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Welcome to our exclusive guide outlining the best Litecoin esports betting sites available in 2023.

We believe this information will prove crucial to people seeking a reliable esports betting website, particularly given the incredible number of sites out there.

Obviously, readers are eager to find out the top 10 esports betting sites accepting LTC for 2023.

Here is our top 10:

Best Sites



Sports Rating 9.20
Available in
Available in United States
50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000

BetOnline is an online casino with higher than average betting limits. It offers sports betting, poker, casino, esports, and lots of bonuses throughout the year.

BetOnline Homepage

General Information

Year founded: 
Bitcoin Cash
USD Coin
Binance Coin
Panama Gaming Commission


BetOnline does not offer anonymity. You must provide your country, postal code and phone number just to open an account. 


BetOnline has a fair reputation depending on who you ask. They offer a wide variety of betting options but there are also many complaints against them.

Play on BetOnline


Sports Rating 8.48
Available in
Available in United States
Up to $3000 in welcome bonuses
Description: is a famous sports betting and casino brand founded in 2011. 

General Information

Anonymity doesn't allow anonymous gambling, and players must leave their personal information during registration.

Reputation stands out with a solid reputation thanks to Curacao's official license and SSL security license. It is considered to be one of the better casinos that accept Litecoin.

Pros and Cons

Play on Bovada


Sports Rating 7.79
Available in
Available in United States
Various promotions available; see site for details.

BC.Game is an exceptionally designed casino with awesome promotions and 50 cryptocurrencies to deposit! From a chance to win 1 Bitcoin to a VIP system with exotic vacations, there’s always a promotion to play for!

General Information


You can remain anonymous to create an account and deposit crypto, but BC.Game may require KYC when you withdraw your funds.


BC.Game has a stellar reputation, with few complaints received. With a license from Malta Gaming Authority and many ways to contact the company, your crypto will be safe with them.

Pros and Cons

Play on BC.Game


Sports Rating 7.78
Available in
Available in United States
200% crypto Bonus - JOIN200, 20% cash Bonus - 20CASH, 250% casino Bonus - CAS250, 100% Crypto Sports Bonus - SU100CRYPT

This review of BetUS details everything any potential gamblers need to know. We cover everything from the reputation to the bonuses and promotions on the platform.

General Information


You are unable to create an anonymous account. BetUS is not an anonymous casino and therefore requires you to input your name, phone number, and even your address in order to place any bets. 


BetUS does not have a great reputation. They have a good track record of users being able to deposit & withdraw cryptocurrency easily but that is not the case with cash or bank deposits and withdrawals. 

Pros and Cons

Play on BetUS


Sports Rating 7.75
Available in
Available in United States
150% Cash Sign-up Bonus

GTBets is a sports betting venue that also offers a nice selection of casino games for every taste.

General Information


There is no anonymous play at GTBets. KYC is required by your sixth deposit.


GTBets has a good reputation among players, but there is no information regarding ownership. That being said, with almost no complaints they appear to be a trustworthy site. 

Pros and Cons

Play on GTBets


Sports Rating 7.30
Available in
Available in United States
Get a 100% bonus, up to $2000 on your first deposit!

An in-depth look at Looselines; an online casino and sportsbook. Is Looselines legit? This review will allow you to decide if Looselines is right for you.

General Information


Looselines allows you to create an anonymous account using just an email and a digital wallet. This feature is valuable as it allows you to retain your identity and limits the amount of data that can be compromised. 


Other than finding out that Looselines is a subsidiary of Jazz Sports, I was unable to find any information about the owners. This can be an issue but is often common practice amongst online casinos.

Pros and Cons

Play on Looselines


Sports Rating 5.53
Available in
Available in United States
Casobet welcome bonus is 120% up to 2500 euros

Casobet is an online casino, sports betting, and cryptocurrency gaming platform. You can play against the house or other players.

General Information


Casobet does not offer anonymous gambling.


