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RichPrize is not available

In this 2024 RichPrize review, I’m going to share with you what I’ve learned after hours of researching and interacting with the site. Is RichPrize legit? Is RichPrize safe? You’re going to find out!

You will find all the features, pros and cons, and many screenshots.

Most importantly, you’ll discover my honest opinion on RichPrize.

Feel free to skip directly to sections that interest you.

Let’s go!

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Landing Page

1. Key Takeaways 

I understand you may not have enough time to read my full RichPrize review, so here is an actionable summary to help you.

Pros of RichPrize

Assortment of games
Pros Description (Normal): 
The platform has 5000+ games for its users
High security
Pros Description (Normal): 
This is ensured with Curacao Gaming License
Info Cener
Pros Description (Normal): 
There is a dedicated info center for customers.
Pros Description (Normal): 
The platform is simple to use and navigate


Cons of RichPrize

Cons Title (Bold): 
Choice of bonuses
Cons Description (Normal): 
There are only few bonuses for new and current users
Cons Title (Bold): 
Customer support
Cons Description (Normal): 
They are slower than expected


2. Background

Year founded: 

Freshharvest N.V.




End-to-end Crypto

Anonymous gambling available



3. Reputation 2/10

According to the official information on Rich Prize, the casino's owner is Fresharvest Limited, a limited liability company registered under the laws of Seychelles. 

When I searched for more details on this company, I couldn't find anything about it. This is the first sign that a casino is not a secure place to join and leave your money.

After checking the brand's reputation on CasinoGuru, I discovered that RichPrize has a fake license and an undisclosed owner. This looks discouraging for anyone looking to sign up and play there.


Complaints Received

I found a few very minor complaints about issues in collecting bonuses. Given the complexity of some of the bonus terms, I can imagine people may have made a mistake regarding the collection without realizing it.

There were no serious complaints about issues with withdrawing or placing bets. 

RichPrize License

RichPrize doesn't have a license from any prestigious authority in the market. 

This is a reason for caution, as players may not be protected in case of any fraudulent activity by the casino.

Security Features

The website has an SSL certificate, so you can be sure adequate safety measures are in place to protect your private information. 

You can anonymously generate an account using crypto or connect your email and a fiat account through your bank, Paypal account, and more.  

There is also a 2FA when you create an account with an email.

4. Prohibited Countries

Before I move forward with the essence of my RichPrize review, make sure you don’t play on this platform if you reside in one of the following countries:

KH Cambodia
CN China
CR Costa Rica
CW Curaçao
FR France
JP Japan
LB Lebanon
KP North Korea
SG Singapore
TR Turkey
US United States
GB United Kingdom
AE United Arab Emirates

See All Prohibited Countries

The only way to play if you reside in these countries is through an anonymous account and cryptocurrency deposits. 

5. Casino Features 8.0/10

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Casino Landing Page

As you can see in the above screenshot, RichPrize has a robust casino offering. You can find all your favorite games like Blackjack, Roulette, and more. You can also find variations on these games such as European Roulette or Russian Poker. 

There are over 2000 casino games on the platform so you can be sure to find one that you’ll like. The animation and user interface are appealing and did not lag when I tried out a few games such as the Book of Dead game shown below. 

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Book of Dead

This game is listed as the most popular game on the platform and amazingly, the top four winners have each won over $10,000 Euros! That is quite the payout!

6. Sportsbook Features 8.0/10

2024 RichPrize Sportsbook Review: Sportsbook Landing Page

The details in this RichPrize sportsbook review are all you’ll need to decide if it's right for you.

The offerings are as good or better than what I’ve seen elsewhere. They have everything from soccer and football to handball and rugby - even NASCAR, Gaelic Football, and Skiing competitions are eligible.

The interface to place bets is not laid out as well as I have seen elsewhere but it does get the job done. I particularly like the live-action field that they include for games happening at the moment you are on the site. In the screenshot above, you can see the ball is in midfield.


2024 RichPrize Sportsbook Review: eSports Landing Page

While the eSports page is not the most appealing, it does have a good selection of virtual sports offerings. With virtual sports, you know you can bet on something 24/7!

Along with the dog racing shown above, you can bet on virtual Bingo, Roulette, Keno, and more. These games seem to have relatively good odds and have a lot of players involved.

7. Poker Features 

Unfortunately, there is no poker option on RichPrize apart from video poker. But if anything changes, we’ll be sure to review it here!

If you really want poker, check out our Best Bitcoin Poker list.

8. Player Experience 8/10

Platform Features and Functionality

RichPrize is well built, and I had no issues scrolling between pages and games. I never encountered any bugs or dead links.

Design and Appearance

The design is user-friendly, although there are a few minor errors with spacing and images. But those aren't a big deal. Occasionally an image will be cut off by the end of the screen, but that doesn’t affect the gameplay of the platform. 

None of the games I played experienced any image problems - it was only the static images on the landing pages.

Registration Process

Registering was very quick and easy. 

I decided to log in with an anonymous account, so I was not required to input any information. I was presented with the following page when I set the account up. 

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Login information

This anonymous account was generated, and the details were saved to my computer in a .txt file. This is great - you don’t need to worry about losing your login credentials. Just make sure that your computer doesn’t get hacked.

All you need to do is set up the account and send crypto to the wallet they created for you.

