our articles, we went ahead and made a list of the best platforms to buy Ethereum. 

  • Should I buy Ethereum or Bitcoin?

    Both Ethereum and Bitcoin are fascinating -- in their own ways. I would simply say -- diversify: Buy both. 

    But if you’re keen on sticking to one or the other then let’s examine which one is right for you.

    Are you looking to buy and hold?

    If you’re in the game to try and make some money, then you’re looking for which one will make you money.

    Bitcoin has been around for twice as long as Ethereum. It has more media coverage and is the most established crypto asset. Therefore, Bitcoin should be a less risky investment. 

    Bitcoin has the potential to be used as a way to transfer and store value. Bitcoin’s supply will be limited to 21 million Bitcoin; it’s scarce -- much like gold. The last Bitcoin will be mined in the year 2140. After that -- no more!

    If you don’t mind me getting a little technical -- Bitcoin has a deflationary model. This means the supply is capped and the value will not be ‘diluted’ or ‘inflated’ by adding more Bitcoins.


    Also, every four years, Bitcoin experiences a halving. Simply put: every four years, Bitcoin miners get half as much Bitcoin as they did before. This limits the supply of Bitcoin and increasing its value.

    Ethereum can also be used to transfer value. But it may not be the best store of value, because Ethereum does not have a maximum supply. 

    Currently, there are more than 100 million Ether in circulation -- with more being created each day. This is because “Ethereum has opted not to set an upper limit on its total coin supply.

    Vitalik Buterin, the founder and current CEO of Ethereum, tried to address this concern. He said:

     “In order to ensure the economic sustainability of the platform under the widest possible variety of circumstances [...], I propose that we agree on a hard cap for the total quantity of ETH. I recommend setting [a maximum supply of 120 million], or exactly [twice] the amount of ETH sold in the original Ether sale.

    Nevertheless, this is only his suggestion. It has not been implemented yet. So if you’re simply looking to invest in cryptocurrency and you can only pick one, perhaps Bitcoin would hold up better. 

    You should buy Ethereum if you’re more interested in innovation and use cases rather than in scarcity and the economic model of Bitcoin.

    Are you looking to experiment, learn, and use this new technology?

    Some of us are fascinated by blockchain as a technology, as it opened up worlds of new possibilities (smart contracts, tokenization, etc.). 

    If you want to dabble in this new technology -- Ethereum has far more use-cases (including smart contracts, dApps, etc.)

    Yes, it’s true that Bitcoin also holds evolving technologies: 

    • Atomic swaps, which enable swapping bitcoin with coins from other blockchains; 
    • The lightning network, which allows micropayments of BTC for tiny fees.


    These innovations are focused on making Bitcoin a better payment system -- which is great, but limited.

    On the other hand, Ethereum opens up the digital world in far more ways. Tokenization will allow people around the world to own fractions of real-world assets. Smart contracts will help electric vehicles find more charging stations. The list goes on -- it’s a really big pool to dive into.

    So, should you invest Ethereum? As I said, you should invest in Ethereum and Bitcoin. Both are very different types of assets and might provide better rewards than more ‘classic’ assets. 

    I believe Ethereum is the future. 

    But unless you’re an uber-fan of Ethereum, I recommend buying Bitcoin first. 

    It is the king of crypto, the first crypto that ever existed, and the one that best represents the fundamental beliefs that led to their creation.

  • How Much Ethereum Should I Buy?

    Once you buy Bitcoin and feel comfortable transacting with it, then you’re ready to start experimenting. Ethereum is an excellent place to start. And now might be the best time to buy Ethereum.

    There are various factors to take into account when deciding how much to invest in Ethereum. 

    In fact, I already covered the question for Bitcoin in my article ‘How Much to Invest in Bitcoin.’ Many of the same principles apply to Ethereum. 

