Must-Read Cryptocurrency Books for Investors

5 Must-Read Cryptocurrency Books for Investors

Horace B.
December 03, 2018
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Since you’re reading this article, you are involved in the cryptocurrency space (or at least stimulating your interest in it). This is a great piece for beginners and more experienced individuals, too, as we will be discussing the benefits of learning from cryptocurrency books for investors. Accumulating knowledge over time is something you can’t put a price tag on. This is especially true for cryptocurrency investors and aspiring traders.

Since you’re reading this article, you are involved in the cryptocurrency space (or at least stimulating your interest in it). This is a great piece for beginners and more experienced individuals, too, as we will be discussing the benefits of learning from cryptocurrency books for investors. Accumulating knowledge over time is something you can’t put a price tag on. This is especially true for cryptocurrency investors and aspiring traders.

Entering a market without knowledge of its content, behavior, and the potential impact it may have on your financial and personal life would be rash, idiotic, and irresponsible. To help you avoid this mistake, we have handpicked five incredible books to help get you started in your cryptocurrency venture. These books include some of the best day trading books. Before giving them all away, let’s cover some other popular methods of learning - aside from books.


The Best Ways to Learn Cryptocurrencies

I am not saying that books are the only way forward, but they have some distinct advantages. Reading involves less distraction (if you leave all electronic devices on the side) and give you that awesome rugged feeling of paper in your hand. Anyhow, aside from investing books, there are countless other sources from which you can learn cryptocurrency trading for beginners.

Here are a few to give you a perspective of the range of sources:

  • E-learning platforms
  • Whitepapers
  • Books
  • Surfing the web
  • Podcasts

Limiting yourself to a single learning source is knowledge suicide. Nothing beats a wider perspective when learning about a topic. Our brains have the wonderful ability to take in large quantities of information, so it is most beneficial to learn as much as possible and let your brain do the sorting. There are many benefits to using multiple learning platforms. Think about it.

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You can’t exactly cycle and read a book, can you? A simple solution for learning while cycling, for example, would be listening to a podcast. That 20-minute bike ride will go quickly and you’ll listen to 20 minutes of cryptocurrency related discussions. Congratulations, you’ve just done 40 minutes of activity in 20.

Moreover, the internet offers outstanding learning opportunities that are even free (in most cases). Whether you’re reading the technical whitepaper of an up and coming crypto project or taking advantage of one of many free e-learning platforms, you are opening doors with new waves of quality comprehension.

Why Read About Cryptos Before Investing?

There is something magical about books. Once they’re published, they’re produced and released to the world. Unless a new edition is published, the information in any given book is considered complete. Writers are known to be fairly sensitive creatures when it comes to their creations. When you spot a book that was written with care and passion, you’ll know it. Already, there are thousands of books published on cryptocurrencies - let alone investing itself.


If you create a set of great cryptocurrency books to lean on and learn from before you start investing in cryptos, you’ll give yourself a great head start.

Are Investing Books Bound To Be Dated and Unreliable?

So, you look for a book on cryptocurrency trading for beginners and are unsure whether the material is usable. This is a perfectly valid concern. While there are indeed awful cryptocurrency books that have been published, that doesn’t mean that cryptocurrency books, in general, are unreliable or any less valuable. Treat cryptocurrency books like any other books; do not allow yourself to be lured by a pretty front page and a cool name that reminds you of a Silicon Valley tech genius. Do your own research of the author, the topic, and its relevance to what you want to achieve.​

The good news is that you are already on the right path because you’ are reading this article.


Investing in Startups vs Investing in Cryptocurrencies

Would you rather be a gluten intolerant playing bread roulette or someone with a nut allergy going into a Snickers factory? Comparing these two risky ventures is kind of like comparing investing in startups and investing in cryptocurrencies. Both carry some important dangers. People that yearn for high return potential without any risk should stay away from both startups and cryptocurrencies. But how are they similar?

In both scenarios, you are putting your personal funds into a business venture which you see potential in and hoping to profit in the near or long-term future. Yes, cryptocurrencies are hugely volatile - but they also offer some outstanding potential rates of return.

Depending on the industry they are involved in, startups are part of a regulated system which offers their investors some form of corporate governance, which is an attractive factor for many. As an investor of any startup, however, you need to know about the company, its aims, realistic projections of its earnings, and its chances of penetrating its market. Furthermore, you must be aware of the important competitors of the market which your target company is entering - a piece of information that is frequently underrated by rookie investors.

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Investing Books To Read Today

Enough teasing, I’ll give you what you came for. It isn’t easy finding decent cryptocurrency books on trading and investing when you are unsure where to look. Here are five brilliant books to get you started. Three of them are my top picks for books on cryptocurrency trading for beginners.