9. Welcome Bonus

There are eleven bonuses to choose from at RichPrize, and all you will need is a RichPrize bonus code. That’s the most I’ve seen on any individual site. Some of these bonuses are better than others, but again, include the RichPrize bonus code when placing your bet!

I only include the information from the best ones below but be sure to check out all of them to see if another bonus might be better for the games that you play. 

Terms of the welcome bonus

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Welcome Bonus Landing Page

The main welcome bonus offering is 100% up to 400 Euros plus 25 free spins. So deposit 400 Euros, and you suddenly are in control of 800 Euros and more. What a time to be alive.

The eligibility terms of the above bonus are the following:

  1. Must confirm their email.
  2. Must confirm their phone.
  3. Must activate the bonus within 24 hours of account generation.
  4. Must make a deposit of 20 Euros or equivalent. 

The withdrawal terms of the bonus are the following:

  1. Maximum Bonus amount 1000 Euros. 
  2. Maximum withdrawal amount = 500% of your deposit.
  3. Minimum withdrawal amount = 20 Euros. 

The wagering terms of the bonus are the following:

  1. Users must wager 40x the bonus before withdrawal.
  2. Users must wager within 7 days of the activation of the bonus.
  3. Slots wagering participation must be 100%.
  4. Minimum Slot bet = 0.01 Euro and Maximum = 3 Euros.
  5. Betting games wagering is not allowed.

That is a lot of conditions! But it’s worth it if you know what you’re doing.

Video Bonus

You may be interested in the video bonus if you're social media savvy. 

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: 100 Spins Video Bonus

You need to post a video on Facebook or Instagram, tag the RichPrize pages, and you’ll be entitled to 100 free spins.

In order to be eligible for this bonus, make sure to follow the following guidelines:

  1. Video must be 15 seconds long or more.
  2. Video must be of “good” quality.
  3. Your face must be visibly seen. 
  4. You must include the hashtags #richprize and #richprizewin100
  5. Your RichPrize account must be verified.
  6. Your video can be in your native language. 

This is a very easy way to obtain 100 free spins.


2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Fishtable Game

Fishtable is a unique gambling game requiring skills not used in more traditional games like blackjack. If you possess these skills, then you will definitely be interested in the Fishtable 3x bonus.
Follow these guidelines to be eligible:

  1. Confirm email or phone.
  2. Apply the code “FISH”.
  3. Deposit 10 to 300 Euros or equivalent and get a 200% Fishtable Bonus.

You will be able to compete with others in Fishtable, and this bonus will help you be ahead of the competition. 

10. Promotions 0.0/10

I did not find any active RichPrize promotions running on the site, but I’ll be sure to update this section if that changes. 

If you have a RichPrize promo code, it might be a RichPrize scam not associated with the platform. 

11. Customer Service 9.5/10

The customer service at RichPrize is top-notch. They have numerous ways for players to get in touch, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, an email address, and a live chat feature. 

I decided to contact the live chat feature and was pleased to be talking to a human within minutes. I did not have an issue, but if I did, it seems like they would have helped resolve it. 

Ample Articles

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: Bottom of Website Articles

There are also ample articles detailing the rules and regulations of the platform so feel free to browse those at the bottom of the website. 

I have not seen this level of transparency everywhere in online gambling. 

I would only suggest that RichPrize add a Help Center to aggregate all of these helpful links in one place.

12. Payments 9.0/10

RichPrize allows users to deposit fiat or cryptocurrency. The accepted deposit and withdrawal methods are listed below. 


Given that I decided to make an anonymous account with a generated cryptocurrency wallet, I was limited to only depositing crypto. 

There is no RichPrize minimum deposit, so feel free to bet with as little or as much as you want.

2024 RichPrize Casino Review: BTC Deposit Page

Had I gone through the regular account generation and connected a debit/credit card or bank to the platform, I would have had more options. 

The full list of deposit methods available to those with non-anonymous accounts are the following:

Credit Cards

  • Maestro
  • Mastercard
  • Visa


  • BTC
  • ETH


  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Paypal
  • MuchBetter
  • Piastrix
  • Payeer
  • QIWI



Withdrawals can be made through any of the above payment methods; however, I would recommend using cryptocurrency. 

The terms and conditions make it clear that they can withhold any fiat withdrawal for any reason. To avoid that happening, just use cryptocurrency. 

As stated, the withdrawal methods available are the same as the deposit methods listed above.

Withdrawal Limits

RichPrize withdrawal options prevent users from withdrawing more than 1500 Euros per day, 5000 Euros per week, or 10,000 Euros per month. 

Let’s say you make 250,000 Euros in one bet. Well, that would take more than two years to withdraw at these limits. In that case, I would recommend contacting RichPrize to see what they can do to speed that up.

Withdrawal Speed

The withdrawal speed depends on which RichPrize withdrawal options you choose. It can vary from a few minutes to a few days. The withdrawal processes will take up to 5 business days for fiat but should only take a few minutes for cryptocurrency. 

You will need to give yourself more time if you want to withdraw a lot of money because of the above limits. 

13. Sites like RichPrize


RichPrize Review: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this review of RichPrize

What is the best feature of RichPrize, in your opinion? 

Besides the bonuses, I’m a fan of the anonymous account generation, although I think they should up their withdrawal limits to attract wealthier players. While the website version is more than good enough, I think it would be awesome if there was a RichPrize mobile option. 

In your opinion, what does the platform need to improve?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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