6 Best Bitcoin Card Providers for Spenders

There are so many cards out there claiming to be the best Bitcoin debit card in 2024. 

Do you have crypto to spend? Perhaps you want to accept Bitcoin payments?

You just want a decent user experience with low fees and, above all, you don’t want to get scammed or hacked, right? 

In this article, I will compare and contrast the six absolute best Bitcoin cards -- for security, stability, and the best deal for you

Let’s get started with this crypto card review!

  • 5 Points to Choose the Best Bitcoin Card for YOU

    Real quick, before we start, glance at the five points below when you want to choose the best BTC card. 

    These are important to consider before you invest time or money into setting up a crypto card account.

    1. Jurisdiction. Is the crypto card offered in your country?
    2. Security. Do they have strong security against hacks?
    3. Fees. Are there any hidden fees you should be aware of while using BTC card?
    4. Cashback. Can you earn cashback from your purchases?
    5. Crypto supported. Do they offer deposits in your favorite crypto?

    The answers to the top two should be YES and to the 3rd one NO. The others are up to your personal preference. 

    For example, Bitpay is available for U.S. customers only; They offer strong security, low fees, but no cashback, and a limited range of cryptocurrencies. 

    Here is a quick crypto cards comparison of the available providers:

      Jurisdiction Security Fees Cashback # of cryptos  
    Bitpay logo USA flag High Low None 1 Visit Bitpay
    Revolut logo UK flagEU flag High Low 0.1-1.0% 5 Visit Revolut
    Coinbase logo UK flagEU flag High Low None 9 Visit Coinbase
    Wirex logo UK flagEU flag MEDIUM Medium 0.5% 1 Visit Wirex
    Uquid logo UK flagEU flag MEDIUM High None 90 Visit Uquid
    MCO logo USA flag MEDIUM Low 1-5% 2 Visit MCO
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  • 1. BitPay - Best Crypto Card for USA Customers

    BitPay crypto card provider
    Source: bitpay.com 


    If you are looking for the best crypto card in the USA, look no further than BitPay

    It was the first Bitcoin payment company to launch in the states -- back in 2016 -- so they know the regulations and such. 

    They offer the best crypto VISA cards and a mobile wallet.

    Pros of Bitpay

    • VISA payments are free within the 50 US states. Only applies to domestic USD payments.
    • Merchants can accept BTC, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and three stablecoins (GUSD, USDC, and PAX).

    Cons of Bitpay

    • Only available to US citizens
    • 3% fee for converting currency when abroad. I’ll explain this further below.
    • $5 dormancy fee per month if you make zero transactions in that month.

    So, for those of you buying and selling things in the states, the Bitpay crypto VISA card is a great option. 

    Bitpay Fees

    Bitpay seems to charge a 1% markup. And if you travel outside the US with your Bitpay Bitcoin card, you’ll incur a 3% currency conversion charge

    This means that if you travel to London and use your Bitpay cryptocurrency card to buy a £10 taxi ride -- you’ll be charged a 3% fee to change your USD into British Pounds. 

    Also worth noting: both domestic and international ATM withdrawals are charged at $2 for ATMs inside the US and $3 on all ATMs outside the states. This isn’t terribly different from your standard bank card though.

    One thing that is very different from your standard bank card, however, is the BitPay mobile wallet. You can manage a variety of your cryptocurrencies there. Plus you can use it to make payments to other crypto users

    Countries Available

    U.S. only.

    If you’re curious, check out BitPay and familiarize yourself with their guides on how to minimize or avoid their fees. Then go use it!

  • 2. Revolut - Best Crypto Card for UK Customers

    Revolut cryptocurrency card provider
    Source: Revolut.com 


    Revolut has been in the finance game since mid-2016. 

    Now they have 10 million customers worldwide for whom they’ve handled 750 million+ transactions. This makes them one of the biggest crypto card providers out there. 

    But are they one of the best crypto card providers?