Casobet does not have the best reputation.

Pros and Cons

Play on Casobet

Ignition Casino

Sports Rating 5.23
Available in
Available in United States
100% up to $3000 for depositing Bitcoin and up to $2000 for depositing cash.

An in-depth review of Ignition Casinos’ online offerings. Learn everything from the features of the platform to the reputation of the management team and more. 

General Information


Ignition Casino requires you to provide an email and a phone number to start an account. They do not offer anonymous account generation.


Ignition Casino has developed a poor reputation based on their user reviews from third-party sites. Many users have questioned if there is an Ignition Casino scam.

Pros and Cons

Play on Ignition Casino

Overview of the Best Litecoin eSports Betting Sites

Casino Welcome Bonus Our Rating Our Review
Stake Exclusive 10% Lifetime Rakeback using code MANIAKS 9.48 Stake Review
Cloudbet 100% Welcome Bonus up to 5BTC 9.25 Cloudbet Review
Sportsbet World Cup Exclusive: Win your share of 2 MILLION USDT 9.11 Sportsbet Review
Thunderpick 100% up to 200 EUR 8.90 Thunderpick Review
MyStake Up to 1000 EUR Welcome Package 8.81 Coming Soon
Fairspin 450% Welcome Package up to 5 BTC + 140 Free Spins 8.66 Coming Soon 20% Cashback up to 10,000 USDT 8.63 Bitcasino Review
BC.Game Various promotions available; see site for details. 8.62 BC.Game Review
22BET 100% bonus up to €122 sports betting bonus 8.61 22BET Review
Rabona 100% Welcome bonus €500 + 200 FS 8.60 Rabona Review

Why Is Using Litecoin on Esports Betting Sites Your #1 Option?

You’ve probably heard some hype about Litecoin esports betting sites and want to know if they are worth your while.

Despite plenty of media mentions, the cryptocurrency market remains a mysterious entity to many people.

We’re here to tell you that once you use Litecoin on esports betting sites, you’re unlikely to want to return to traditional sites.

Once you read the reasons for their change of heart, it becomes easy to understand why.

Each year, the value of fiat dwindles

Fiat money is legal tender backed by the government that issues it.

It has no intrinsic value, and its worth is determined by economic supply and demand and interest rates, among other things.

Examples of well-known fiat currencies include the U.S. Dollar and the Euro.

One of the major risks of any fiat currency is hyperinflation, a scenario where its purchasing power decreases.

Recently, the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis analyzed inflation and found something disturbing.

In 2021, the bank gave the dollar a value of 37; bad news compared to the value of 100 the same entity gave the currency in 1983.

Basically, your purchasing power today is about one-third of what it was about 40 years ago.

The increase in earning power has been nowhere near as high as inflation during this period.

In fact, since the end of the 1970s, wages have increased by under 1% annually, a percentage that’s significantly below inflation.

Ultimately, holding on to fiat will only make you less wealthy in the long run.

Why is fiat still around?

Governments like fiat money because it maintains their iron grip on the economy.

Financial institutions ultimately have the final say regarding who uses fiat currency and why.

We now know that only an elite few will ever benefit from fiat, so it is surely time to switch to Litecoin and get away from a currency that’s only dragging us down.

Cryptocurrency supporters will tell you that digital coins help protect your money from inflation, thus ensuring your purchasing power isn’t negatively affected.


Esports betting sites regularly make the process of depositing cash a real hassle.

For one thing, depositing via bank transfer or debit/credit card is usually a no-no.

Those who have an occasional bet on a esports betting site quickly understand that banks often have a low tolerance for this process.

Indeed, getting a loan is virtually impossible once a bank statement reveals activity on a esports betting site.

We know of many punters who were refused a mortgage simply for using such sites.

It only takes occasional use of such sites for the above to happen.

However, when you use LTC, financial institutions can no longer make your life a misery because of your pastime.

