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  1. Peercoin

    | Glossary

    A cryptocurrency that uses both PoW and PoS in its consensus mechanism to offer increased security.

  2. Forging Reward

    | Glossary

    An amount of coins paid to users for participating in PoS consensus.

  3. Minting

    | Glossary

    The process by which users on a PoS blockchain verify transactions and receive new coins for their participation.

  4. Is DPoS an Improvement over PoS?

    | Latest Crypto News

      Why is Consensus Important? Let’s use a historical example to illustrate the importance of consensus. If I want to trade you salt for sugar, how do we ensure th...

  5. PoS

    | Glossary

    Proof of Stake. A consensus mechanism in which individuals use their holdings of a cryptocurrency to secure the platform in exchange for rewards.

  6. Hybrid PoS/PoW

    | Glossary

    A consensus mechanism that employs both Proof of Stake and Proof of Work algorithms.

  7. Proof of Importance

    | Glossary

    Proof-of-Importance is a consensus algorithm similar to PoS. Nodes "vest" currency to participate in the creation of blocks. Unlike PoS, Proof-of-Importance quantifies a person’s support of the network. NE...

  8. Tangle

    | Glossary

    A consensus method that allows users to transact anonymously and requires relatively little electricity. An alternative to PoW (Proof of Work) and PoS (Proof of Stake). 

  9. Proof of Stake

    | Glossary

    PoS. A method of minting new coins and securing a platform by allowing users to stake their coins and receive more coins as a reward. Introduced as an energy efficient alternative to PoW (Proof of Work)....

  10. PoI

    | Glossary

    PoI stands for Proof-of-Importance. It is a new consensus algorithm that requires users to stake currency to participate in the consensus. Compared to PoS, it adds importance to staking. Thus, it takes into ...