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Whether you are looking for an Ethereum casino to play poker, roulette, blackjack, or any other casino game, you will find the best option for each of those categories. 

You will also find the best Ethereum casino bonuses, learn how to start playing with Ethereum, and what are the benefits of those practices.

Let’s dive in.

Best Sites



Casino Rating 9.20
Available in
Available in United States

BetOnline is an online casino with higher than average betting limits. It offers sports betting, poker, casino, esports, and lots of bonuses throughout the year.

50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
BetOnline Homepage

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin
Binance Coin
Panama Gaming Commission


BetOnline does not offer anonymity. You must provide your country, postal code and phone number just to open an account. 


BetOnline has a fair reputation depending on who you ask. They offer a wide variety of betting options but there are also many complaints against them.

Play on BetOnline

7Bit Casino

Casino Rating 8.93
Available in
Available in United States

7Bit Casino is an online casino that accepts various cryptocurrencies as well as credit cards. They offer a wide selection of over 6000 games.

100% bonus up to 5 BTC plus 100 free spins

General Information


7Bit Casino says they offer anonymous play. However, they also say they may require approved identification for withdrawals, so it is unclear if there is real anonymous play or not.


7Bit Casino has a very good reputation and they resolve all of their complaints quickly. They also offer a wide variant of deposit options, making it one of the more rare casinos that accept Dogecoin

Pros and Cons

Play on 7Bit Casino

Vave Casino

Casino Rating 8.92
Available in
Available in United States

Vave Casino is a brand-new platform for gambling. They have thousands of online games and a range of betting options in the sportsbook. Those who are looking for reliable brands will certainly stay on the site and use different crypto payment options. 

100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS

General Information

Play on Vave Casino


Casino Rating 8.85
Available in
Available in United States

BC.Game is an exceptionally designed casino with awesome promotions and 50 cryptocurrencies to deposit! From a chance to win 1 Bitcoin to a VIP system with exotic vacations, there’s always a promotion to play for!

Various promotions available; see site for details.

General Information


You can remain anonymous to create an account and deposit crypto, but BC.Game may require KYC when you withdraw your funds.


BC.Game has a stellar reputation, with few complaints received. With a license from Malta Gaming Authority and many ways to contact the company, your crypto will be safe with them.

Pros and Cons

Play on BC.Game


Casino Rating 8.77
Available in
Available in United States

- 100% Up To 1 Bitcoin On Your First Deposit
- Up to 60% of Rakeback 
- Instant Withdrawals, Fast Payouts, No Fees!
- Highest RTP Slots. Max return on all games

100% Up To 1 Bitcoin On Your First Deposit

General Information

Play on Metaspins


Casino Rating 8.71
Available in
Available in United States

FortuneJack is an outstanding casino and sportsbook with provably fair games and stellar customer service. 

6 BTC + 350 free spins or unlimited 20% cashback

General Information


FortuneJack does not offer anonymous gambling. A phone number is required for verification. They may collect personal information for KYC and AML regulatory requirements.


FortuneJack has a fantastic reputation with most complaints resolved through their customer support, Reddit, Bitcointalk, and Discord.   

Pros and Cons

Play on FortuneJack

Overview of the Best Ethereum Casinos

Casino Welcome Bonus Our Rating Our Review
Stake Exclusive 10% Lifetime Rakeback using code MANIAKS 9.63 Stake Review
Cloudbet 100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC 9.10 Cloudbet Review
Bitcasino.io 20% Cashback up to 10,000 USDT 8.93 Bitcasino Review
Thunderpick 100% up to 200 EUR 8.92 Thunderpick Review
Metaspins 100% Up To 1 Bitcoin On Your First Deposit 8.91 Coming Soon
Bets.io up to 1 BTC + 100 Free Spins 8.88 Bets.io Review
Fairspin 450% Welcome Package up to 5 BTC + 140 Free Spins 8.83 Coming Soon
Mirax Casino 5 BTC + 150 Free Spins 8.82 Coming Soon
Vave Casino 100% up to 1 BTC + 100 FS 8.81 Coming Soon
BC.Game Various promotions available; see site for details. 8.80 BC.Game Review

6 Questions to Ask Before Selecting Your Ethereum Casino

A great Ethereum casino may not necessarily be the best for you and your specific location, financial situation, and other specific reasons.

You might need specific factors to make your experience enjoyable or even possible.

Consider these factors below to determine what you’re looking for. Write down your answers and weigh each result. 

1. Is Your Country Restricted?

The first and most important factor when considering the best Ethereum casino is if you can even use it. 

If you’re a US-based customer, then you’ve seen why your best option is BetOnline. They proved themselves to be one of the best legal Ethereum options for US residents.