Crypto is decentralized, meaning you can use it to make transactions without requiring an intermediary.

Therefore, when you use esports betting sites and deposit Litecoin, you effectively do so in secret.

These transactions remain off your bank statement, and you can do whatever you like with your money.

Crypto is capable of rapid price rises

Historically, Litecoin is subject to substantial peaks and dips, and its trajectory is often unpredictable.

Even so, over a long period, there’s a chance that digital coins will offer a sizeable return on investment.

Even though the market cap of all cryptocurrencies has burst through the $1 trillion mark, this figure represents only a tiny fraction of what it could achieve.

According to Forbes magazine, the world’s wealth was $431 trillion in 2021, giving Litecoin plenty of room to grow.

Compare this to fiat, which seems as if it is on a death spiral.

By using Litecoin on esports betting sites, you could see an increase in the value of your account, regardless of how often you use it.

Financial freedom

Litecoin doesn’t just offer better growth potential than fiat; it also enables you to take control of your money.

Once you cast aside the yolk of the traditional banking system, you’ll discover a huge array of options.

Crypto is hitting the mainstream

Bitcoin was seen as the only cryptocurrency worth mentioning for a long time.

These days, there are thousands of digital assets, many of them becoming relatively well-known to the general public.

Now that crypto is firmly in the mainstream, people realize its versatility and know it has many uses outside of online betting.

Although most countries don’t consider cryptocurrency legal tender, a significant number allow its use.

However, in September 2021, El Salvador broke the mold by officially declaring Bitcoin as legal tender.

Other nations are set to follow suit, most likely Panama, Guatemala, and Paraguay, with more sure to follow.

Crypto enhances your financial freedom

Once you purchase LTC, it is easy to register with esports betting sites, where you can deposit and withdraw with few difficulties.

Sadly, this isn’t always the case with fiat and esports betting companies.

A prime example is a regulation adopted by the United Kingdom in April 2020 that caused major issues due to a lack of public knowledge about it.

When people completed their first deposits on esports betting websites, they didn’t realize that the bank would prevent them from accessing their accounts.

Furthermore, it took weeks for banks to remove the restrictions in some cases.

Ultimately, they warned customers not to make any more deposits or else they would issue further punishments.

With LTC, you don’t have to worry about this scenario when using a reputable esports betting site that accepts Litecoin.

Get past geographical restrictions

There are a few countries that prohibit any form of gambling.

If you happen to live in such a location, you can forget about playing on a regular esports betting website.

One reason is that it is challenging to hide the usage of fiat money.

However, if you pay for a reputable Virtual Private Network (VPN), you can register on Litecoin esports betting companies and avoid being caught.

With a VPN, it becomes possible to remain anonymous online due to the protected network connection it creates.

When you use Litecoin on esports betting sites, you also enjoy a significant degree of anonymity.

This is a combination that enables you to wager regardless of your country’s laws.

There are also end-to-end Litecoin esports betting sites that willingly accept customers from countries where wagering with money is illegal.


In outlining the above, we’re merely highlighting a loophole that one can exploit.

We will never be proponents of illegal activity, and advise you to avoid breaking the law.

Those who get caught will likely face serious punishments.

Suppose you live in the United Arab Emirates; if you’re found guilty of gambling illegally, you could spend up to 24 months in prison.

Also, Litecoin esports betting websites that allow people to register from countries where wagering is prohibited are hardly reputable!

After all, what’s stopping the site from keeping your money and closing your account once they find out where you live?

Breaking the law is no laughing matter, and we take no responsibility or liability if you go ahead and suffer the penalties.

Please don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Rapid payouts

If you’ve ever used a traditional esports betting platform, you’ll know that payout speed is best described as ‘torturously slow.’

The banking system and its bureaucracy is the main reason.

A relative absence of regulation with Litecoin esports betting sites means they have a major advantage.

