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While Owen’s attempts to be called “The Casino King” haven’t yet come to fruition in the workplace, he’s making a fine effort to earn that sobriquet. He has spent years studying and analyzing the best-known casino games. So, when he gives you some info on one of them, you have better listen! Owen used to live in Nevada and enjoyed regular trips to Las Vegas. Nowadays, he likes the challenge of live dealer blackjack and Texas Hold’em and is probably the last person you want to go ‘heads up’ with in the latter. Owen continues to offer detailed advice and is convinced that you can teach an old dog new tricks, especially when it comes to playing casino games.


Blackjack, Maths, Statistical Analysis, Poker, Roulette

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Owen is so successful at blackjack that some people think he is a card counter (he isn’t)
  • Fun Fact #2: With a wife and three kids, Owen realizes that online casino games are a more viable option these days
  • Fun Fact #3: Owen is incapable of not explaining the rules of blackjack to players who don’t understand basic strategy
  • Fun Fact #4: Despite trying cuisine from dozens of countries, Owen’s go-to meal remains a burger and fries


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  • Languages: English , Mandarin

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