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  1. The Art of Trading vs How to Invest in Cryptocurrency

    | Latest Crypto News

    In this article, we’ll be covering the differences between trading and investing along with some traits the two actions have in common. Trading and investing are terms thrown about carelessly ...

  2. Is There an App Like the Etrade Stock App for Cryptocurrency?

    | Latest Crypto News

    Wall Street trading has been around for over 100 years while crypto is barely 10 years young. Compared to stock trading, cryptocurrency trading is in its infancy. Still, there are plenty of ...

  3. Still Controlled by the NYSE Trading Hours? Try Crypto

    | Latest Crypto News

    Thankfully, cryptomarkets do not have a closing time. Everyone from around the world can make a trade anytime they want to. Now that’s freedom. All it takes to be a practical investor...

  4. Best Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms

    | Crypto 101

    How to Trade Bitcoin for Other Cryptocurrencies Once you have chosen which brokerage service you would like to purchase your initial cryptocurrencies with, the...

  5. Binance Halts All Trading Tomorrow-- Be Prepared

    | Latest Crypto News

    According to -- Binance is the world’s second-largest exchange. They control nearly $3 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. No wo...

  6. ShapeShift Launches FOX- A Commission-Free Trading Token

    | Latest Crypto News

    ShapeShift released the token yesterday. It apparently works by enabling commission-free trading with a pretty neat bonus: zero fees between cry...

  7. Trading bot

    | Glossary

    Software preprogrammed to buy, sell, short, long or execute other trading strategies and commands when the owner is absent. Trading while asleep or away from the keyboard.

  8. Trading Pair

    | Glossary

    A feature of cryptocurrency exchanges that makes it easy for individuals to buy one cryptocurrency with a different cryptocurrency. For example, a BTC/DASH trading pair allows an individual to buy DASH with ...

  9. Margin Trading

    | Glossary

    The practice of borrowing money to buy and sell assets.

  10. Trade Volume

    | Glossary

    A measure of how frequently and how heavily a cryptocurrency is bought and/or sold during a given time period.