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  1. Tx

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  2. Batched transaction

    | Glossary

    A transaction that combines multiple transactions into one for increased efficiency and decreased fees.

  3. Off Blockchain Transactions

    | Glossary

    Transfer of value that takes place outside of a blockchain for reduced fees and quicker transaction time.

  4. IKEA Proves E-Money Is Ready for World in Major Transaction

    | Latest Crypto News

    Nordic Store, the business that requested the order from the IKEA in Iceland, settled the transaction through Tradeshift and Monerium, which are a supply chain management firm and a programmable digital cash...

  5. Transaction Fee

    | Glossary

    An amount of value that must be paid to transfer value on a blockchain.

  6. Dust Transactions

    | Glossary

    Transfers of value that are too small to be sent due to the proportionately high fee incurred. 

  7. Micro-transaction

    | Glossary

    A very small payment made possible with digital currencies.

  8. Zero Confirmation Transaction

    | Glossary

    Payment that has been broadcast but is still pending inclusion on a blockchain.

  9. Coinbase Transaction

    | Glossary

    A trade on a popular cryptocurrency exchange.

  10. How to Send Bitcoin From Coinbase

    | Guides

    Coinbase is one of the largest and most well-known exchanges companie...