Don’t think this means a complete lack of regulation; bodies such as the Curaçao Gaming Authority do a fine job keeping things in order.

Even so, there are no bureaucratic holdups, which means you benefit from fast transactions.

Those who champion LTC point out that digital currencies are known for allowing super-quick payouts.

High deposit and withdrawal limits

The transaction limits imposed by traditional esports betting websites are an issue if you’re a high roller.

While you can deposit huge sums on occasion, these sites are far less generous when it’s time for you to take your winnings.

The main reason for this difficulty is that esports betting sites like to keep withdrawal limits as low as possible.

You’ll likely have to give even more personal information to get what’s rightfully yours.

Even worse, if you’re a regular winner, conventional esports betting platforms will restrict your bets or ban you completely.

At this stage, you’re lucky if you can make bets worth more than a couple of bucks.

The relatively low level of regulation associated with Litecoin esports betting sites enables them to allow more generous withdrawal limits.

Remarkably, some sites don’t bother imposing withdrawal limits.

Furthermore, if you tend to win while wagering, you might find that it takes longer to suffer restrictions and account suspensions.


A few traditional sites permit you to use LTC.

Don’t be fooled! These sites still have the same problems with restrictive withdrawal limits and sluggish transaction speeds.

Once you factor in the poor design and low-quality customer support, it becomes clear that you can usually do better.

If you’re looking for a modern-day experience, Litecoin esports betting sites are a long way clear of their conventional counterparts.

With better design, well-trained customer service agents, and a vast array of bonuses, these sites bring things to a whole new level.

Choosing the Right Litecoin Esports Betting Site: Things to Consider

You probably deem a few factors more important than others when reviewing which LTC esports betting site to use.

We understand that every reader has a different opinion on what matters, so our team investigates various features of the esports betting sites that accept Litecoin that we review.

The following are among the most applicable.

Available sporting events

If you love sports wagering, LTC esports betting sites provide you with everything a fiat-accepting esports betting site does and potentially more.

Whether you like golf, tennis, or eSports, these modern sites have you covered.

Furthermore, you have the opportunity to bet Litecoin on an extraordinary number of markets.

When it comes to wagering on sports, it is all about getting the best odds if you want to win in the long run.

It is worth analyzing the odds available on several LTC esports betting sites to see which one provides the best value.

You may eventually discover that one site consistently beats the rest.

Yet, it is also sensible to investigate the overall sports and market quantity to determine if the site is a good fit for you.

Is it an end-to-end crypto Esports Betting Platform?

The difference between esports betting companies that accept Litecoin and specifically end-to-end crypto sites is massive.

As you’ll see below, making the right decision can move your balance in the right direction.

Traditional Esports Betting Websites

Don’t be misled into thinking a conventional esports betting site that allows Litecoin use is good.

While you can deposit with LTC, things go against you from then on.

The site instantly converts it into fiat and turns it back into crypto when you withdraw.

In essence, at no stage do you ever have the chance to use Litecoin on such sites.

Moreover, there are significant transaction fees involved in both instances, so you lose out again.

If you think that Litecoin has growth potential, it is a no-brainer to use end-to-end Litecoin esports betting sites instead.

Why choose end-to-end LTC Esports Betting Websites?

When you use end-to-end Litecoin esports betting sites, you conduct every type of transaction exclusively in digital currency.

Your account always has a crypto balance, so you benefit if the price rises and lose out if it falls!

Also, most high-quality Litecoin esports betting sites enable users to play with more than one digital coin.

If you’re interested in using end-to-end crypto sites, we advise you to choose companies that offer the following:

  • Anonymity

  • Fast transactions

  • Minimal restrictions on transactions

  • Of course, some Litecoin esports betting sites are better than others, so check out our detailed reviews to discover the best site for your needs.

What kind of bonuses are on offer?

Bonuses remain an important feature of any esports betting company.

To properly analyze bonuses, we have created three separate subsections.

