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  1. The 3 Best Bitcoin Lending Sites to Earn Interest

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    HODL: Hold On For Dear Life. It means that no matter what the markets are doing, even if they are burning to the ground, you hold on. But who says holding on needs to be so stressful? The...

  2. As Crypto Prices Rise, So Too Does Government Interest in Bitcoin Tax Evasion

    | Latest Crypto News

    However, this growing interest is not only coming from the typical parties. The spike in Bitcoin’s value has also attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of Justice as well as the IRS, both agencies...

  3. Corporate Interest in Crypto Grows As Walmart Seeks Crypto Patent

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    From Facebook’s Libra to Amazon’s new blockchain products, major entities are realizing that there is a need for digital currencies and an application for blockchain that can help improve transparency an...

  4. How to Buy Bitcoins

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    Why Does Everyone Want to Know How to Buy Bitcoins? As mentioned, Bitcoin introduces digital cash for the first time. Transfe...

  5. Quantitative Easing

    | Glossary

    A method of increasing monetary supply (and lowering interest rates) by introducing new money to the market from a central authority.

  6. Pre-Sale

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    A public or private offering of tokens to interested investors, generally offering a cheaper price than the coin’s ICO price. Pre-sales are commonly seen as marketing gimmicks.

  7. Lenders

    | Crypto 101

    Many cryptocurrency users have participated in crypto lending at some point in time, but some take it as seriously as they would take a job. Lending is one of the safer ways to grow your bitcoin st...

  8. Investors

    | Crypto 101

    Investors in cryptocurrencies play one of the most important roles in the crypto economy.  By investing fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies investors raise the price and market cap.  Ge...

  9. Why ICOs?

    | Crypto 101

    What are the advantages of ICOs? ICOs are popular for m...

  10. Top 5 Cryptocurrency Christmas Gifts Ideas for 2018

    | Latest Crypto News

    Crypto Christmas Gifts to Save You this Holiday Not only will our crypto Christmas gift ideas for 2018 save you from all guilt of missing Christmas, but your friends and family will thank you in ...