    Pros of Revolut

    • For spending in Europe: 0.1% cashback. 
    • For spending outside Europe: 1% cashback
    • One of the lowest markups on crypto purchases: 1.5%
    • Free account + Free debit card
    • 55,000+ surcharge-free ATMs to withdraw $300 per month for free 
    • Spend cryptocurrencies in 150 countries worldwide -- all while benefiting from the interbank exchange rate. 

    Cons of Revolut

    • A small selection of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), and Ripple (XRP).
    • Not a card for merchants

    Revolut Fees

    If all this interests you, then you’ll have a choice of three different account types: Standard, Premium, and Metal. 

    • Standard plans are free. 
    • Premium is £6.99 per month. 
    • Metal is £12.99 monthly. 

    If you’re in the EEA then it’s €6.99/€13.99, but if you’re in Australia then it’s A$13.99/A$22.99.

    What’s the main difference between these plans? 

    Standard plans allow you to withdraw up to £200 per day from an ATM without fees. 

    If you’re Premium, then you can withdraw £400. And if you’re Metal then it’s £600. 

    Withdrawals above those limits will make you pay a 2% surcharge for this BTC card.

    But Wait, There’s More.

    If you’ve paid for the Premium and Metal plans, then you’ll earn overseas medical insurance and priority support. 

    The Metal plan even includes concierge service as well as up to 1% crypto cashback card payments -- so if you spend enough, it could even cover the cost of the monthly fee.

    Keep in mind that Revolut only allows users to buy Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple -- for which Revolut adds a 1.5% markup. 

    If you plan to spend your crypto, you can deposit for free. But then to spend it, you must manually exchange amounts for fiat — this process is not automatic.

    Countries Available

    U.K., E.U. and Australia

    Quick GOOD NEWS update: 

    Revolut will soon launch for customers in the US. If you want to get in on the revolution then join the waitlist for this BTC card. Then your money will be protected just like a regular bank account,  Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, protects your account and is insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000.

    Until that happens though, make sure you are part of the European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland, Australia, or the UK.

    If you are a citizen of one of those countries, then you can hold, exchange, send, and receive 28 currencies like CAD and EUR. 

    All this while using the Interbank exchange rate -- rather than the outrageous rip-off fees banks normally charge when spending money abroad. 

  • 3. Coinbase VISA -- Best Bitcoin Card for E.U. Customers

    Source: blog.coinbase.com 

    If you already have a Coinbase account -- and you live in one of the EEA countries -- this could be your most convenient option. 

    If you don’t have a Coinbase account -- it’s one of the very best Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges -- so give it a shot

    Pros of Coinbase

    • Use your current Coinbase account holdings.
    • Nine different wallets: BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, XRP, BAT, REP, ZRX, and XLM
    • ATM withdrawals up to £200 / 200 € per month: Free. After that, 1.00% of value of ATM withdrawal (per transaction)
    • FREE Domestic Purchase Transactions in EU
    • Insurance: Coinbase stores all customer fiat currency (government-issued currency) in segregated, custodial bank accounts.

    Cons of Coinbase

    • £4.95/€4,95 issuance cost to get the physical card
    • Daily ATM withdrawal limit of £500 / 500 €.

    This Coinbase Debit Card is crypto card issued by Paysafe Financial Services Limited -- which means you can use it around the world wherever VISA is accepted. 

    Plus with the physical card, you can pay with contactless, PIN, or you can find an ATM and withdraw fiat.

    If you’re worried about security, remember that with your Coinbase account, you will have two-step verification and instant card freeze, plus other security features. 

    Coinbase Fees

    Just remember that the intra-EEA Purchase Transaction Fee is 0.20% of the amount you charged on the card. 

    Plus, for the travel people, there’s an international Purchase Transaction Fee of 3.00% for payment that isn't in GBP or EUR. 

    And if any merchant issues a chargeback, then there’s a chargeback Processing Fee of £20.00 / 20,00 €. 

    And a spot of bad news for customers of Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Hungary, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Poland, Romania, and Sweden -- there’s an Intra-EEA transaction fee of 3%  when using this crypto card.

