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  1. Revolutions Don’t Happen Overnight: Mike Novogratz bets on Bitcoin

    | Latest Crypto News

      What is Bitcoin to Novogratz? As many news outlets have reported, Novogratz says that he believes Bitcoin is going to be digital gold at some point. He also compares Bitcoin to...

  2. Famous Host Joe Rogan Voices Faith in Crypto in New Podcast Episode

    | Latest Crypto News

    The conversation of economics started about an hour into the podcast episode and begins with Killer Mike talking about the impo...

  3. Casascius Coins

    | Glossary

    No longer in production, these were physical coins created by Mike Caldwell that have private Bitcoin keys.

  4. Should I Buy Ethereum? 5 Reasons Why Ethereum is a Good Investment

    | Guides

    I’ve been where you are.  Back in time, I heard of Ethereum almost as much as I heard of Bitcoin. And I wondered: should I buy Ethereum? Is Ethereum a good investment?  I hear...

  5. Kroger and Bitcoin Lightning? LN May Take Place of Visa in Kroger Establishments

    | Latest Crypto News

    The announcement from Kroger, which was released on March 1, stated that all of their Smith’s Food and Drug stores will no longer be taking payments from Visa cards beginning April 3 due to the high fees t...

  6. Is Ethereum A Safe Investment?


    Ethereum may be reaching for the moon again. You don’t want to miss out, but you’re still wondering: is Ethereum safe, and is Eth...

  7. Lisk

    | Coins

    What does Lisk do? Lisk allows for developers to create dApps using...

  8. U.S. Lawmakers: Crypto is Unstoppable

    | Latest Crypto News

    The U.S. Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs organized itself on July 30th, 2019 to hold hearings regarding blockchain regulation and especially on cryptocurrency regulation. As ...

  9. What Future For Ethereum? Is It Dead, Or Will It Recover? [2019]

    | Latest Crypto News

    Ethereum Was a Bubble Ethereum was for sure a bubble that popped. Its growth in 2017 and 2018 crash can be easily explained by economic factors. Simple supply and demand. A ...

  10. What Is Libra? The Complete Guide to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

    | Guides

    Facebook shocked the world in June 2019 when it announced that it was developing its very own global cryptocurrency called Libra. So, what is Libra, the facebook currency? And more importantly, why...