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In this NitrogenSports review 2024, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned after hours of researching and playing on the site.

You will find all the features, pros and cons, and many screenshots of the site.

Most importantly, you’ll discover my honest opinion on NitrogenSports.

I’ve covered so many points, so feel free to skip directly to sections that interest you.

Let’s go!

NitrogenSports Review - Homepage


1. Key Takeaways

I understand you may not have enough time to read my full NitrogenSports review, so here is an actionable summary to help you.

Pros of Nitrobetting Casino

Offers sports betting and poker
Pros Description (Normal): 
In addition to casino games the platform offers sports betting and poker
Great reputation
Pros Description (Normal): 
Only a few complains although the platforms has been operating for a decade
Two-factor authentication
Pros Description (Normal): 
Allows you to add additional security to your login
A generous welcome bonus
Pros Description (Normal): 
The site offers a welcome bonus for both casino and sports


Cons of Nitrobetting Casino

Cons Title (Bold): 
No license
Cons Description (Normal): 
The site operates without an official license
Cons Title (Bold): 
Not a lot of casino games
Cons Description (Normal): 
The site offers only around 100 casino games, much less than its competitors


2. Background

Year founded: 




3. Reputation 5.0/10


NitrogenSports License

The casino doesn't own any official license since Costa Rica lacks specific regulations for online casinos and betting. Although this isn’t a deal breaker, it is worth bearing in mind when signing up for NitrogenSports.

Security Features

NitrogenSports’ security features are admirable. The platform employs two-factor authentication (2FA). This is rarely seen in the crypto betting site niche.

Unlike many other casinos, NitrogenSports offers completely anonymous accounts and won't require you to provide any personal information, except in rare cases where they doubt your identity.

There are several provably fair games, and you are free to inspect each one's reliability from your profile.

Reputation of Owners

A downside is that the owners of the platform aren't known. There is no official information regarding the team behind the project, except the “About Us” section on the blog.

The individuals listed there can’t be found online, except a single site that claims one of the content writers is also the founder of the casino.

Within one of the paragraphs in the Terms, I found that NitrogenSports is a part of a network, including the NitroBetting casino. It also operates from Costa Rica, but no further information can be found on its site as well.

Complaints Received

If you Google “NitrogenSport scam”, you will get tons of results, which is the first red flag when it comes to the casino’s credibility. The majority of them are relatively new and date back to 2020.

Forums like Reddit and Bitcointalk are full of scam accusations and threads where users report different problems, including an inability to withdraw funds, frozen accounts, unresponsive support, and many other issues.

We can’t assume an organized attack from a competitor, because the users raise valid and similar concerns, including the fact the casino has started to go downhill. There is also a sense that NitrogenSports hasn’t made the effort to improve customer service over the years.

So is the case with its TrustPilot page. However, the number of reviews there is very low, at this stage, which makes it hard to draw any conclusions.

Casino.Guru gives NitrogenSports a moderately high score, but from everything I have seen and read, there hasn’t been anything to justify it.

NitrogenSports’ team doesn’t do anything to address the user complaints posted online, which is concerning.


4. Prohibited Countries

Before I move forward with the essence of my NitrogenSports review, note that you won't be allowed to play on this platform if you reside in one of the following countries:

AZ Azerbaijan
BY Belarus
BG Bulgaria
CN China
HU Hungary
UA Ukraine
VE Venezuela
CR Costa Rica
RU Russia
GB United Kingdom

See All Prohibited Countries

These countries aren’t specifically listed on the site, but are instead reported by NitrogenSports users. 

The casino states that you shouldn’t use its services while located in jurisdictions that prohibit Bitcoin or online betting.

Technically, if online gambling is legal in your jurisdiction, you will be able to play on NitrogenSports.


5. Casino Features 5.0/10

NitrogenSports' selection of casino games can't match the variety of other crypto casinos’ offerings. Still, there is a reason for it – the site doesn't rely on common online game providers like NetEnt and Playtech, for example. 

In fact, the casino designs and builds the majority of its casino games in-house, which is why you won't be able to find a massive collection of the most popular titles.

The only third-party game provider the casino works with is UP.

However, this doesn't mean you won't enjoy fresh and exciting options. The casino section boasts 40 titles, including eight provably fair games:

  • Dice
  • Baccarat
  • Blackjack (one, two, and eight deck)
  • Three card poker
  • Craps
  • Slots (Knockout)

NitrogenSports Review - Casino Games

The casino advises users to use their seed to verify hand or roll results for themselves using provably fair gaming results. To do that, simply click the "Provably Fair" button at one of the games.

