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In this 2024 Jazz Sports review, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned after hours of researching and interacting with the site. 

First of all, congratulations to Jazz Sports for making it to their 30th anniversary! That is an impressive feat to achieve in the cutthroat world of online gambling. 

Below you will find all the features, pros and cons, and many screenshots to give you an idea of what to expect when gambling on Jazz Sports. 

Most importantly, you’ll discover my honest opinion on Jazz Sports. Feel free to skip directly to sections that interest you.

Let’s go!

Jazz Sports Review: Jazz Sports Home Page


1. Key Takeaways 

In case you don’t have enough time to read my full Jazz Sports review, here is an actionable summary to give you some insight into the platform.

Pros of Jazz Sports

Lots of betting odds.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Bet on over 100 different outcomes on major events
Anonymous Account Option.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Setup a Jazz Sports account anonymously with a digital wallet and an email. The deposit and withdrawal features are simple and accessible when you fund your account with a digital wallet.
Casino Games for everyone.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Over 400 games are available that can be indexed and searched through in multiple ways.
Exotic Offerings.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Bet on uncommon events like handball, esports, and political elections.
Great Customer Service.
Pros Description (Normal): 
Phone and email support! It is a huge plus when gambling sites offer both anonymous account generation and phone support.


Cons of Jazz Sports

Cons Title (Bold): 
Limited Translations.
Cons Description (Normal): 
Jazz Sports is only available in English and Spanish.
Cons Title (Bold): 
Cluttered User Interface.
Cons Description (Normal): 
While it is self-explanatory, the user interface can become overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for.
Cons Title (Bold): 
No Promotions.
Cons Description (Normal): 
They choose to offer more generous sign-up bonuses.


2. Background

Year founded: 

DPT Sports Group




End-to-end Crypto

Anonymous gambling available



3. Reputation 8.1/10

Although Jazz Sports has a good reputation on Casino.Guru, there is an unusual absence on other review sites. I found this odd given how long this company has been around. Is Jazz Sports safe? I have come to the overwhelming conclusion that yes it is. 

Jazz Sports License

Jazz Sports has acquired the industry-standard e-gaming license from Curacao. 

If a casino displays the Curacao eGaming license, it should be taken as proof of legitimacy as it proves that the platform has been through the initial investigation process and is regularly audited by Curacao authorities.

Security Features

As is the standard in the industry, Jazz Sports has an SSL certificate on its site. 

What sets them apart from many other online casinos is the ability for customers to register anonymously. In order to do so, you would need an email and a cryptocurrency address. 

The only time documentation is requested is when a credit card is being used. They will request that you upload a photo ID to verify that you are the owner of the credit card.

Reputation of Owners

After extensive research, I was unable to find information about the owners. This can potentially be an issue as it creates a lack of transparency. 

Although I was unable to find any evidence of foul play, it would instill more trust in the Jazz Sports community to have a clearly defined management company with a track record of legitimate successes. 

Complaints Received

I found one complaint about Jazz Sports on TrustPilot from January of 2024. This gambler was unhappy with the required rollover of deposits and the unfavorable gambling limits. 

The Trust Pilot profile has not been claimed and I was unable to find a rebuttal to this complaint. What could make the casino more legitimate would be to implement a community forum on the Jazz Sports website so complaints such as this could be resolved.

4. Prohibited Countries

Before I move forward with the essence of my Jazz Sports review, note that you won't be allowed to play on this platform if you reside in one of the following countries:

While this was told to me by a customer service representative, I still had issues accessing some games on the site while being located in the United States.  

It is important to understand your local laws to know if there are gambling restrictions you may be subject to. 

5. Casino Features 7.0/10

JazzSports has a whole host of features for gamblers with any level of experience. 

There are over 400 games for you to choose from including slots that are set to a 97% payback. While that is an impressive suite of games, it is not as many as some other sites.

Jazz Sports Review: Jazz Sports Casino Page

The following screen may look cluttered but the user interface is accommodating in the sense that you have the ability to index your search by the game and the game provider. 

Jazz Sports Review: Jazz Sports Casino Game Page

The games include all the big hits: Blackjack, slots, roulette, you name it. With over 40 poker games and 200 slot games that have entertaining 2D and 3D graphics, you’re sure to enjoy the Jazz Sports casino for hours on end. 

The poker selection is somewhat confusing because they include three areas on the site where you can access it. There is a regular 2D game-set available, a video poker set, and a 3rd party set of poker games. 

In the case of the live video poker set, I was unable to access it from an IP address located in the US.