Other casinos accepting Ethereum, like Stake, are better for residents of the UK, EU, or other worldwide countries where Stake has legal rights to operate. 

So be sure to check that first, and then go have fun!

2. Is The Casino Reputable and Trustworthy?

After you’ve found the best ETH casino that is legal for you to play in your area, you should follow up by considering the site's reputation.

Stake and Cloudbet, for example, are fully licensed under the laws and regulations of Curacao.

When looking into their reputation, ask yourself how these Ethereum casinos resolve public disputes, how they communicate on public forums, and what people say and write about them.

ethereum casino review
Source: Trustpilot


Of course, I already researched the reputation of each ETH solutions I listed -- so that you don’t have to do it yourself.

Also, take into account how long each site has been operating. 

Ethereum casinos that have been around for longer show that they have a good enough reputation to keep people coming back and that they care for their customers. 

Betonline, for example, has been around since 2004. That’s two decades of reputation building.

The other casinos on my list have only been around since 2014 or later. 

They’re younger, but they make up for it with strong customer service and great promotions as they try to win customers.

3. What Casino Games Are Available?

Until now, we’ve discussed the practical factors that go into choosing the right Ethereum casino. But let’s not forget about the fun factors too!

If you’re a casino purest who wants to focus on the classics, then you can’t go wrong with Stake. They offer all the basic games as well as 16 exclusive table games of their own. The games are quite fun and fair, so you can relax and play!

4. What Are The Payout and Withdraw Speeds & Terms?

Once you’ve selected the casino you trust, make sure it has the payout speeds and terms you need. 

Stake offers super quick withdrawals. This way, if you win big, you can cash out your profits right then and there. This helps if Ethereum is fluctuating, so you can cash out to real money or stable coins without risking losing value.

Keep in mind, though, that some Ethereum casinos may put a cap on your maximum weekly withdrawal.

If that happens, and if the casino you chose is trustworthy, you can relax and withdraw the maximum amount allowed each week until all your money is withdrawn.

Do keep in mind that crypto values fluctuate. 

So if you win big and are restricted to one withdrawal a week, by the time you withdraw everything, Ethereum may have made it worthless (or more) than it was at the time of you winning big.  

5. What Bonuses & VIP Programs Does The Casino Offer?

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys a good time, then an important factor for you is to select an Ethereum casino with a great VIP program and lots of entertaining bonuses.

Stake’s VIP program is excellent. You can check yourself how amazing their VIP program is and realize why they often appear at the very top of our list of the best Ethereum casinos.

Stake ethereum gambling site
Stake Promotions


If you’re a newcomer to Ethereum casinos who just wants to test the waters, then BetOnline offers some of the best welcome bonuses:

They offer a 100% Casino Welcome Bonus where you get your first THREE Casino deposits matched 100% from $25 all the way up to $1,000. 

So if you deposit a total of $3,000 over three separate deposits -- they will match that with an additional $3,000 deposit bonus!

6. Does The Casino Games Probably Fair?

Probably fair casinos will show how they use a cryptographic method which ensures that neither the casino nor the player can know the outcome of the game until the moment it starts. Then, after the game is over, you can verify that it was all fair. 
Probably fair games are a very important aspect of making sure you are not being cheated out of your money.


provably fair vs. regular ethereum casinos
Source: provably.com


Key Benefits of an Ethereum Casino Over Traditional

Why do players like me love ETH casinos? They are fast and fun.

Plus, the incentives with Ethereum sites are better than traditional casinos by far. But all that aside … here are a few more great reasons.

1. Faster Deposits and Withdrawals 

Ethereum can act as decentralized digital cash. 

What’s that mean? It’s simple -- punters and players of all games interact directly with each other. No intermediary between them, their bets, and fellow players.

Punters and players can use Ethereum to send funds directly from their personal wallets to the casino’s wallet. It’s done quickly and cheaply. No Wire transfer waiting times. 

And when players wish to cash out their winnings -- that’s fast too. Some Ethereum casinos even have automated payouts, directly back to the user’s wallet. I sometimes receive my payouts in less than 10 seconds.

2. Lower Fees

Ethereum allows for fewer fees. 

Unless you’re new to cryptocurrency, you should know about “mining fees.” These are the types of fees that are paid to perform transactions. 

Well, these mining fees are far, far lower than Western Union or similar fees -- and far faster too. Even when compared to Bitcoin.

However, other options like Litecoin casinos have lower transaction fees than Ethereum.

cryptocurrency average transactions fees

3. Anonymity

Discretion is the better part of valor -- as the saying goes. 

One of the most appreciated points about Ethereum casinos that prioritize anonymity is that the user can transact freely without worrying about his or her financial privacy. 