NitrogenSports Review - Provably fair gaming

Among the rest are popular titles like Fruit Loot, Keno Fortunes, Pompeii, Keno Vegas, Samurai Gold, and more. You can check the full list of casino games here.

The minimum bet for the games is 0.0001 BTC. Maximum bet amounts can vary depending on the game.

Each game has its own rules and FAQs that you should make sure to get familiar with before starting to play.


6. Poker Features 7.0/10

When it comes to poker, NitrogenSports has plenty to offer to its users. The featured poker games include:

  • No-Limit Texas Hold‘em
  • Limit Texas Hold'em
  • Omaha Hi
  • Six-Plus Hold'em
  • Telesina
  • Bounty Tournament

The minimum stakes are between 0.01 and 0.02 mBTC depending on the table. 

The games look visually appealing and the gameplay itself is fast. Players can modify certain details, including hiding avatars to avoid being distracted, turning the in-game chat features on and off, and more.

NitrogenSports Review - Poker room

To ensure the integrity of its games, NitrogenSports uses a standard Mersenne Twister for RNG and Fisher-Yates shuffle for shuffling cards prior to each deal.

One of the best things about NitrogenSports’ poker offering is the variety of tournaments hosted every day.

You can check out the schedule for the upcoming tournaments on the site. 

NitrogenSports Review - Poker room lobby

There are also lots of freerolls, which are a great starting point for newcomers looking to learn before they dive into real money games.

With poker games, you will rarely see more than 100 cash players at any given time. With freerolls and buy-in tournaments, the figure rarely surpasses 50 users.


7. Sportsbook Features 6.0/10

NitrogenSports offers one of the best collections of sports. The platform boasts events from 14 different categories:

  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Ice Hockey
  • Fight Sports
  • Golf
  • Aussie Rules
  • Rugby Union
  • Futsal
  • Cricket
  • Handball
  • Volleyball
  • Snooker
  • Floorball

Each category above features tons of events.

With soccer, for example, you can bet on matches from the second division of Vietnam, the fourth tier of Iceland, or even events from Curacao’s league.

You can add sporting events to your list of favorites to make it easier to find betting markets. There is also a "Starting Soon" tab that pools together games from across multiple sports that are about to begin

The selection of sports aside, NitrogenSports can’t match the abundance of markets per event that competitors like Stake can offer.

NitrogenSports Review - Football odds

The same can be said about the provided odds. Below you will find a screenshot from a selection of random soccer games on 1xBit and TrustDice.

NitrogenSports Review - 1xBit football odds


NitrogenSports Review - TrustDice football odds

NitrogenSports fails to beat its competitors on both fronts, which is disappointing, considering that the sportsbook is the platform’s core product.

NitrogenSports’ eSports offering brings users access to a variety of events across a large number of games, including:

  • Counter-Strike
  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Call of Duty
  • StarCraft 2
  • Rocket League
  • Rainbow Six
  • Overwatch
  • Valorant
  • King of Glory
  • Starcraft Broodwar
  • FIFA
  • NBA2K

Not all of the above titles are offered at the same time. Event availability depends on which games have competitions and leagues currently playing. Check the e-sports section to see the most updated information.

The casino does a great job on that front when compared to other service providers in the field. Esports gamblers will love its rich offering and the hundreds of different events listed there.

NitrogenSports boasts a solid in-play offering with integrated streams, where possible. There is also a live match display with results that liven the experience up.


8. Player Experience 7.0/10

The player experience at NitrogenSports has its positives and negatives.

On one hand, it offers completely anonymous gambling and quick registration. On the other hand, the design and usability of the website needs improvement.  

Let’s get into more details.

Platform features and functionalities

The site works well and loads fast. The games run directly in your browser, which means you get to focus on enjoying the fun and excitement.

The site’s structure supports the bare minimum of features and resources and won’t give you the freedom to customize its sections.

This means there are several minor details that need improving. For example, the sportsbook sections can’t be resized or minimized, which prevents you from checking the different markets without opening each event.

NitrogenSports Review - Sportsbook

Also, when you make a selection, your bet doesn't open automatically, which often makes it a bit hard to spot. Although this isn't a glaring issue, it is annoying when placing multiple bets at once.

There is a convenient search bar function that helps you find everything you need. That way, you can navigate through the thousands of sportsbook events and quickly find the most preferred markets.

