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  1. Decentralized Exchanges- Why Should I Use Them?

    | Latest Crypto News

    How does a decentralized exchange operate? Decentralized exchanges usually have different operational models. In an ideal decentralized exchange, a user (called the Maker) submit...

  2. Amazon Sets Its Sights on Centralized and Decentralized Blockchain Projects

    | Latest Crypto News

    Fortunately enough, the retail giant Amazon realizes the potential needs of all its customers and developed various offerings that would allow those on each side of the debate to reap the benefits of the pro...

  3. Decentralized

    | Glossary

    Distributed amongst its users rather than controlled by one group or within one certain area.

  4. Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF)

    | Glossary

    A group of businesses and organizations working together to build a globally-accepted identity verification system. The DIF uses blockchain technology to create a system that doesn't require a centralized au...

  5. Blockchain For Dummies: Ultimate Blockchain 101 Guide

    | Guides

    Blockchain was introduced as the underlying technology that powered Bitcoin- the first cryptocurrency. Think of it as the infrastructure for c...

  6. The Future Will Not Be Centralized- Understanding Blockchain Storage

    | Latest Crypto News

    Impact of Blockchain on Digital Storage How familiar are you with Google Docs? What about Amazon Drive? Large tech companies have built empires on cloud-based data storage services. Can you imagi...

  7. The History of the Blockchain

    | Crypto 101

    When did the first work on blockchains begin? 1991 - First work on blockchain-like concept occurred The first mention of any sor...

  8. Why blockchains?

    | Crypto 101

    Why are blockchains used? The primary reason that blockchains are useful is their ability to store, ve...

  9. Bitcoin is Changing the World

    | Crypto 101

    Use Bitcoin to be Your Own Bank If you have family in Mexico but you live in Chicago, how would you send them money? Most people in this situa...

  10. Distributed Network

    | Glossary

    Uses nodes spread out across many different locations to achieve decentralization.