    Here’s a list of the essentials:

    1. What's your risk tolerance? How much are you comfortable with losing? Fundamental questions, because if you’re not comfortable -- you’ll make poor decisions.
    2. What’s your profit tolerance? Parallel to my previous point. How much are you comfortable winning? Greed is tricky. Make sure not to get caught up in greed. If your 1 ETH gets multiplied by 10 in price -- will you be able to make the right decision and cash out?
    3. Timing. Don’t buy at an all-time high. Don’t sell at an all-time low. You should consider buying more when the market is still recovering from its low spot.
    4. You might change your mind. When the market is traveling up like a rocket -- try not to change your mind. Set a buy limit and stick to it.
    5. Diversification. Diversification is necessary for any investor to reduce risk -- even more if you invest an amount of money you care about.

    Start smoothly. That’s important.

    Transacting with Ethereum is very similar to Bitcoin -- but there are still a few differences. So dip your toes in the water little by little. Then, when you’re ready, go swimming!

  • Should I Buy More Cryptocurrencies Apart From Ethereum?

    Should you buy Ethereum and Bitcoin only? Well, there are plenty of cryptocurrencies to choose from. It all comes down to your budget and goals.

    Michael (my fellow writer at Cryptomaniaks) covered a few in one of our top articles: 5 Best Cryptocurrencies to Buy for 2019. 

    The simple answer is: YES. You should buy more cryptocurrencies apart from Ethereum. Diversify, diversify, diversify. 

    Here’s a quick rundown of the best cryptocurrencies to buy from Michael’s article (excluding BTC and ETH):

    1. Binance coin. It’s a great utility token for use on the Binance platform.
    2. Basic Attention Token. The BAT token is used on the Brave browser -- which is gaining in popularity.
    3. Litecoin. People call it “the silver to Bitcoin’s gold.”
    4. Beam. It’s a young but strong project focused on privacy using brand new blockchain tech (Mimblewimble). They already have wallets for Android, iOS, and desktop!
    5. Nexo. You can earn just by holding it.

    In fact, the best crypto exchanges perform many checks before listing new coins on their platform. You can use these verifications as a quality label to look for some of the best cryptocurrencies to buy to diversify your portfolio.

    Binance is currently the biggest crypto exchange and offers 100+ of the best cryptocurrencies for trading -- I definitely recommend you check it out.

  • So, Should I Buy Ethereum?

    My answer to your question is ‘YES.’ 

    After all, I bought Ethereum. The fact that I met and interview Vitalik Buterin helps. 

    His passion and genius are committed to improving Ethereum no matter what. The group of people he leads were hand-picked by him -- and they are equally as passionate, innovative, and incredible in their work as Vitalik Buterin himself. 

    These types of people change the world. Ethereum 2.0 will be leaps forward for blockchain technology and smart contract use cases. 

    The Ethereum foundation is pumping $30 million into developing their platform -- which will bring fresh, innovative new dApps for us to use. 

    As the years progress, Ethereum’s technology will grow.

    And technologies led by intelligent, focused people are often a good bet. 

    So get on Coinbase or another site recommended in this article and buy yourself 1 Eth today -- and welcome to the wide world of blockchain.

Posted by R.R. Hauxley

R.R. Hauxley traveled around the world ... 1 year on 1 Bitcoin. 20 countries, 12 months, 1 Bitcoin. He wrote a book about it: Stolen Wallets and Where to Buy Them. Along the way he met and interviewed the sharpest, brightest minds in crypto today: Vitalik Buterin, Charlie Lee, and more. Today Rafael educates the crypto curious and delves further into the incredible world of blockchain.


