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  1. Fork

    | Glossary

    A change in the original code of a software.

  2. CoinTracking Review And Tutorial: Best Tax Calculator?

    | Guides

    In this article, I will review Cointracking, its features and pricing. I will also show you how to use CoinTracking to get your crypto tax return ready in no time.  A few years ago, t...

  3. Node

    | Glossary

    A computer that runs a cryptocurrency’s software and validates transactions.

  4. Wallet

    | Glossary

    Software or devices that contain public and private keys for storing cryptocurrencies

  5. Distributed Ledger

    | Glossary

    A list of transactions that exists on every computer that elects to run blockchain software.

  6. Desktop Wallet

    | Glossary

    Software that allows its users the ability to store cryptocurrency on their personal computer.

  7. Mobile Wallet

    | Glossary

    Software that allows individuals to store their cryptocurrencies on handheld devices.

  8. Fork (Soft)

    | Glossary

    A change in a cryptocurrency’s software that does not make it incompatible with the original version.

  9. Keylogger

    | Glossary

    Software that records every button press of an individual’s keyboard. Often used to hack into accounts by recording passwords.

  10. Open Source

    | Glossary

    A term used to describe software that is made available online so that any individual can view its code and submit improvements.