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In this 2024 Mbet.io sportsbook review, I’m going to share with you all that I’ve learned after researching and interacting with the site for hours on end. 

You will find all the features of their platform, the pros and cons, and many screenshots.

Mbet.io is an interesting company so you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Most importantly, you’ll discover my honest opinion on Mbet.io.

Is Mbet.io safe? Is Mbet.io legit? Find out below!

Feel free to skip directly to sections that interest you.

Let’s go!

2024 Mbet.io Review: Homepage


1. Key Takeaways 

I understand you may not have enough time to read my full Mbet.io review, so here is an actionable summary to help you.

Pros of Mbet

Crypto Native Company.
Pros Description (Normal): 
They raised money in 2017 with an ICO (Initial Coin Offering)
Exotic Offerings.
Pros Description (Normal): 
MBet.io offers everything from cricket to virtual camel racing!
High-Quality Customer Service.
Pros Description (Normal): 
They have a help page and 24/7 live chat.
Good User Reviews.
Pros Description (Normal): 
I was unable to find any negative reviews.
Generally Available.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Unless you live in Australia, you are free to play!
Simple Interface.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Mbet.io does a great job at branding their website and having everything located exactly where you want it.


Cons of Mbet

Cons Title (Bold): 
No License.
Cons Description (Normal): 
Mbet.io does not have a casino license, although they do not operate as a casino. They call themselves a crypto sportsbook.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Limited Owner information.
Cons Description (Normal): 
Other than the address of the incorporated entity, I was unable to find anything out about the owners.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Limited Offerings.
Cons Description (Normal): 
They choose to focus on their Mbet.io sportsbook offerings and do not have casino or poker options.


2. Background

Year founded: 

MBet Limited

No License



End-to-end Crypto

Anonymous gambling available



3. Reputation 5.0/10

Mbet.io considers itself a crypto-sportsbook. I am curious how they would define that. 

On one hand, they are a crypto native company in the sense that they funded their operations with an initial coin offering (ICO) in 2017. 

On the other hand, the platform requires you to submit personal information to generate an account. You would expect that they would allow you to generate an account by simply connecting a wallet, but there must be more to the story that I’m not privy to. 

Mbet.io License

I could not find a verified license owned by Mbet.io in their documentation or elsewhere on the web. Is Mbet.io legit? I would say yes. Although not having a license is a fairly large red flag, the reviews I found for Mbet were positive. 

The company is owned by Mbet.io Limited, which is based out of Nicosia, Cyprus’s capital. 

Reputation of Owners

The world of crypto is very different from the traditional corporate world. In crypto, people often create platforms and products either anonymously or pseudonymously, which would be illegal in the traditional corporate world. 

The reason Mbet is incorporated in Cyprus rather than the US is most likely due to the amount of scrutiny they would receive as a US company. 

To avoid the costs and hassles of that scrutiny, or for nefarious reasons, companies often incorporate in lesser regulated jurisdictions such as Cyprus or Curaçao. 

This is not inherently bad, but many bad guys attempt to manipulate their users by incorporating in these lesser regulated regions. 

Mbet.io, for example, is owned by Mbet.io limited and provides a Nicosia address listed in their articles of incorporation but I was unable to find anything regarding the owners.

While this lack of license red flag has been noted, I want to clarify that I was only able to find generally favorable reviews of Mbet. 

It is still important to consider their location, lack of transparency, and lack of license. 

Security Features

Mbet uses the industry-standard SSL certificate on their platform. While this isn't a lot, it does show that the site is secure. Maybe they will add more security features in the future.

Complaints Received

I was unable to find any complaints about Mbet which is great. There were a few reviews across different sites and they were all very favorable. 

The ratings varied from 3-5 stars out of 5 and included descriptions of users having no issues with depositing, betting, or withdrawing funds.

2024 Mbet.io Review: Review on Trust Pilot

As there were no complaints, I did not see any responses from Mbet. 

I would like to see Mbet create a forum on their site where people can speak about any issues they are having and allow the platform to answer in a public fashion.

