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Patrick has enjoyed sports betting for a long time and is eager to pass on his knowledge. Primarily, he’s concerned with ensuring that readers don’t make the same mistakes he did! As a numbers guy, Patrick is keen to help explode the many myths that surround sports and casino betting and the laws of probability. He currently lives in Ireland, and his preferred sports include soccer, horse racing, American football, and boxing. When he isn’t writing for us, he’s busily trying to finish a fiction novel and may complete it before the year 2040.


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Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Patrick semi-regularly goes to the gym in the forlorn hope that one day, he might resemble someone who works out
  • Fun Fact #2: He prefers to focus on amateur football leagues when betting because of their often-hilarious scorelines
  • Fun Fact #3: Patrick has been to Las Vegas and became depressed at the preponderance of double and triple zero roulette wheels
  • Fun Fact #4: Patrick routinely goes to Leopardstown racecourse in Dublin, and it usually rains on the days he attends


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