Omar Fejzagić

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Omar blends his love for skill-centric games like online poker with a keen eye for value bets in the sports world. Over the last five years, his journey has been inked onto the pages of various casino, poker, and crypto realms, enriching the online gambling community with his insightful write-ups. His passion seeps through his words, bridging the thrilling ambiance of the gambling world with the gritty analysis of a seasoned player. Through his writings, he's not just sharing a game; he's inviting us into a riveting narrative that captures the essence of online strategy and chance, making us all a bit richer with every read.


Poker, Slots, Blackjack, Staying ahead of the latest news and trends in the gambling industry

Fun Facts About

  • Fun Fact #1: Omar relishes a good crime mystery or thriller TV show
  • Fun Fact #2: He enjoys watching passionate football leagues in Spain, Greece, and the Copa Libertadores
  • Fun Fact #3: His regimen for staying sharp is hitting the CrossFit gym five times a week
  • Fun Fact #4: Keen on broadening his horizons, he spends hours on YouTube, absorbing tech reviews and self-improvement videos


  • Editor since: 2022
  • Total Posts:
  • Languages: English , Bosnian , Croatian , Serbian

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