    Countries Available

    All countries the in EEA: European Economic alliance

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  • Best Bitcoin Cards -- Honorable Mentions.

    If those top three aren’t cutting it for you -- or you’d simply like to expand your options, then check out a few of our honorable mentions.

    Wirex -- Best Bitcoin Card for Cashback

    Source: wirexapp.com 

    Earn BTC while you spend with Wirex. Each in-store purchase gets you 0.5% cashback

    This may not seem like much -- especially when some credit cards offer 3% cashback -- but with Bitcoin’s rising value, this little chunk of savings can add up quickly.

    Quick Pros:

    • 0.5% BTC cashback on in-store purchases with this BTC card
    • Spending limits at $10k per day

    Quick cons: 

    • For residents of the European Economic Area (EEA) only.
    • ATM withdrawals are capped at £/€/$250 per day.

    Uquid -- Best Bitcoin Card for many cryptocurrencies

    Source: uquid.com 

    If you have bags of coins from many different varieties, then Uquid will help you spend them.

    Uquid supports over 90 cryptocurrencies with plans to list more. 

    Quick Pros:

    • Supports over 90 cryptocurrencies
    • No spending limits

    Quick Cons:

    • 18% deposit fee for loading via Paysafecard
    • Unavailable in the US
    • The physical card costs $16.99 / €14.99 / £9.99

    MCO -- Great Perks But They Are Expensive

    Source: crypto.com 

    MCO (by crypto.com) may offer up to 5% cashback, free Netflix, and other perks -- but the only way you can get them is if you buy and stake their MCO tokens. 

    So if you want to get 5% cashback, free Netflix, and free Spotify -- you need to buy and stake 50,000 MCO tokens. At current market prices that’s 50,000 x $5.28 = $264,000. 

    Quick Pros:

    • No monthly fee
    • 1% -  5% cashback on purchases

    Quick Cons:

    • 6 month MCO staking lockup just to get any benefits
    • Only available in the US and Singapore
  • How do Bitcoin Cards Work, Anyway?

    All of the best Bitcoin cards are prepaid -- meaning you first need to load up your debit card. 

    • Bitpay: load up by sending BTC to your Bitpay address. Conversion to USD is automatic.
    • Revolut: Load up by sending BTC or other crypto to your Revolut address. Conversion is NOT automatic. You must manually sell your crypto in order to have funds you can spend.
    • Coinbase. Load up by sending crypto to your account OR use the funds in your current crypto wallets on Coinbase. Manually convert to fiat for spending.

    Each one of the crypto cards also has various fees which apply to spending your fiat in various countries, withdrawing from ATMs, etc. So be sure to check those fees before spending your crypto. 

  • Best Bitcoin Card -- It’s Time to Choose.

    There it is! The top 3 best Bitcoin cards on the market in 2024. Which ones suit you? 

    Remember to make sure they’re available in your country -- because all Bitcoin debit cards ask for KYC (it’s the law for anyone working with Visa). 

    After that, you can choose the one that offers the best benefits for your specific needs. 

    Good luck out there!

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    More Awesome Resources:

  • FAQ

    How do I get a Bitcoin card?

    Find a site that offers the service in your country. Once you accept their terms and sign up, you can receive your BTC card in the mail. After that, feel free to spend as you see fit wherever the card is accepted.

    How does a Bitcoin debit card work?

    It works much the same as a prepaid debit card. You load the Bitcoin debit card by depositing however much BTC or crypto you wish to spend. When you use the debit card, the company will automatically convert a portion of your funds into fiat for spending.

    What is the best Bitcoin debit card?

    The best Bitcoin card is the one that allows you to use it in the country of your residency. If you found multiple cards usable in your country, then choose the one which offers cashback or other features that are most important to you.

    What major stores accept Bitcoin cards?

    All Bitcoin cards currently on the market will convert your BTC into the fiat of the country you live in. Therefore, all the current Bitcoin cards are either VISA or Mastercard -- and can be used anywhere those two systems are accepted -- which is worldwide.

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