December, 05 2019

R.R. Hauxley

SEC Appoints Mrs. Littman as Head of Cyber (Crypto) Division.

The Cyber Unit is more focused, however, on cryptocurrencies than general cyber crimes. It was founded in 2017 to protect American investors from malicious...

SEC Cyber Unit Cryptocurrencies

November, 27 2019

R.R. Hauxley

ShapeShift Launches FOX - A Commission-Free Trading Token

ShapeShift released the token yesterday. It apparently works by enabling commission-free trading with a pretty neat bonus: zero fees between cryptocurrencies....

ShapeShift FOX Trading

November, 25 2019

Dylan B

Coinbase Debit Card Users Receive Exciting New Upgrade

That is, until now.  Coinbase recently announced that customers will have access to spending five new cryptocurrency assets, which now include Ripple, the...

Coinbase Cryptocurrency Trading

November, 16 2019

Dylan B

CoinMarketCap Unveils New Liquidity Feature

Located underneath the “exchange” tab, one can easily sort some of the most popular exchanges by liquidity rather than volume and can further understand where...

CoinMarketCap Liquidity Metrics

November, 08 2019

Dylan B

U.S. Federal Reserve on the Hunt for New Cryptocurrency Manager

At first glance, the position may look like an everyday position within the organization for an individual who is knowledgeable in retail. At closer inspection...

FED Cryptocurrency Retail Payments

November, 01 2019

Dylan B

China’s First Crypto Law Makes Way for National Cryptocurrency

Although the new regulatory framework does not specifically mention the term “cryptocurrency”, it does establish its own agency in the country for the...

China Regulations Cryptocurrency