The welcome bonus

A significant proportion of Litecoin esports betting sites offer bonuses when you sign up.

Such sites work hard to convince you that they’re doing you a favor.

Especially if the site gives you a bonus worth the same as your first deposit.

Suppose you deposit $200, the LTC esports betting site ‘rewards’ you with another $200.

Unfortunately, there is a very big stipulation in this instance.

Many esports betting sites with Litecoin won’t let you withdraw anything until you bet with 30+ times your first deposit.

Let’s say you deposit $200; there’s no possibility of a withdrawal unless you make $6,000+ worth of bets.

As such, you’re going to lose that $200 unless you have a massive win, which is highly unlikely.

Given the restrictive nature of a welcome bonus, it is less relevant than the VIP program and promotions offered by a site.

VIP program

Traditional casinos often treat loyal customers to perks such as free dinners and luxury accommodation.

Obviously, esports betting websites with Litecoin cannot do this, but most of them try to make big spenders feel special via a VIP program.

The standard of these rewards programs helps to separate the best sites from the rest.

Many sites use points reward systems where players earn a point for every dollar they spend on a site.

Let’s say you earn 2,000 points; this could equate to $20 that you can spend how you like on the site.

Such a program automatically rewards individuals who spend a lot of money on a esports betting site.

Other examples of VIP programs include giving players a special customer service agent and bonuses on special occasions such as birthdays.

Unfortunately, certain Litecoin esports betting sites fail to offer the value provided by a high-quality VIP program.

If the lack of a good program is a dealbreaker for you, read our LTC esports betting site reviews to learn whether sites offer VIP packages worthy of the name.

Quality of promotions

Don’t focus solely on the number of promotions a site offers; the quality is far more important.

Sites that provide a constant stream of promotions are often guilty of diluting the quality.

In truth, it is rare for standard esports betting websites to care a great deal about promotions.

Such sites are more concerned with providing bonuses that are effectively useless to the player.

These days, Litecoin esports betting sites blow their old-fashioned counterparts out of the water when it comes to promotions.

Once they receive rewards worth mentioning, players have a much better time on the site.


No matter how many games, bonuses, or features Litecoin esports betting sites offer, they’re not worth your time without payment variety and reliability.

When reviewing these sites, we look into withdrawal speed and limits, along with the number of cryptocurrencies you can use.

Speed of withdrawals

One of Litecoin ‘s main benefits is its lightning-fast transaction speed.

Some cryptocurrencies can process thousands of transactions every second, though not all have this capability.

Users of LTC esports betting websites expect fast access to their money, and the best sites comply with virtually immediate withdrawals.

You can rely on us to inform you of the sites with the best withdrawal times, as well as warning you of slow-acting sites.

What are the withdrawal limits?

If you’ve used a fiat-accepting esports betting company, the minuscule withdrawal limits have likely proven a source of frustration.

Even sites with the most generous limits are unlikely to allow weekly withdrawals of over $10,000.

Imagine winning $100,000 in this scenario; it would take almost two and a half months to withdraw it!

Thankfully, top-rated esports betting companies accepting LTC enable users to withdraw substantial sums.

In fact, a growing number of companies are allowing unlimited withdrawals.

With this in mind, you know that a gigantic win can be transferred in moments.

Crypto variety

There are thousands of cryptos to choose from, with developers creating new ones at an astounding rate.

Sadly, the majority of these digital assets will fail.

As a result, you shouldn’t expect LTC esports betting sites to offer you the option to use dozens of digital assets.

Regardless, highly rated sites permit the use of BTC, ETH, and several other cryptos with mainstream exposure.

Is it legal to Bet in your country?

Many nations still view gambling as an illegal activity.

Unfortunately, we still have a situation where people register with esports betting sites that accept Litecoin in countries where betting with money is illegal.

Top-rated LTC esports betting sites support users in the vast majority of nations where betting on sports markets or casino games is legal.

