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Nicholas likes to include elements of poetry in his work. He believes that only the most beautiful prose can do justice to the remarkable feats of sporting greatness we’re occasionally fortunate enough to witness. Thus, whenever a world record is broken in athletics or a sports team achieves something unprecedented, Nicholas shuts himself off from the world, only emerging once he has created a masterpiece worthy of the event. It’s a massive pain with regard to deadlines, but you can’t knock the quality of the work!


Parlays and novelty bets, Predictions and forecasts

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Nicholas occasionally recites poetry aloud for no apparent reason
  • Fun Fact #2: He’s not a huge fan of deadlines as he believes they detract from the creative process
  • Fun Fact #3: Our editing team are constantly looking for Nicholas’ attempts to shoehorn Wordsworth into his articles
  • Fun Fact #4: Nicholas doesn’t have a favorite sport, team, or sportsperson; what he loves is the drama sport brings


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