Similar to many other crypto casinos, NitrogenSports lacks a mobile app. However, the site's mobile version is very fast and works great, which turns playing on-the-go into a real pleasure.

Since the site isn't as big and as functional as others, it is very easy to navigate, and you can access each section with no more than three clicks.

This makes it an excellent place for crypto casino newcomers and not-so-tech-savvy gamblers.

The interface is available in nine languages, so international users won't face trouble navigating the information on the site.

Design and appearance

The first glimpse at NitrogenSports will leave you scratching your head and wonder whether you are interacting with one of the first Internet sites ever.

The reason is that the design looks outdated and, compared to most of the crypto casino platforms, lacks on the visual front.

For many users, this might be a deal-breaker. However, if you are willing to make a compromise on that front, you will have no trouble getting used to the user-interface and will soon forget that it looks a bit different from the rest of the crypto gambling sites.

The games' visuals are good, but still a bit behind the graphics of leading titles, coming from software producers like NetEnt, for example.

It is safe to say that NitrogenSports' design tries to keep things simple and is unique in its own way.  

Informational resources

Where others fall short, NitrogenSports shines. The site has extensive informational resources that are well-organized in separate FAQ pages.

There are several pages with information, including General Rules, General FAQs, Casino Rules & FAQs, Policy Rules, and Poker FAQs. The Terms and Conditions are listed on a separate page.

Besides, the majority of the individual sub-pages feature FAQs relevant to their particular content. These include tournaments and competitions, games, promotions, and more.

There is also a news section and a blog where the team posts constant updates regarding new developments, betting advice, sports analysis, and more.

I was pleasantly surprised to see that NitrogenSports also relies heavily on video content. Its YouTube channel features betting guides, short tutorials, and promo videos, so make sure to check it out if you prefer to consume information that way.

Overall, the site offers a great collection of informational resources that covers all the potential issues or questions NitrogenSports’ users might have.


9. Welcome Bonus

NitrogenSports doesn't offer a welcome bonus. Considering that this has been the case for a couple of years already, that’s probably not going to change.

Although sometimes the lack of welcome bonus is altogether better than offerings where it is close to impossible to take advantage of your sign-up rewards, it still can disappoint many users.

On the bright side, the lack of a welcome bonus enables fully-anonymous gambling.

Besides, there are plenty of other promotions you can take advantage of instead.


10. Promotions 9.0/10

NitrogenSports does an excellent job in providing a well-diversified promotional mix.

The main promotion is the Parlay Jackpot. It consists of three prize pools, awarded to the top seven players in each one. The prize pools are divided in the following way:

  • Heavyweight (min bet 0.1 BTC, unlimited max wager) - winners take 50% of the awarded jackpot
  • Middleweight (min bet 0.01 BTC, max bet 0.0999 BTC) - winners take 30% of the awarded jackpot
  • Featherweight (min bet 0.0001 BTC, max bet 0.0099 BTC) - winners take 20% of the awarded jackpot

NitrogenSports Review - Bonus Leaderboard

The promotion is recurring, and the ranking restarts each month. All prizes are awarded no later than the 10th of the following month.

Another promotion is the NFL Survivor Pool. It includes several public and private pools with different terms (buy-in amount, reward, etc.).

NitrogenSports Review - NFL survivor pool

The game rewards those who succeed to remain the last man standing in their respective pool. More than 11 BTC in prizes was handed out in 2020. The total amount handed out each year varies.

Each pool has a different number of players, but you should usually expect to face between 200 and 1,000 entries per pool.

The promotion is held once each year, at the start of the NFL season. You can learn more about the NFL Survivor Pool in NitrogenSports’ blog.

The third promotional program is called Nitro Squares – a simple game where you have to pick an event under Live Contests on the Nitro Squares main page.

You win a contest if you have picked the square that reflects the winning number combination of a particular matchup. The winning square is determined by the last two digits of the final score of each team.

For example, if the final score in a Houston Rockets vs. Boston Celtics game is 101:98, the winning combination is 1-8. Entries under the 1-8 combination are declared the winners.

Depending on the matchup, you can win anywhere between 0.0005 and 0.016 BTC. Some of the matchups allow you free entry into the contest. Others have betslip buy-ins of 0.0001 BTC on average.

If ten people manage to get the matchup right, the prize will be divided among them.

NitrogenSports Review - NBA basketball promotion

This promotion is exciting, and, so far, I haven't seen it anywhere else.

