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  1. What Future For Ethereum? Is It Dead, Or Will It Recover? [2020]

    | Latest Crypto News

    Ethereum Was a Bubble Ethereum was for sure a bubble that popped. Its growth in 2017 and 2018 crash can be easily explained by economic factors. Simple supply and demand. A ...

  2. Should I Buy Ethereum? 5 Reasons Why Ethereum is a Good Investment in 2020

    | Guides

    I’ve been where you are.  Back in time, I heard of Ethereum almost as much as I heard of Bitcoin. And I wondered: should I buy Ethereum? Is Ethereum a good investment?  I hear...

  3. Is Ethereum A Safe Investment?


    Ethereum may be reaching for the moon again. You don’t want to miss out, but you’re still wondering: is Ethereum safe, and is Eth...

  4. The 5 Best Ethereum Sports Betting Sites For Punters in 2020

    | Latest Crypto News

    What Are The 5 Best Ethereum Sports Betting Sites? Some of the very best Ethereum sports betting sites in 2020, based on current trends and offers, are ...

  5. Ethereum Loved by DApp Developers But Not As Many Users

    | Latest Crypto News

    As an example, take a look at TRON. reports that, in a time span of the past three months, this dApp attracted more act...

  6. Improved Engagement With Ethereum Shows Popularity of DeFi

    | Latest Crypto News

    While Ethereum has solidified its place within the crypto industry, the last year has proven extremely successful for decentralized applications (da...

  7. Ethereum

    | Glossary

    A cryptocurrency created by Vitalik Buterin that runs on Ether (ETH). Ethereum was the first blockchain-based technology to make smart contracts and decentralized applications possible.

  8. EVM

    | Glossary

    Ethereum Virtual Machine. A testing environment on the Ethereum network for executing smart contracts and promoting security.

  9. Plasma

    | Glossary

    A scalability solution for Ethereum that allows more transactions per second by introducing additional blockchains to the main Ethereum blockchain. 

  10. A List of Blockchain Protocols- Explained and Compared

    | Latest Crypto News

    What is a Blockchain Protocol? A blockchain protocol is a common term for consensus methods. These methods are different systems that are implemented to reach consensus and validate transactions ...