4. Prohibited Countries

Before I move forward with the essence of my Mbet.io review, make sure you don’t play on this platform if you reside in one of the following countries:

AU Australia

See All Prohibited Countries


5. Casino Features 

Unfortunately, there is no casino option on Mbet.io. But if anything changes, we’ll be sure to review it here!

6. Sportsbook Features 9.1/10

The sportsbook at Mbet.io is their flagship product. This Mbet sportsbook review details everything you need to know about their offerings. 

They offer bets on everything from traditional sports like basketball and baseball to lesser-known sports like harness racing and rugby.

Below is a page of their harness racing offerings. 

2024 Mbet.io Review: Harness Racing Page

It looks similar to their other betting pages such as the gallop racing page pictured below.

2024 Mbet.io Review: Gallop Racing Page

This consistency may seem boring to those who don’t understand branding. This page evokes the same feeling as the previous page. 

Consistent feelings found across the platform, when aggregated, are a brand. In my experience reviewing gambling sites, Mbet has succeeded the most in instilling this sense of brand across their platform without being gaudy. 

A few of the pages do look different, such as the American Football page pictured below. The reason for this change is because the structure of the offering is different and requires a different layout. 

Either way, Mbet maintains their branding even on these unique pages.

2024 Mbet.io Review: American Football Page

As you can see in the previous few photos, Mbet.io lists Gallops, Harness, and Greys on top of every betting page. I assume they do this because those offerings are where the bulk of the betting volume occurs on the platform.

This makes sense as the reviews I read often mentioned the Greys and Harness racing. 

These are two fairly uncommon bet offerings so it is interesting that Mbet has created somewhat of a niche.

Alongside their robust web application, there are also Mbet. mobile gambling options on your phone’s browser. 

7. Poker Features 

Unfortunately, there is no poker option on Mbet. But if anything changes, we’ll be sure to review it here!

8. Player Experience 8.8/10

Platform Functionality

I had no issues operating the website and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly everything loaded. Odds and game times were updated each time I refreshed a page. 

Design and Appearance

The site is designed in a very straightforward way. You should have no issue finding what you are looking for as there is no needless assortment of casino games that clog the screens. 

Rather than fit everything onto one screen as many casinos and sportsbooks do, Mbet has a side menu with a designated betting section for each of their offerings. 

2024 Mbet.io Review: Side Menu

The graphics are easy on the eyes and there is definitely a strong sense of branding curated across the platform. 

I feel as though this is not just another boring gambling site but rather it is a succinct, user-friendly betting platform for gamblers of all skill levels. 

Registration Process

The registration process was extremely easy. I simply submitted all the information they asked for - email, first name, last name, and user name. 

I did receive a confirmation email that went to my spam folder. I did not need to confirm my account generation before being able to place bets. 

To potentially increase security, Mbet could require user email verification before placing bets. 

Responsible Gaming

Most gamblers are not addicts but many do have addictive personalities. To combat the potential issue of gambling addiction, Mbet has an entire page devoted to informing people about the risks of gambling and where to go to learn more.

2024 Mbet.io Review: Responsible Gambling Page

I am a huge fan of this aspect of the platform as it shows the conscientious side of the owners. They like making money, of course, but do not want to do so at the peril of their users. 

They also include statements about how children should not be involved in gambling and they list several resources to address that. Given that this platform does not have a verifiable license to operate, they seem to be very good people!

9. Welcome Bonus

Mbet.io offers one welcome Mbet.io bonus code and two continuous Mbet promotions. The Mbet promo codes are found by clicking on the promotion links on the Mbet.io website. 

Terms of the welcome bonus

You are entitled to one risk-free bet for joining the platform. Below are the conditions for the welcome bonus.

  • This offer applies to your first BTC fixed-odds bet on any of the following:
    • Horse Racing
    • Greyhound Racing
    • Harness Racing
  • Place bets, multis, and exotics are not eligible. 
  • If your bet does not win, you will receive the value of your first bet back
    • Up to 5 mBTC in a bonus bet
  • Bonus bets expire within 14 days of being credited to your account. 
  • Rollover is 10x of the bonus amount at odds of 1.8 or better. 

