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  1. Ethereum Price Prediction: Are You Bullish or Bearish?

    | Latest Crypto News

    This volatility has polarized the community causing some to feel very bearish and others to feel very bullish about its future. Ultimately, after we introduce a few different factors to consider, it will hel...

  2. 5 Bitcoin Predictions from Big Names

    | Latest Crypto News

    Big Names Have Big Influence in Bitcoin Predictions In today’s day and age, influencers have massive power with their millions of followers across various social networks...

  3. Beginner’s Introduction to Forecasting Crypto Price Trends

    | Latest Crypto News

    Forecasting, simply explained First, it’s vital to understand what trading cryptocurrencies entails, as there are many parts to it, with forecasting price trends being just one of them. ...

  4. As Crypto Prices Rise, So Too Does Government Interest in Bitcoin Tax Evasion

    | Latest Crypto News

    However, this growing interest is not only coming from the typical parties. The spike in Bitcoin’s value has also attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice as well as the IRS, both agencies...

  5. Draper Predicts Crypto is Destined to Take Fiat’s Place

    | Latest Crypto News

    Building upon statements in the past that discussed the inevitability of fiat becoming obsolete, Draper added that fiat would be the new way for criminals to move money around as it is too easy for them to b...

  6. Price Bubble

    | Glossary

    A situation that occurs when an asset's market value is far higher than it's actual worth, making a sharp drop in price imminent.

  7. Speculator

    | Glossary

    An individual who predicts future prices of assets and makes bets based on their predictions.

  8. Will ICOs Kill Ethereum? A Parallel to Kickstarter

    | Latest Crypto News

    What is an Ethereum ICO? Is it an Ethereum Crowdsale? An Ethereum ICO is a crowdfunding event for an Ethereum-based project. More generally, an ICO - whether is it Ethereum-based or not - is a cr...

  9. Augur

    | Coins

    What does Augur do? Augur is a decentralized market prediction...

  10. CoinTracking Review And Tutorial: Best Tax Calculator?

    | Guides

    In this article, I will review Cointracking, its features and pricing. I will also show you how to use CoinTracking to get your crypto tax return ready in no time.  A few years ago, t...