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  1. Reddit

    | Glossary

    A site that aggregates a nearly endless range of topics. Subreddits exist within Reddit to focus on specific topics.

  2. Reddit’s Ohanian Believes Bear Market Erased Speculators

    | Latest Crypto News

    During the interview, Ohanian stated that the market is currently experiencing what is known as a “crypto winter”, which is essentially a period in which the prices of crypto remain depressed and experie...

  3. Bitcoin Subreddit Hits 1 Million Subscribers

    | Latest Crypto News

    Subreddits extend the URL of with “r/topic_name.” For example, if you want to find general funny content, then you can go to Over the past few years many cryptocurrency rel...

  4. Steem

    | Coins

    What does Steem do? Steem is a unique project that combines cryptocurrency with a social network, simi...

  5. Beginner’s Guide: Getting Started in the Crypto Space

    | Guides

    Cryptocurrencies are fascinating, useful, and profitable - but complicated. New people hear about cryptocurrencies every day, but for many, the topic seems too difficult to comprehend.  ...

  6. Cryptocurrency Investment Strategy 2019: Don't Make These 50 Common Mistakes

    | Guides

    Anyone can make big profits from investing in cryptocurrency. You just have to invest at the right time -- like in December 2017, when no one could lose. But investing at the right time requires lu...

  7. Consensus

    | Coins

    What does Consensus crypto do? Tasks of increasing complexity are requiring more advanced technology. For example, comparing sentiment on govern...