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  1. Ethereum Price Prediction: Are You Bullish or Bearish?

    | Latest Crypto News

    This volatility has polarized the community causing some to feel very bearish and others to feel very bullish about its future. Ultimately, after we introduce a few different factors to consider, it will hel...

  2. Novogratz and Others Becoming More Bullish With Bitcoin

    | Latest Crypto News

    This begs the question, why are investors like Novogratz continuing to invest their faith and money into the coin without hesitation?   The unwavering belief in crypto and ...

  3. Bullish

    | Glossary

    Optimistic about the future of a cryptocurrency’s price.

  4. Understanding the China Bitcoin Challenge and How it's Shaping Cryptocurrency

    | Latest Crypto News

    In China, Bitcoin is not Dead In 2017, Bitcoin and the cryptomarket boomed to record highs. Much of the hype came from the Chinese market where millions of people were given access to cryptocurre...

  5. $10,000/week of Bitcoin scooped up by Twitter CEO

    | Latest Crypto News

    This news is beyond bullish. It’s proof. This is hard evidence that elite thinkers, true movers, and shakers, are bullish on Bitcoin. These ...

  6. Revolutions Don’t Happen Overnight: Mike Novogratz bets on Bitcoin

    | Latest Crypto News

      What is Bitcoin to Novogratz? As many news outlets have reported, Novogratz says that he believes Bitcoin is going to be digital gold at some point. He also compares Bitcoin to...

  7. KPMG: Tech Execs See the Future- It’s Blockchain

    | Latest Crypto News

    A survey was recently released. A big, meaningful one. It was released by ...

  8. 5 Bitcoin Predictions from Big Names

    | Latest Crypto News

    Big Names Have Big Influence in Bitcoin Predictions In today’s day and age, influencers have massive power with their millions of followers across various social networks...

  9. Reddit’s Ohanian Believes Bear Market Erased Speculators

    | Latest Crypto News

    During the interview, Ohanian stated that the market is currently experiencing what is known as a “crypto winter”, which is essentially a period in which the prices of crypto remain depressed and experie...

  10. SEC Employee Reveals Optimistic Cryptocurrency Plans at SXSW

    | Latest Crypto News

    “I do think if we hope to smell the crypto spring in the air, it will take people walking with the regulators… But I do think the spring is going to come.” While she does note that ...