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  1. Crypto Rewards on Everyday Purchases Enters the Fold

    | Latest Crypto News

    The Fold app is a desktop app (with a mobile app said to launch next month) that utilizes the Bitcoin-lightning network and allows users to receive Bitcoin rewards in return for shopping at retailers that ar...

  2. Binance US Begins Offering Staking Rewards

    | Latest Crypto News

    As we know, Binance US was launched late last year around September 2019. The main Binance branch led by “CZ” Zhao could not keep operating in the U.S. due to regulatory issues -- so they launched a U.S....

  3. Bitcoin App Lolli Takes Its Business Into 900 Stores

    | Latest Crypto News

    This news came from Lolli’s CEO Alex Adelman, who recently spoke about Lolli’s partnership with Safeway and how this now gives users the ability to order a wide varie...

  4. Blockchain For Dummies: The Ultimate Guide [2020]

    | Guides

    Blockchain was introduced as the underlying technology that powered Bitcoin- the first cryptocurrency. Think of it as the infrastruc...

  5. Proof of Work

    | Glossary

    The consensus algorithm introduced by Bitcoin. PoW requires miners to compete against each other to add new block and earn rewards.

  6. Why Use Bitcoin?

    | Crypto 101

    Getting Started with Bitcoin The advantages of Bitcoin are easy to illustrate. If you’re still on the fence as to why you should start inves...

  7. Has Bitcoin Reached its Peak?

    | Latest Crypto News

    Bitcoin’s latest correction resulted in a price drop of 70%. It is natural for casual observers and inexperienced investors to wonder if Bitcoin reached its peak value in late 2017. It isn’t unreaso...

  8. 3 Proven Methods To Earn Money Online With Bitcoin

    | Latest Crypto News

    1) Lend Bitcoin to Others The concept of lending Bitcoin is relatively simple. You buy (or mine) this currency and then lend it to other people or businesses. There are websites that serve as a m...

  9. 10 Actionable Ways To Make Money With Bitcoin in 2020

    | Guides

    Luxury, lambos, and insane profits leave people wondering how to make money with Bitcoin in 2020.  All you need is a basic understanding of where to look (and where not to), wh...

  10. Staking Rewards

    | Glossary

    An alternative to mining rewards. Staking rewards are earned by putting a certain amount of your cryptocurrency up as a 'stake' to confirm transactions. Rewards are given for doing this.