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No doubt this year has been favorable for most cryptocurrency asset, most especially the largest asset BITCOIN with higher advantage as well, Bitcoin bulls are on yet another push to breach the evasive $7,000 usd mark after trading above the $6,500 level against the US dollars once more. i still believe it's best we make use of every market we find ourselves either bearish or bullish as what matters is finding a working strategy/daily signals to grow the little you hold at the moment, for me it's been so profitable because i was so lucky enough to know of Mr Smith who is a pro trader and also signal provider. Trading with his signals has been so magical and profitable which i was able to grow my portfolio from 0.9btc to a total of 6.8btc within 4 weeks of active trading which you would agree is a very good profit. It is important i advice those who are willing to grow a very strong portfolio ahead of the upcoming bull market to take advantage of Smith’s daily signals, He can be reach via Whatspp: +15162001939 or text/call +1-(646)-582-9402 for inquiries into profitable trading systems
michael smith
The recent trend is the fact that cryptocurrency traders can never be poor, cryptocurrency is the best form of investment anyone can carry out now. Sometimes when we have that specific money that we want to invest in a particular thing, we always focus on losing and then investing or spending money wrongly. One reason you need to invest in crypto and its technology is because; Crypto is changing the shape of the economy of any nation that approaches technology and that way being an early adopter gives you an edge over others that will buy into it late. While looking at the growth rate of cryptocurrency and the opportunity it presents, why not look into it and have a rethink about the particular investment you wish to make now. Bitcoin has changed my life because I invest in the right way and one thing that gives me joy is because I also learn the concept of trading from a pro to accumulate and hold more bitcoin. Let a expert trader show you how to get started on your cryptocurrency journey the right way. Using my first month of Mr.Smith’s strategies and signals, I profited up to 400%. My 2.5BTC gave me a return of up to 9BTC. Looking into this month as well, do you have any plans to achieve? I urge you to contact him on WhatsApp +15162001939 or text/call +1(646)-582-9402 for more information
Brad Curry
I know it sounds crazy but Wealthy investors and rich people don't want the average person making money or being pioneers. Greed is a monster in the world. It takes only an angel to show you ways how to make money and earn passive income. I have been in the crypto space for so long trying to figure when to buy and when not to. A friend of mine informed me about Mr.Smith that is a expert trader and he later gave me professional guidance and also recommended good graph for me with accurate signals . It was my first time of trading cryptocurrency and I have felt confident in my decisions. I have made 10 times on my trading capital in 3 weeks and with the market making large moves and the support and mentoring I get from Mr. Smith, I am going for even bigger goals. Mr. Smith is available for reach on Whatsapp (+15162001939) and text/call +1-(646)-582-9402 for inquiries
Dave Spencer
No doubt, 2020 has been so bullish for the entire cryptocurrency asset and there is always a room for Market Correction and the leading crypto asset BITCOIN is not left out of this short term Correction. With the Short Term Correction, a lot of investors/traders are confused on what to do, if they are to sell, hold or buy while some investors/traders want the price of the market to go down more than this so they can buy, save and sell when the price goes up. All i can say is that you traders/investors should not worry or follow the price of the market as you can make profit even in the bear market like i have been doing with a trader Mr Smith . His strategy/signals are meticulous and yields lots of profits. I was able to grow my initials from 0.9 btc to 6 btc in my first month of day trading with him. I will advice investors/traders to look the other way rather than hold because in day trading, you are not affected by the market price. Mr .Smith can be contacted via whatsapp +15162001939 or text/call +1-(646)-582-9402 for inquiries into profitable trading systems.
Carl Sanders
I strongly believe that people complaining about the fall and rise of bitcoin are people that are ignorant about Trading, and even if you do have an idea you also need a mentor. I have made over $70,000 from trading bitcoin but my success never started that way as I had made substantial losses before my turning point in the Crypto space. I bought 2Btc last year which quickly rose in the bull run but eventually lost most of it and sold off what was left, That was the last I would ever have to do with bitcoins until I was introduced to Ms.Tucker. First off she asked to know more about my trade experience. She then gave me a quick insight on what to look out for when choosing a platform and more useful information most experienced traders may never tell you. Most importantly, she introduced me to his specially designed layout and provided me with professional advice and accurate trade signals. With her system, trading has become easy and profitable and I just want to spread the word and thereby help as many that are in my previous unfortunate situation. For all questions, you can reach out to Mrs.Tucker through text/call +1-(646)-582-9402 or Whatsapp +15162001939 for inquires

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