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  1. Cryptocurrency Remittances from the US Exploding

    | Latest Crypto News

    The Clovr Survey The study was conducted on the US territory and surveyed 707 people which had the need to send re...

  2. Remittance

    | Glossary

    Transfer of currency across a large distance, usually across borders.

  3. Why So Few Money Transfer Websites Integrate Cryptocurrencies

    | Latest Crypto News

    Blockchain and money transfer companies Many will see it as a missed opportunity, but money transfer companies tend to see the volatility as too much of a hurdle. The fine margins that are offere...

  4. Where Are Cryptocurrencies in the World of Overseas Money Transfers?

    | Latest Crypto News

    The international remittance industry is rife with competition for a simple reason – there’s a lot at stake. Consider this – over ...

  5. IBM’s Blockchain Based World Wire Service Expected to Be Utilized By 40 to 50 banks

    | Latest Crypto News

    Several banks have already expressed their interest and intent to use the service for their own banking operations and have also stated that they may be using their own ...

  6. Crypto Mass Adoption- Courtesy of Facebook and WhatsApp

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    The whole project is being held tightly under wraps. Bloomberg reach...

  7. Facebook’s cryptocurrency in the making – is it true?

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    Facebook’s cryptocurrency: unexpected? Facebook has been making constant moves in the industry, and entering the blockchain field was expected by many. A...

  8. Binance creates new stablecoin (pegged to GBP)

    | Latest Crypto News

    We’ve heard the rumors that Facebook is secretly experimenting with their own stablecoin -- peg...

  9. What Is Libra? The Complete Guide to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

    | Guides

    Facebook shocked the world in June 2019 when it announced that it was developing its very own global cryptocurrency called Libra. So, what is Libra, the facebook currency? And more importantly, why...

  10. Will ICOs Kill Ethereum? A Parallel to Kickstarter

    | Latest Crypto News

    What is an Ethereum ICO? Is it an Ethereum Crowdsale? An Ethereum ICO is a crowdfunding event for an Ethereum-based project. More generally, an ICO - whether is it Ethereum-based or not - is a cr...