The number of prizes in Nitro Squares contests varies. The rewards will be prominently displayed in each contest.

The platform also has an Affiliate Program that allows users to earn a commission for every user that registers on the platform. Every time the referred user places a bet, you receive 0.3% of their total wager.

Also, based on the status of the users you refer, you can earn the following rewards:

  • 4 mBTC for every player that achieves Silver Status by the end of the month
  • 20 mBTC for every player that achieves Gold Status by the end of the month
  • 100 mBTC for every player that achieves Platinum Status by the end of the month
  • 300 mBTC for every player that achieves Diamond Status by the end of the month

The statuses mentioned above are achieved through the collection of loyalty points. You can earn points by playing poker and equal 2.5 times the amount raked.

However, bear in mind that the loyalty points reset on the first day of each calendar month.


11. Customer Service 5.0/10

Email: [email protected]

Phone Number: Not available

Although many online reviews will tell you that NitrogenSports has outstanding support with various communication channels, the truth isn't exactly that.

The site lacks a live chat feature. Instead, it has a ticketing system. This is as close as you will get to any sort of live chat support with NitrogenSports. Yet, its system works similarly to email support. 

Today, a live-chat feature is a bare minimum within the crypto gambling industry. You will rarely see service providers that rely on the old-school ticketing systems, which does no favors to NitrogenSports.

NitrogenSports Review - Customer support ticket

Another unconventional support feature you can use is the chat on the top of the site. You can see messages from players popping-up all the time.

As expected, the conversation's quality is really low, and the chat is full of trolls.

Bear in mind that there is always a NitrogenSports representative there. You can drop your question in the chat and hope they will help you.

However, the chances are your question will get lost in the shuffle.

NitrogenSports Review - Chat room

The site also has a Reddit page, but it can hardly be considered an official communication channel.

The reason is that there are numerous topics from users complaining about issues with the site’s operation, which turn into discussions between Redditors instead of being addressed by the NitrogenSports’ team.

The poor customer support organization aside, I should say that the representatives are well-trained, knowledgeable, and helpful. 

In a nutshell, NitrogenSports' customer support is a mixed bag – although it will do the job, it won't be as convenient and as timely as in the case of other crypto gambling sites.


12. Payments 7.0/10

In this part of my NitrogenSports review, you will find all information related to payments on the platform.


The deposit methods available on Nitrobetting Casino are:


  • BCH
  • BNB
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • USDC
  • USDT
  • BTC

That’s right! NitrogenSports is a Bitcoin-only casino. It doesn’t support any other cryptocurrencies. 

There is no fee to deposit BTC to your Nitrogen account.

Also, you won’t be able to make deposits in fiat or buy cryptocurrencies from the platform.

If you don’t have any cryptocurrencies yet, visit our full resources on the best ways to buy crypto.


The deposit methods available on Nitrobetting Casino are:


  • BTC

Again, just as with deposits, you can only withdraw from NitrogenSports in Bitcoin.

To be able to withdraw winnings from contests, poker freerolls, and free bet giveaways, you will first have to make a deposit.

Accounts with a deposit history of at least 0.005 BTC can take advantage of 1 free withdrawal per 6 days. Each withdrawal after that, as well as accounts with a lower deposit history, are subject to a 0.0001 BTC fee.

To take advantage of the free withdrawal offer, new accounts must wait six days.

However, it is worth noting that NitrogenSports states that it reserves the right to apply extra processing fees to any withdrawal of funds in its Terms and Conditions.

Maximum Payouts

Although NitrogenSports doesn’t have universal maximum payout limits, restrictions might apply in some cases.

For example, the maximum payout for a single bet slip is determined by each line's limit. For parlays, the maximum payout on a bet slip is 50 BTC.

Payout Option Minimum Amount Fee
Bitcoin 0.001 BTC 0.0001 BTC

Withdrawal Speed

Deposits and withdrawals on NitrogenSports are instantly processed by the platform.

How long they will take depends on the amount you are trying to withdraw and the number of confirmations needed.

The transaction might have to pass between one and six confirmations. You will have to wait the usual confirmation time, but as soon as all transactions are validated, the bitcoins should appear in your profile.

13. Sites like Nitrobetting Casino


Wrap Up

I hope you enjoyed going through my NitrogenSports Review.

So, in the end, what is the best feature of NitrogenSports, in your opinion, and where does the platform need to improve?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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