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  1. IBM’s Blockchain Based World Wire Service Expected to Be Utilized By 40 to 50 banks

    | Latest Crypto News

    Several banks have already expressed their interest and intent to use the service for their own banking operations and have also stated that they may be using their own ...

  2. LinkedIn Lists Blockchain As the Top Skill to Have in 2020

    | Latest Crypto News

    Blockchain managed to surpass some of the most desirable skills in previous years, which included in-demand skills like artificial intelligence, analytical reasoning, and cloud computing. Of course, the list...

  3. More Blockchain Jobs Found in U.S. Than Anywhere in the World

    | Latest Crypto News

    In order to create the report, The Next Web conducted extensive research using Glassdoor, a popular job and recruiting website. After searching through all job listings that contained the term “blockchain...

  4. The Chinese Branch Of Walmart And VeChain Team Up On PwC Blockchain Safety Platform

    | Latest Crypto News

    On Tuesday, the Chinese branch of the company published a statement outlining how they’re going to join up with the blockchain project VeChain, PwC, an...