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As far as Dylan is concerned, if you’re ‘gambling,’ you’re doing it all wrong! He likes the occasional ‘flutter’ but believes you should separate your money into a serious bankroll and a small amount for ‘interest’ wagers. You can probably tell by now that Dylan views sports betting as a means of earning money, but only because he’s spent so long doing it! He is always careful to let readers know just how difficult it is to succeed as a punter and notes that if you’re unprepared to do the work, failure is inevitable. Apart from being an EV+ bettor, Dylan is rarely happier than when watching horses stride majestically around a track (his words).


Horse racing, Slots, Roulette, Craps

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Dylan is known for travelling great distances in bad weather to watch horse racing
  • Fun Fact #2: He is a keen horse rider but is far, far too heavy to be a jockey
  • Fun Fact #3: In a startling coincidence, Bob Dylan is one of his favorite musicians
  • Fun Fact #4: Dylan is a massive prankster and has got into trouble a few times in the process


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