Jazz Sports Review: Game Unavailable

This is off-putting because I was told that if I did not live in Costa Rica, I should have total access to the games on the website.

On another note, my favorite user interface of the games available was Oasis Poker from the 2D game set. 

Jazz Sports Review: Oasis Poker Page

The screenshot above shows you the page you see when you open the game. This style of game is fairly common on poker sites but it is a tried and tested formula for amateur and veteran gamblers alike. 

The casino selection is impressive but the accessibility will need to be updated to ensure that all available games can be played by all registered players. While users have the ability to parse through games by type and provider, the landing page of the Casino is a little overwhelming. 

6. Sportsbook Features 9.5/10

The Jazz Sports sportsbook offers an extensive assortment of sport betting options. These sports are scattered across the site in the following categories:

  • Sports
  • Esports 
  • Virtual Sports
  • Racebook
  • Contests

The sports bets offered by Jazz Sports Sportsbook are not located in one place which makes it difficult to know what is available. One thing to note is that the 2020 Olympic events are offered to bet on. This is actually referring to the 2021 Olympic event lineup. I assume Jazz Sports is leaving the 2020 title for SEO reasons. 

That issue is not prevalent everywhere as some of the offerings, such as the UFC fights, were updated to the present date. 

Jazz Sports Review: Jazz Sports Sportsbook

One notable offering in their sportsbook is the ‘Politics’ section. 

Jazz Sports Review: Jazz Sports Exotic Odds

Here, you can express your opinions on various political topics such as who will win the United States 2024 election, or who will be the presidential nominee for a given party, etc. 

This is an interesting asset class. Prediction markets have become increasingly popular with the recent onset of crypto and gambling exchanges offering political futures contracts. 

Jazz Sports also offers five different contest games which are centered around sports.

Jazz Sports Review: Jazz Sports Contest Page

Each of these games opens up in a new window at BracketContest.com, another gambling website. They must have an affiliate relationship with Jazz Sports or be owned by the same people. 

Jazz Sports Review: Bracket Contest Page

As you can see in the registration details, this site aggregates players from Jazz Sports and ABC Sports. That could increase competition and make the game more fun, although it is very strange that the registration deadline is listed as March 12th, 2013. 

This gives me the impression that this service is not used anymore. Each of the contest buttons brought me to new windows of third-party websites that seemed very inactive. 

The highlight of the platform was the Esports section.

Jazz Sports Review: ESports Contest Page

When you click on the Esports button on the top left of the screen, you are automatically placed in the viewer's perspective of a live multiplayer game that you can bet on. There are nine games (including League of Legends, Dota-2, Counterstrike) with dozens of leagues included. 

7. Poker Features 8.4/10

Although the Jazz Sports Sportsbook is impressive, the poker features on Jazz Sports are some of the highlights of the platform. Not only do you have options to play 2D poker in the Casino, but there is a 3rd party poker site called Even Bet Poker that you can play other players on.

Jazz Sports Review: Even Bet Poker Page

When playing this poker game, you are taken to a new window with the above dashboard. This is a very nice compliment to the platform as it includes a simple yet effective user interface. The above poker site offers two versions of Poker with three variations - Hold’em and Omaha, and fixed, pot limit, or no limit. 

Stakes vary from $0.01 to $50 and pot sizes were indeterminable due to the lack of volume in players. I was unable to obtain an idea of the quality of players on this network as I was the only gambler present on the site. 

Although I was unable to find any other players on this site when I was visiting, it is fun to see where other players have been based. For example, the tables in the above screenshot are based in Prague, Panama, San José, and San Salvador. 

Even Bet Pokers is available in two languages: English and Spanish. 

8. Player Experience 7.0/10

Platform and Features

Jazz Sports is only available as a website. Most of the games are played directly within the site but some of them automatically take you into a new window to a 3rd party provider. 

There is no desktop client or mobile application. 

Design and Appearance

The design of the site is self-explanatory but somewhat cluttered. 

If you know what you are looking for you will have no problem finding it, but if you are browsing, you may be overwhelmed by the amount of casino, sportsbook, and esports options and where they are located. 

Certain areas of the site have a better user interface such as the esports page. 

The games themselves are attractive, well designed, and include sounds that mimic the sports game or casino game you are playing. 

Registration Process

The registration process was very easy. I chose to register as an anonymous account so I was only required to list my email and a password. I value this option, as I want to input my address and phone number on as few sites as possible. 

There were many moments where I felt the platform was glitchy. I think it may be due to the amount of un-updated games. 