Those who look to create an account from an illegal country cannot do so.

Sadly, shady Litecoin esports betting sites don’t do you this courtesy and are happy to take money from anyone.

It is an easy way for them to make money since they can place the blame solely on the user.

As soon as you make a deposit, they demand verification documentation, close down your account, and keep your money.

Some eager gamblers hide their location with a VPN to bypass geographical restrictions.

Legit esports betting sites that accept Litecoin will ban you if they find out, but at least you’ll get your money back.

Your biggest concern is ensuring that the authorities don’t know about your illegal actions!

Litecoin Esports Betting Site Reputation

The permanent nature of Litecoin transactions is a great feature, but it can also cause major problems.

All it takes is one minor error when sending crypto for you to lose it forever.

This is also the case if you register with a dubious Litecoin esports betting site that steals your cash.

Litecoin is decentralized, meaning there are no intermediaries such as banks, brokerages, or exchanges to complain to if something goes wrong.

With this in mind, discovering everything you can about the reputation of Litecoin esports betting sites is crucial.

If you want to use a certain site, perform detailed online research, including reading the review written by our team.

We don’t just play on Litecoin esports betting sites to give you our first-hand experience, we also ask real users for their opinion.

By the time we’re finished, we will tell you everything you need to know about the reputation of each site we cover.

Customer service

The importance of reliable customer service can’t be overstated.

Esports betting sites with LTC with poor or non-existent support hang players out to dry if there’s a problem.

No matter the issue, if there’s an experienced and helpful agent around, you’ll feel less frustrated.

Our team investigates the general standard of customer service on every site we review.

We speak to different agents on the site, analyzing their level of skill, helpfulness, and general demeanor.

Esports Betting: An Overview

Esports, also known as electronic sports, is a form of competition that involves expert video gamers.

While video game competitions may seem like a new phenomenon, the first such event occurred at Stanford University half a century ago.

While there were televised events in the 1980s, it wasn’t until the 2010s that esports became globally popular.

These days, it has a massive fanbase and generates extraordinary revenue, with talk of it becoming a medal event in the 2026 Commonwealth Games.

If you’re looking for opportunities to bet on this non-traditional sport, esports betting sites with LTC have you covered.

Keep reading to learn about the betting opportunities and the most popular games, leagues, and markets.

We also discuss the pros and cons of esports from a bettor’s perspective.

What are the most popular esports games?

In professional events, there are 50+ games played in several distinct genres.

Let’s check out the best-known genres and their top-rated games:

  • Fighting Games: Street Fighter, Tekken, and Super Smash Bros.

  • First-Person Shooters: Doom, Overwatch, and Rainbow Six

  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA): DOTA 2, League of Legends, and Arena of Valor

  • Racing: Gran Turismo Sport, Kart Rider, and iRacing

  • Sports: FIFA, NBA 2K, and Pro Evolution Soccer

Of course, some esports betting sites that accept Litecoin offer more games than others, so look through our reviews before registering.

What are the top-rated esports leagues?

In general, professional gamers are members of specific teams who compete in multiple electronic sports games within various leagues and tournaments.

In 1-on-1 games like Street Fighter, the team puts forward a single player.

Professional esports players are known to practice for 50+ hours a week in a bid to perfect their craft.

The sacrifice is worthwhile for those who make it to the top because the financial rewards are immense.

Esports is very much a 12-month competition with the following tournaments and leagues considered among the best:

  • FIFAe World Cup

  • RCLS: Rocket League World Championships

  • League of Legends World Championship

  • The Six Invitational

  • M3 World Championship

Few people know how popular esports are as spectator events.

Worlds 2021 and International 10 are two events that exceeded the 100 million hours watched barrier in 2021.

With esports betting websites with Litecoin showing dozens of events each day, you won’t run out of things to risk Litecoin on.

Available esports markets

First and foremost, we must point out that betting markets vary according to the game/genre.

