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  1. Block Height

    | Glossary

    The total number of blocks on a blockchain since the genesis block (first block) was mined.

  2. Genesis Block

    | Glossary

    The first block mined on a blockchain.

  3. Mainnet

    | Glossary

    The version of a protocol that uses real money. A cryptocurrency is generally considered to be “live” after the first Mainnet block (the genesis block) is mined.

  4. Bitcoin's 10 Year Anniversary!

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    There are now thousands of cryptocurrencies, hundreds of exchanges, and billions of dollars invested in startups and ICOs. Some of the most notable competition the ind...

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    For the uninitiated, started its seed round of funding just two years ago, in 2017. The company is already buying back these shares, and at an interest rate of 6567 percent! This revenue ...

  7. Stale Block

    | Glossary

    A block that has been worked on by a miner but is not included in the blockchain because another miner successfully completes another block first.

  8. Block time

    | Glossary

    The time it takes to mine a new block.

  9. Block Size

    | Glossary

    The amount of data that can be stored in one block of a given blockchain. For example, the Block Size limit of Bitcoin is 1MB. Larger block size allows for more transactions per block. Thus, it’s not ...

  10. Block Lattice

    | Glossary

    A blockchain scaling solution in which every user account has its own blockchain. Block lattices reduce blockchain bloat by storing transaction data separately from a cryptocurrency's main blockchain.