The Top 10 Crypto Influencers To Follow

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Published Apr 2, 2024 at 11:30 AM
Last updated Apr 2, 2024 at 1:09 PM

Learning about the world of crypto is a never-ending quest. Just when you think you've got a grasp on the dynamics of the digital asset market, a new technology or emerging trend comes along to confuse you even further.

As the digital space grows more complicated by the day, sometimes you just need someone to quickly break things down into real-time digestible chunks.  

Here's when it's very useful to be signed up and subscribed to the latest knowledgable crypto influencers.

Influencers are a fantastic way to keep on top of all things crypto.

But take note – to get the best information, it's vital that you follow the right kind of influencer and not just any old social media account with lots of followers and a self-published low-resolution book on Bitcoin

While some influencers can be adept and on point, others are merely full of noise and hot air. Some can also tend to jump on controversial topics just to get attention to hawk their books on crypto that offer no true insight or value.

Always be careful whose advice you take – it's always but always vital to remember to do your own research before investing in any coin or token. 

What is a cryptocurrency influencer? 

A crypto influencer is an expert or well-known name who has accumulated a large social media following that carefully listens to what they have to say about market tips, trading, and generally every topic related to the world crypto. 

You can find them on X (formerly Twitter), Instagram, Facebook, Discord and LinkedIn.

Depending on their credibility, crypto influencers can make high amounts of cash through paid sponsorship and publishing promotional content.

Top crypto influencers

Here's a round-up of the most reliable crypto influencers.

  • Coin Bureau (@coinbureau): 886.4k followers on X and 2.45million subscribers on YouTube.

One of the most popular crypto influencers, Guy Turner and his team are known for in-depth analysis and reviews of various coins and projects on YouTube. He often films news or AMA live videos with his wife, Jessica Walker.

Founder of Wealth Mastery and "the best newsletter in crypto", Lark Davis is very active X and also provides regular reviews and analysis of the cryptocurrency market on YouTube.

Ivan Liljeqvist is co-founder and CEO of crypto data provider Moralis and regularly updates his YouTube channel which now totals 950 videos.

Crypto Zombie is the alias of New Yorker Kyle, AKA K-Dub, who has clocked up thousands of views with his enthusiastic videos on everything crypto on his YouTube channel.

Altcoin Daily is run by brothers Aaron and Austin Arnold that "cover Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, NFTs, altcoins, metaverse, mining, trading, investing, technology, Web3, & everything crypto related. Our personal goal is to use altcoins to stack more Bitcoin."

Hosted by South African entrepreneur Ran Neuner, Crypto Banter features up-to-date analysis, discussions, interviews on crypto and blockchain-related topics.

Wendy offers technical analysis, market updates, and educational content on cryptocurrencies, particularly focused on trading strategies. She often livestreams, too. 

  • AnthonyPompliano (@APompliano): 1.6million followers on X and 552k subscribers on YouTube

Anthony Pompliano is an American entrepreneur and the host of The Pomp Podcast. He has amassed more than 3.3k videos on YouTube, which primarily focus on technology and finance.

The Amsterdam-based CEO and founder of MN Trading is a respected crypto voice and a regular tweeter on X. 

And last but not least: CryptoManiaks. You can find us on X, Instagram and Facebook!

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