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  1. Staker

    | Glossary

    An individual that volunteers to lock some of their coins or tokens up to verify transactions on a blockchain in exchange for staking rewards.

  2. ERC20

    | Glossary

    The predominant standard for creating smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Others may include ERC 721, ERC888, and more

  3. Hashgraph

    | Glossary

    Hashgraph is a consensus alternative to blockchain. It uses a gossip protocol to spread transactions across the network by sending data to randomly chosen neighbors.

  4. Immutable Ledger

    | Glossary

    The term used to refer to blockchains to describe the way in which blocks cannot be changed after they are recorded.  

  5. Smart Media Token

    | Glossary

    A digital asset on the Steem blockchain that can be launched by any user for the purpose of monetizing online content and encouraging positive user participation.

  6. dPoW

    | Glossary

    Dynamic Proof of Work (dPoW) is currently in the early stages of development. Not many new blockchain projects are experimenting with it.

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    Livingston lays out these predictions in a self-written post on Medium and thinks that the main goal lies into allowing people to be able to send money to families across borders much easier. He be...

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    | Guides

    I’ve been where you are.  Back in time, I heard of Ethereum almost as much as I heard of Bitcoin. And I wondered: should I buy Ethereum? Is Ethereum a good investment?  I hear...

  10. Bitcoin

    | Glossary

    The first blockchain-based cryptocurrency, launched in 2009. Bitcoin remains the most influential and widely recognized coin. All other cryptocurrencies are known as "altcoins," simply because they are not B...