I don’t feel as though this website was designed in a way that is better than what other gambling sites have to offer. If you pull up Jazz Sports on your mobile phone, you will be inundated with bet offerings that are difficult to index without a desktop. 

Crypto Tutorial

One notable feature of Jazz Sports is their crypto tutorial page. 

Here you will find all the ins and outs of setting up a digital wallet and connecting it to the Jazz Sports platform. 

Jazz Sports Review: Cryptocurrency Page

This is a great feature in that it allows people who are new to online gambling and crypto to get involved in a quick and seamless fashion.

9. Welcome Bonus

  • Any deposit by credit card can receive a max bonus of 10%
  • Anonymous accounts can ONLY deposit/withdraw via crypto and request a max 10% cash bonus.
  • Any player not taking a bonus must rollover their deposit plus fees at least once before a payout can be made.
  • The requirements vary depending on the bonuses and the player is responsible to inquire as to the restrictions that come with the bonus they are accepting.
  • Bonuses are for U.S. players; bonuses for other players are at the discretion of management.
  • For the 50% cash bonus, the maximum wager amount is $500.
  • For the 100% cash bonus, the maximum wager amount is $250.
  • Free Play: it allows you to place free plays with no risk at all. Whenever you win a Free Play wager, the winnings will become cash and available in your sports account. Remember you can ONLY place straight bets on the four major sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL) with your Free Play bonus.
  • If you are a new customer and receive complimentary casino spins, you will have a max cash-out of $50.
  • If you decide to fund your account with a deposit, the max cash-out is eliminated; however, the balance will be reset to $50 before the new deposit is made.
  • Rollover: The rollover requirement includes the sum of the deposit and awarded bonuses, multiplied by the rollover number for that particular bonus plan. Example: Deposit of $300 with a 10% Bonus. (Deposit of $300 + 10% Bonus of $30 = $330 X 4 = $1320 in wagers needed)
  • The following image lists the wagering contributions available for specific games. 

Jazz Sports Review: Wagering Contributions


10. Promotions

After going through each section of the website, I was unable to find any promotions that are offered by Jazz Sports. This is not a huge deal although many other gambling platforms offer incentivizing promotions to their players. 

11. Customer Service 10.0/10

The customer service at Jazz Sports is great. I communicated with multiple agents who responded in a friendly and timely manner. They answered the questions I had and got back to me very quickly. 

Jazz Sports Review: Contact Page

There are options to contact them via chat or phone available to you 24/7. You can find the contact emails and numbers on their website, should you have any issues with Jazz Sports. The languages offered are English and Spanish.

If you have a specific question, there is an external support page meant to handle those. You can find that on the Contact Us page.

Jazz Sports Review: External Support Page

Each of these support tickets will go to the customer service teams designated to deal with those specific issues. 

12. Payments 8.0/10


The deposit methods available on Jazz Sports  are:

Credit Cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • Dash Cryptocurrency logoDASH
  • DOGE


  • Skrill
  • MoneyGram

Instant Banking

  • P2P
  • Ria
  • Remitly


Minimum Deposits

ACH/Debit: $50
Credit: $50
Cryptocurrency: $50
P2P: $100
Skrill: $100


The Cryptocurrencies accepted for funding at Jazz Sports are the following:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Dash
  • Litecoin

For any Person to Person deposit, call to check the available P2P methods. Maximum $1000 per sender per month. Maximum $500 per transaction.


The withdrawal methods available on Jazz Sports are:

Credit Cards

  • Visa
  • Mastercard


  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BCH
  • LTC
  • Dash Cryptocurrency logoDASH
  • DOGE


  • MoneyGram

Instant Banking

  • Ria
  • Money Orders


Payout Conditions

Previously engaged rollover requirements must be fulfilled before requesting and processing any payout requests.

Documental proof of ID may be required in order to authorize payment in some cases. 

The approval or denial of payments will always be subject to management discretion. 

Players must maintain a regular activity record during the 7 days prior to the date of issuance of the payout request.

Withdrawal Speed

Withdrawal speed can be minutes for cryptocurrency transactions. P2P withdrawal timeframes are dependent upon the type of withdrawal you choose when speaking with a Jazz Sports agent.

13. Sites like Jazz Sports


Jazz Sports Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this review of Jazz Sports

Is Jazz Sports legit? Is Jazz Sports safe? After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that yes! Jazz Sports is legit and safe!

What is the best feature of Jazz Sports, in your opinion? What does the platform need to improve?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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