Yet, despite the unusual names, the markets are not much different from what you’ll uncover in conventional sports.

Here are five popular games available on Litecoin esports betting sites and some of the likely wagering options:

  • DOTA 2: Map totals, the first team to Destroy Barracks, and over/under kills

  • FIFA: Half-time correct score, team goals, and match goals

  • NBA 2K: Over/under points, spread, and team totals

  • League of Legends: Race to x kills, map duration, and first team to Destroy Inhibitor

  • StarCraft: Game line, match handicap, and correct map score

Litecoin esports betting sites tend to have a wide selection of in-play markets too.

Advantages and disadvantages of esports Betting

The massive growth in the esports betting market is clear for everyone to see.

Nonetheless, before you deposit Litecoin and start playing, you must learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of doing so.

Esports Wagering: Pros

Here are the upsides of staking Litecoin on electronic sports:

  • It is a developing market in comparison to football and horse racing betting, so you might have a chance of beating certain esports betting platforms

  • Esports don’t rely on weather conditions, so there’s no chance of adverse conditions affecting the outcome

  • There is an incredible range of games, leagues, and markets to bet on every single day

  • Most of the available markets are easy to understand and bet on

  • Watching esports is as exciting as betting on them

Esports Betting: Cons

However, wagering on esports comes with risks and downsides attached:

  • Established LTC esports betting sites keep their odds tight and seldom offer generous pricing

  • Esports research takes a lot of time due to the number of things you have to analyze

  • You don’t know all the facts about a player’s personal life that could affect their performance

  • There’s no set calendar in esports, so events are sometimes postponed or even canceled

  • Esports events begin on local time, which could prove problematic for you depending on where you live

In summation, it is likely that if you enjoy betting online, esports provide an opportunity with more upsides than downsides.

Register with a trustworthy Litecoin esports betting site and find out how much you know about this form of sporting competition.

Pros and Cons of Using Litecoin on Esports Betting Sites

Using Litecoin for betting could be hard to understand, especially for beginners.

Before starting with this payment option, you should first familiarize yourself with LTC.

Everything about Litecoin

LTC is crypto introduced in 2011, by Charlie Lee.

Thanks to its open-source nature, LTC is not controlled by central authorities.

Litecoin has similar features as Bitcoin, but a diverse algorithm.

LTC looks to become a channel for regular transfers.

The introduction of Litecoin saw a total of 84 million coins and 150 pre-mined coins.

Advantages of using LTC

Be sure to learn more about the benefits of using Litecoin for betting.

Litecoin transfers are prompt

If you want to make Litecoin deposits and payouts on esports betting platforms, you will enjoy fast transactions.

As for the LTC block processing time, it is about 2.5 minutes.

LTC deposits are instantly available wagering account, so you can start with the first bets.

Litecoin is decentralized

Your betting funds are not controlled so you can enjoy your time on esports betting sites.

Moreover, Litecoin works as an open-source network and anyone can track the changes in the protocol.

Litecoin is a scalable option

When using LTC for betting, you will enjoy its flexibility.

Litecoin is able to process up to 56 transactions per second, which is good news if you bet on esports betting sites.

The Cons of using Litecoin

Take a look at some downsides of using Litecoin for betting.

LTC is not a reliable option

That’s could be a reason to swap Litecoin betting for alternative options.

During an all-time high for LTC in 2017, Charlie Lee sold his LTC holdings.

Litecoin is typically attached to the dark web

If you wish to utilize LTC for betting, just keep in mind that it’s the second most utilized method on the dark web.

This is a huge deterrent for anyone using LTC for betting or any other transaction.

Litecoin has certain branding problems

When using LTC on esports betting companies, you can easily confuse with Bitcoin.

Similar names of the two cryptos can also be misleading if you want to bet with Litecoin.

Many people on esports betting sites consider Litecoin BTC.

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