Andrea Roberts

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As a maths whizz with a love of sports, Andrea had no hesitation in entering the crazy world of sports betting. Andrea currently lives in the UK and specializes in soccer (those guys call it football), but is quite adept at finding value bets in other sports. While her time zone makes it easy to follow European leagues, she occasionally sets her alarm for when action in the Americas begins!


Maths, Parlay Betting, Match Predictions

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Andrea loves to crunch numbers while engaging in her early morning runs
  • Fun Fact #2: She recently developed a love of Tolstoy and read all of War and Peace without falling asleep once
  • Fun Fact #3: Andrea rarely bets on major European soccer leagues because the bookmakers offer tight odds
  • Fun Fact #4: Andrea dreams of winning the Fields Medal one day


  • Editor since: 2021
  • Total Posts:
  • Languages: English , Spanish
  • Skills: Sports odds analysis , Score predictions, Tri-cast bet strategies

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