2024 Mbet.io Review: Welcome Bonus Page


10. Promotions 8.0/10

There are a few promotions that you should be aware of if you are going to use Mbet.

6 BTC Welcome Promotion

  • You are entitled to a promotional bonus when you collect bonus points by placing sports bets or playing casino games.
  • For every 10,000 bonus points you earn, you earn 10mBTC which appear directly in your Mbet.io account. 
    • This maxes out at 6BTC. 
  • You have 1 year to earn all the bonus points needed to release your welcome bonus
  • Each bet placed on Mbet earns you bonus points. The bonus point formula is described below.

Bonus Points

  • The number of points awarded varies on the stake size and price. The lower the stake size and price, the fewer bonus points you will earn. 
  • Bonus points = stake (in mBTC) x price score (up to 1) x12.5
  • The price score is the square root of the odds minus 1. The maximum price score is 1.

2024 MBet.io Review: 6 BTC Bonus Page


Super 20 Bonus

Alongside the other two bonuses, Mbet offers the Super 20 Bonus exclusively to players from the African continent. Below is a description of this bonus.

  • The Super 20 bonus bet offer only applies to BTC fixed odds bets containing 20 or more multi-legs on sports and racing events.
  • If the bet loses, you will receive the value of the first bet back.
    • The maximum you can receive back is 1mBTC in a bonus bet.
  • Your bonus bet balance will be credited with an equal value to the original bet.
  • Only one super 20 bonus bet per user, IP address, or device. 
  • Rollover is 10x of the bonus amount at odds of 1.8 or better.

2024 Mbet.io Review: Super 20 Bet Page


11. Customer Service 9.0/10

The customer service at Mbet.io is very high quality.  They utilize the third-party customer service company, Tawk, to communicate with customers. Clicking on their contact page will take you to this new tab pictured below.

2024 Mbet.io Review: Contact Page

The contact page is easy to find, and I was able to get in touch with someone within five minutes. They were helpful and answered my questions promptly. 

They utilize an online translator service so they can communicate in any language, although the platform’s user interface is only available in English.

12. Payments 7.5/10

You are only able to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency on Mbet. While that is positive, the withdrawal and winning limits are low and you cannot generate anonymous betting accounts.


The Mbet.io minimum deposit is zero. You can gamble with as much or as little as you want!

The deposit methods available on Mbet are:


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • DOGE
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • Dash Cryptocurrency logoDASH



The Mbet withdrawal options are listed below.


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • DOGE
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • Dash Cryptocurrency logoDASH

Users seemed to have no issues with the Mbet withdrawal process.

Withdrawal Limits

According to the terms and conditions, the maximum win payable per bet type, per race is $20,000 euros unless otherwise stated. 

This is fairly low and would be scoffed at by high rollers.

Withdrawal Speed

Withdrawals process at the same speed as regular cryptocurrency transactions. 

The wallets connected to the platform are most likely connected to a blockchain and may require two to ten minutes to confirm transactions when the network is busy. 

Usually, blockchain transactions are done within a minute. 


One thing to note about Mbet.io is their site's structure around different cryptocurrency wallets. 

If you deposit Ethereum, your entire offering from the site is priced in Ethereum. The same goes for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, and Doge. 

Below is an example of your interface when using Ethereum. As you can see, the wallet is in the top right of the screen and is used across all offerings.

2024 Mbet.io Review: Ethereum Wallet



Along with the upper-right location of the wallet on the home screen, you also can find the cashier section of the site.

The cashier section is a nice interface to use for depositing and withdrawing any of the cryptocurrencies. 

2024 Mbet.io Review: Cashier Page

13. Sites like Mbet


Mbet.io Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this review of Mbet.io

What is the best feature of Mbet in your opinion? What does the platform need to improve?

There is no Mbet.io scam. Although they do not have casino and poker offerings, I think they do a great job operating their sportsbook.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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