Wondering why the first two books are not cryptocurrency related? Well, stop wondering. I’m about to explain why Eric Ries’ and Benjamin Graham’s masterpieces have been added to the list.

An intelligent investor never looks for crazy profits, but focuses on safe and steady returns.

Understanding the Product and Company Before Investing

Prior to making any investment, it’s ideal to have strong knowledge of the product you are dealing with. Additionally, you’ll want to be aware of how the company operates, which is easier said than done. Even transparent companies limit the amount of information investors have access to, making it a difficult job to peak underneath the hood of the powerhouse you find so appealing.

Both The Lean Startup and The Intelligent Investor offer insight into what one should look for in a company before even considering investing. For starters, The Lean Startup explains the processes of starting and running a company in a malleable manner while maximizing opportunities along the way. Reis covers all aspects from your initial idea, working towards executing that vision, and how to do it successfully by ensuring you are ready for unexpected hurdles. As an investor, understanding the flow of a company will bless you with the ability to discern between functional and terrible leadership.

Benjamin Graham is mostly known for his tutelage of Warren Buffet, although he is one of the biggest investment powerhouses of the 20th century, himself. Graham’s book provides insight on some of the basic principles that investors should consider. My favorite Benjamin Graham quote is, “An intelligent investor never looks for crazy profits, but focuses on safe and steady returns.” As a prospective crypto investor, this rule is one to keep in mind at all times.

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Best Day Trading Books and Cryptocurrency Trading for Beginners

There are three awesome cryptocurrency books. Clem Chambers’ published book was aimed at complete beginners looking to dip their toes into the crypto space and used Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as examples. Chambers uses these coins and their respective qualities to educate the reader about the importance of understanding the ecosystem these entities operate in, giving us a broad perspective of what we must know about the behaviour of these markets. He doesn’t only cover trading and investing, but the actual process behind how these coins come to exist - such as mining and minting.

Nik Patel and Marvin Neuefeind have created equally impressive pieces in the form of actual guides. An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook was a huge success, getting thousands of readers’ attention by allowing them to enter the cryptocurrency trading sphere confidently and with a solid plan. Remember, the last thing you want to do is invest aimlessly. This is exactly what these two accomplished authors urge you not to do. Having a flexible investment plan is priceless; it allows you to react appropriately to whatever the market throws your way and minimize your possibility of making bad investments.

A Complete Pocket Guide for Enthusiastic Traders

An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook’s author, Nik Patel, is a guy who has been heavily involved in altcoins since 2013. Thinking back to the opportunities of 2013, Patel saw something special and acted on it - unlike many others who decided to wait it out.

In An Altcoin Trader’s Handbook, Patel doesn’t deny the speculative nature of the market. In fact, he embraces it with open arms. He goes on to highlight the importance of risk management in speculative marketspaces like altcoins and lower market cap cryptocurrencies with little to no history. The overall message of the book is split into three separate sections to guide the newbie investor through their journey, which are:

  • Research
  • Accumulation
  • Distribution

Patel is a brilliant and engaging writer who writes meaningful content and, most importantly, doesn’t fail to acknowledge the risks involved with cryptocurrency investing and trading. This is a transparent book which complements the other four very well.

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Compact Information for Cryptocurrency Traders’ Bedside Tables

One key thing to point out about finding cryptocurrency books to study from is the variety of information in this new, embryonic market space. Do not limit yourself to a single perspective; the authors whom you look up don’t make this mistake, themselves. These educators are constantly reading new material and allowing their outlook on cryptocurrency investing to mold around new information amassed after countless gruelling hours of technical reading.

On that note, you get the best of both worlds. By conducting some research and doing it right, you’ll be able to save yourself plenty of time by selecting the best content out there to mold your very own viewpoint and as a result, method of trading cryptocurrencies. So go, grab yourself a copy from an author whose story resonates and whose content seems to be relevant to what you’re trying to achieve.

Books Are Incredible, But Don’t Limit Yourself

I’d like to reiterate a point I raised earlier about diversifying your study materials. Do not - I repeat: DO NOT rely on a single source of study or reference. You could be the most profitable trader in the world, but if you fail to keep up with market trends, correct research methods, and up and coming competitors, you run the risk of getting left behind.

I personally recommend that you create a list containing your current reference points, whether they’re books, websites, e-learning programs, or YouTube videos. Have this list in your pocket, phone case, or wallet at all times and don’t be afraid to amend it. If you find something new and realize another source has done its job, move on. If you don’t like it, replace it again or go back to what you had before. As long as you take it with a pinch of salt, introducing yourself to a new perspective can only help.

Now that you have a handful of cryptocurrency books to get started with, go ahead and read reviews of these books. Of course, don’t neglect the free information available online. The CryptoManiaks blog is a good starting point for recent news, investment tricks, and learning tips. Happy learning!