4. Accessibility

The gambling industry is constantly being regulated and controlled. 

Sometimes new laws pass that impact the accessibility of casinos for me and you and everyone around the world. This is especially true for U.S. customers -- who are some of the most regulated players in the world. 

Now, there are fully anonymous Ethereum casinos that anyone can access by using a discrete VPN service from anywhere in the world.

How to Get Started With Ethereum casinos?

So, now that you know the top five best Ethereum casinos -- how do you take advantage of them?

Read up, because when you play with Ethereum, it has loads of benefits both for your wallet and your peace of mind -- as well as the thrill of it all!

To get started, first, you’ll need Ethereum. Here are the best options to buy some. The reason why we recommend these exchanges for Ethereum is that they have no policy against the use of their website for gambling purposes, as opposed to most crypto exchanges out there.

For more information about your options, check out our recommended exchanges.

Once you have the Ethereum, don’t start playing just yet! 

First, you need to become comfortable storing, sending, and receiving your Ethereum -- and any other altcoins that spark your interest. Make a few transactions between your own wallets. 

Then, try sending only small amounts to whichever site is your best pick. 

And once you’re comfortable enough with manipulating Ethereum, then send out enough to start.

Playing At Ethereum Casinos Using VPN

If you're interested in Ethereum gambling, you can access these sites by using a VPN. A VPN allows users to mask their IP addresses and route their internet traffic through servers located in different regions. By doing this , users can bypass potential geographical restrictions imposed by their internet service providers or local regulations.

While accessing ETH gambling sites with a VPN is feasible, you should consider several factors before doing it.

Legality and Local Regulations

First off, you must understand the laws in your jurisdiction. Ensure that both Ethereum gambling and VPN services are legal in your country. Engaging in any prohibited activity that violates the law may have legal consequences.

Terms of Service

Make sure that you also review the terms of service of the ETH gambling sites you wish to access. Some platforms prohibit the use of VPNs, and violating their terms could result in account suspension. It is crucial to become familiar with the platform's policies before proceeding.

Privacy and Security

VPNs provide an extra layer of privacy and security. This is possible thanks to the encryption of internet traffic and masking IP addresses. However, it is important to choose a reputable VPN provider that has a strict no-log policy and robust encryption methods. Be cautious about sharing information while gambling, regardless of whether you are using a VPN or not.


Make sure that the Ethereum gambling sites you intend to access are reliable and provably fair. Conduct thorough research and read reviews by  other users to assess their legitimacy and reliability. Also beware of scams or fraudulent platforms that may pose as legitimate gambling sites.

Responsible Gambling

Remember to gamble responsibly and set your limits. Even though a VPN makes it convenient for you to access ETH gambling sites, you should still make sure that you gamble responsibly. Always prioritize responsible gambling practices and be aware of the potential risks involved.

Summary - Which Ethereum Casino is Right For You?

So, now that you have all this information and comparisons between the best Ethereum casino, here’s my final takeaway:

  • Set some time aside and register on all the Ethereum casinos I mentioned. Even if they don’t seem to be available in your country -- try anyway -- you might be surprised.
  • Everyone has different tastes when it comes to playing with Ethereum.  Your experience is the only one that matters!

That about sums these Ethereum casino reviews up. Have you tried one (or many) of them? Let me know in the comments!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are casinos that accept Ethereum legal?

Yes. Casinos that accept Ethereum treat it as simply another form of payment. Therefore if it’s legal for you to play on a casino using fiat funds, it will be legal to play using Ethereum too. Be sure to find out if your citizenship and location is one that allows ETH in the first place.

Pros & Cons of using Ethereum?

The pros are:

  • Faster deposits and withdrawals.
  • Cheaper deposits and withdrawals.
  • Possible anonymity depending on the Ethereum casino and its rules. 


The cons are:

  • Non-reversible. If you don’t send or receive the correct address, the funds may be lost forever.

How to play on Ethereum casinos?

Easy. First, find out if you are legally allowed to play with ETH there based on your citizenship. Then, sign up at a site you enjoy. Deposit Ethereum or cryptocurrency of your choice. Place bets according to the site (which will often convert your crypto into fiat). Then withdraw your winnings to the crypto address of your choice.

What’s the best Ethereum casino in your opinion?

The best Ethereum casino is always the one that allows you to play legally. After that, the best casino is one that fits your other needs: type of crypto accepted, withdrawal limits, bonuses, and VIP packages. All those factors come into play when deciding which site is the safest and most fun to play on.

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Mary Crouch

Mary is a content writer and strategic thinker keen to educate bettors on the finer points of gambling. She is about finding value in betting and isn’t afraid to call people out when they provide misinformation about the industry.

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