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Everyone on our team knows that Zachary feels the need for speed when it comes to sports. So, you won’t be shocked to know that he’s a huge motorsports fan. He would happily admit to driving his car too fast in private but absolutely, definitely will deny doing so in public, you know, legal stuff. Whether it’s determining who’s going to win a race or grab pole position, Zachary’s advice is worth listening to. Bizarrely, his thirst for high-octane action has also led him towards ski jumping, luge, and a few other sports that are “off the beaten track.”


Sports journalism, Formula 1, Boxing, MMA

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Zachary has driven a Formula 1 car and says it was worth every penny
  • Fun Fact #2: He tried downhill skiing but discovered he isn’t a huge fan of the cold
  • Fun Fact #3: After viewing ski jumpers at close quarters, Zachary developed a new-found respect for Eddie the Eagle
  • Fun Fact #4: Zachary rolls his eyes when someone says F1 is “boring”


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  • Languages: English , Hebrew

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